Adoption is a lifelong journey that takes patience, perseverance and commitment.

Stories are a way to share that journey and encourage and support others with theirs, especially these days in the age of COVID-19.

If you have an original, unpublished adoption story that educates, inspires or encourages other members of the adoption triad, we would love to share it on our blog and with our community of 15,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Send your story, or any questions, to Lawrence, our community manager, at

General tips and guidelines
We’re particularly interested in stories about adopting a baby, placing a baby for adoption, and how to create strong relationships through open adoption.

Try to keep your story between 500-1000 words (less or more is okay, too, if the story warrants it).

If you have a photo (or photos) to illustrate your piece, please include it.

Send us a brief 1-2 sentence bio and, if you have one, a link to your website, blog or adoption profile.

We prefer stories that focus on open or newborn adoption, but we’re also open to other adoption paths.

We reserve the right to edit pieces and titles for clarity, length and language and to break up the paragraphs. If we need to make more major changes, we’ll ask you.

Suggested topics

  • your initial impression of adoption and how it has changed
  • how you decided that adoption (or a particular adoption path) was right for you
  • the one thing you wish you had known before your started
  • the one thing (or things) you wish others knew about adoption
  • a particular moment or memory that captures the joy of your experience
  • the biggest surprise or your proudest achievement
  • the best or worst part(s) of the process
  • a challenge you faced and how you overcame it
  • a pet peeve or reaction to a comment
  • a turning point in your journey
  • a myth or a misunderstanding that you think needs correcting
  • tips on handling the wait, or dealing with family, friends or adoption professionals
  • suggestions on how to change or improve the process
  • an incident that taught you something about adoption or yourself
  • advice for others who are, or were once, in your shoes

Story examples

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