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  • 10 Things Waiting Parents Who Find An Open Adoption Match Never Say

    Few things in the open adoption process are as challenging as finding a match with expectant parents. By then, you’ve already gone through the police checks, the financial checks, the medical checks,  not to mention the questions and reactions from your family, friends and others. But reaching out to expectant parents considering adoption takes your journey to a whole new level. As a waiting adoptive parent, you want to succeed. But sometimes there are things you may be telling yourself

  • 8 Things To Do After A Woman Contacts You Online And Says She Wants You To Adopt Her Baby

    Finding an online adoption match is an exciting time if you’re a prospective adoptive parent hoping for an open adoption. Nothing will get your heart pumping faster than hearing that a pregnant woman has found your parent profile on the web and wants you to adopt her baby. But as important as that initial bittersweet email from her may be, keep in mind that it is only the first stage in the matching process, and that a match is not the

  • How To Connect With Expectant Parents Considering Adoption Through Word of Mouth

    Finding a match with expectant parents considering adoption is one of the hardest parts of the open adoption process. If you’re a waiting adoptive parent, you will likely have created an adoption profile to help you stand out from the crowd and spread the word that they’re adopting. But as effective as adoption profiles are, they’re no match for what’s been called the earliest and most honest form of advertising: word of mouth. Getting the word out that you’re adopting, and

  • The Problem With Telling Infertile Couples To “Just Adopt”

    I remember the first time we heard it. We had just told a friend about our infertility struggle when she asked us a question we would hear again and again. “Why don’t you just adopt?” She meant well. She knew how badly we wanted to start a family. For her, adoption was just another way to create one. Today, 17 years after our eldest son’s birthparents placed him in our arms, we understand that sentiment more than ever. But at the

  • 10 Things To Know Before Posting Your Online Adoption Profile

    Posting an online adoption profile is a great way to create a presence for yourself  on the web and increase your chances of connecting with expectant parents who are considering adoption for their baby. For many expectant parents, the internet is one of the first stops in their open adoption journey, enabling them to research their options and even find adoptive parents in a convenient, confidential and pressure-free setting. But despite its proven track record as an effective outreach tool, there

  • Open Adoption Advocates In Alberta Call For End To Ban On Online Profiles

    Waiting adoptive parents and open adoption professionals in Alberta say it’s time for the government to update its ban on online profiles. Speaking to the CBC, they say the law prohibiting advertising by adopting parents, which includes posting their parent profile on Canada Adopts!, is unfair and puts them at a disadvantage. In open adoption, couples hoping to adopt can often take months or even years off their wait time by connecting directly with families that are placing their baby for adoption. And as

  • What Is Placing A Baby For Adoption Really Like?

    What is it really like to place a baby for adoption? Although everyone has an opinion about birthmothers and their decision to place, the inner workings of that decision still remain a mystery to many people. That’s why this article published in Cosmopolitan earlier this week is worth reading. Based on interviews with four anonymous birthmothers ages 24 to 33, “What It’s Really Like to Place Your Baby For Adoption” takes readers behind-the-scenes, sharing the women’s placement stories and how the experience

  • How Infertility Prepared Us For Infant Open Adoption

    This post is by Mira Gallaway, a hopeful adoptive parent. I don’t want to say that adoption was our last choice for starting a family, but to be honest, it kind of is. We are infertile. It doesn’t get any easier reading that word even though I’m sure I’ve typed it now over a million times, and read it probably over a billion. Infertile. This word has ruled my life for the past two years. I’ve missed life because of this word. I’ve

  • Why Manitoba Waiting Parents Should Be Allowed To Post Their Adoption Profile Online

    This guest post is by Meghan Dyck, a hopeful adoptive mother.  Adoption is hard, but not in the way you may think. When people think of adoption, some may think of the mountains of paperwork to do.  Others may think about the waiting process.  And others, yet, may think about the openness that may be involved.  Those pieces of the adoption process can be difficult, don’t get me wrong. But there is another piece that I found was surprisingly hard to