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  • Pregnant And Thinking About Adoption? 10 Things People Will Say (And How To Respond)

    Kids say the funniest things. But adults have also been known to say some silly things every now and then. Especially when it comes to adoption—and placing a baby for adoption in particular. If you’re pregnant and are thinking about adoption or making an open adoption plan for your baby, you probably know what we’re talking about. But don’t get angry. Get armed. Keep in mind that unless they have a personal connection to open adoption, most people you’ll meet will have a limited understanding

  • The Day A Birthmother Chose Us To Adopt Her Baby

    This post is by adoptive parents Brandie and Doug. When we were waiting to adopt, we remember reading people’s success stories and how much they were a lifeline for us. So we wanted to write something that may help somebody who needs a little hope. In 2013 we had finally completed the year-long paperwork, education seminars and home visits and had our names officially on the list to adopt domestically. We waited for six months with next to no bites on

  • “How Do You Know If A Birthmother Will Change Her Mind About Adoption?” 10 Warning Signs To Watch For

    It’s a question we get all the time. “How do you know if a birthmother will change her mind about adoption?” The short answer is, unfortunately you don’t. Although a failed adoption placement can be devastating emotionally and financially, it’s nearly impossible to predict if, and when, it will happen. As a prospective adoptive parent, you could have the greatest relationship in the world with an expectant mother one day and then the next day, KABOOM!,  it’s over. She’s changed her mind and

  • 3 Wrong Reasons To Consider Open Adoption For Your Baby (And One Right One)

    The other day we were contacted by a woman with an unplanned pregnancy who was looking at creating an open adoption plan for her baby. Like a lot of women in her situation, she had considered parenting but didn’t think it was the best decision for her child at this stage in her life.  However, she still wanted to be involved in his life, which is why she was weighing the pros and cons of open adoption. From hearing her story, it was clear

  • Breastfeeding An Adopted Baby: What This Hopeful Mother Has Found

    This guest post is by Mira G, a hopeful adoptive parent My husband and I arrived at our adoption journey through the twists and turns of infertility.  Once we decided that biology wasn’t a necessity for creating our family, and then decided that pregnancy was also not required for us to happily have a family together.  So we began to move forward with the requirements in Ontario to become Adopt Ready.   We completed our P.R.I.D.E. training, survived our home study, registered

  • 5 Phrases Expectant Parents Hate To Hear From Adopting Parents (And What To Say Instead)

    Right now an expectant parent with an adoption plan is browsing through profiles of prospective adoptive parents, hoping to connect with someone just like you. So why not help her? Your parent profile is your calling card, a self-portrait that explains who you are, why you’re adopting, and what kind of parent you would be. Through your words, your profile can paint a compelling picture of your life and help you create a strong first impression in the minds of expectant parents. In short, it could

  • How Being An Adoptee Influenced My Decision To Adopt In A Positive Way

    This guest post is by Tanya, an adoptee and hopeful adoptive mother. As an adoptee, I always thought that adoption didn’t define me, that I was just like everyone else. But ever since my husband and I started our own journey as hopeful adoptive parents of a teenager or two, I have realized that my adoption has shaped my life in many ways. I was adopted as an infant, and grew up in a family and community where adoption was

  • 10 Things An Expectant Mother Looking For Adoptive Parents Wants You To Know

    If there’s one thing scarier than dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and creating an adoption plan for your baby, it’s looking for adoptive parents to raise her. Even though adoption practices have become more open and transparent over the past three decades, the decision to place a baby is still widely misunderstood and frowned upon by certain members of society. What many people still don’t understand is that in open adoption today placing a child is an act of love, not rejection. Birthmothers—women who relinquish their babies for

  • Waiting To Get Picked By A Birthmother? 7 Things You Need To Stop Telling Yourself

    Waiting to be picked by an expectant mother with an adoption plan can do funny things to your head. Suddenly, your whole world revolves around getting “the Call” and finding a match. And the longer you wait, the harder it gets. It’s easy to beat yourself up while you’re in a holding pattern. But that won’t help you get chosen any faster. If anything, it will only make things worse. Here are seven things you need to stop telling yourself while you wait for an expectant mother

  • 10 Things An Expectant Mother Looks For When Choosing An Adoptive Family

    Starting a family is one of life’s most important journeys. But when you’re trying to start one through open adoption, you need others to help you along the way. While social workers and licensees can show you how to navigate the process and family members and friends can give you support, there’s another person you need to rely on: an expectant mother who is considering adoption for her baby. But finding her and making a connection can be a challenge since every expectant mother has