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  • 6 Ways to Promote Your Online Adoption Profile For Free

    We see it happen all the time. Prospective adoptive parents will spend hours writing and fine-tuning their adoption profile until they’re finally satisfied with it. Then they’ll post it online, either on a stand-alone platform or on our adoption profiles page, and sit back and wait until a prospective birthmother contacts them. Don’t get us wrong. This strategy often works. But if you really want to boost your odds of grabbing the attention of expectant parents with an adoption plan, you’ll need to go

  • 7 Things No One Told Me Would Happen After We Created Our Adoption Profile

    Creating an adoption profile is one of the least fun steps in the private domestic adoption process. And that’s putting it mildly. Most waiting parents would sooner have root canal than sit down and start theirs. But regardless of what you think of adoption profiles, there’s no questioning their importance. Next to word of mouth, they are the most important outreach tool in your networking arsenal—a potential game changer when it comes to reaching out and connecting with an expectant mother

  • Choosing Adoption For My Baby: Am I Doing It for the Right Reasons?

    Choosing an adoptive family for your baby is a key part of the open adoption placement process. But as you go through the profiles of adoptive families, one question that may be nagging at you is, am I doing this for the right reason? Placing a baby for adoption is a personal choice, one that only you can make. Even the most confident expectant mothers struggle with it and undergo periods of intense soul-searching in the weeks and days leading up to placement. That’s perfectly

  • Your Adoption Match Meeting: 6 Things To Say To Get Off On The Right Foot

    Adopting a baby can sometimes feel like an obstacle course. No sooner have you overcome one hurdle—taking the PRIDE course, finding an agency, completing your home study, etc.—than another one comes your way—writing your parent profile, creating your social media channels, spreading the word to family and friends, etc. But those challenges are minor compared to the one that eventually awaits you down the road: Meeting an expectant mother with an adoption plan for the first time. Match meetings are a lot like a first date, with both parties

  • Stop Bashing Birthmoms For Placing Their Babies For Adoption

    This guest post is by Barb.  It boggles my mind how often I hear negative things about birth moms. And the things I hear make me mad. An acquaintance mentioned to me that even though he wanted me to fulfill my dream of adopting, he would question the mental state of a birth mom. He said he would be really cautious with anyone willing to “give up their own child.” This comment bothered me on so many levels. What if

  • Pregnant And Thinking About Adoption? 10 Things People Will Say (And How To Respond)

    Kids say the funniest things. But adults have also been known to say some silly things every now and then. Especially when it comes to adoption—and placing a baby for adoption in particular. If you’re pregnant and are thinking about adoption or making an open adoption plan for your baby, you probably know what we’re talking about. But don’t get angry. Get armed. Keep in mind that unless they have a personal connection to open adoption, most people you’ll meet will have a limited understanding

  • The Day A Birthmother Chose Us To Adopt Her Baby

    This post is by adoptive parents Brandie and Doug. When we were waiting to adopt, we remember reading people’s success stories and how much they were a lifeline for us. So we wanted to write something that may help somebody who needs a little hope. In 2013 we had finally completed the year-long paperwork, education seminars and home visits and had our names officially on the list to adopt domestically. We waited for six months with next to no bites on

  • “How Do You Know If A Birthmother Will Change Her Mind About Adoption?” 10 Warning Signs To Watch For

    It’s a question we get all the time. “How do you know if a birthmother will change her mind about adoption?” The short answer is, unfortunately you don’t. Although a failed adoption placement can be devastating emotionally and financially, it’s nearly impossible to predict if, and when, it will happen. As a prospective adoptive parent, you could have the greatest relationship in the world with an expectant mother one day and then the next day, KABOOM!,  it’s over. She’s changed her mind and