Adoption Council of Canada
The umbrella organization for adoption in Canada dedicated to raising public awareness about adoption and promoting the placement of waiting children.

Adoption Registry Connect
Umbrella organization providing support to birthparents and other groups involved in adoption in Ontario.

Adoption Roots and Wings
A self-help group dedicated to assisting those separated by adoption.

Association of Adoptive Parents of Romanian Children
A Quebec-based non-profit support network for parents of Romanian children.

Canada’s Waiting Kids
A comprehensive resource containing photos and background information about Canadian children waiting for permanent adoptive families.

Canadian Adoptee Registry
Another Canadian resource featuring free searches and listings for adoptees, birth parents and their family.

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
Organization devoted to the rights of children.

Canadian Foster Parent Home Page
A foster parent support group providing information and access to other caregivers around the world.

Child Welfare League of Canada
A national organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of children at risk.

Families with Children from South Africa
Support groups for families who have adopted or are considering adoption from South Africa.

Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents
Support services for aboriginal foster parents.

Guatemala Adoptive Families Network
Group devoted to helping families who have adopted and are planning to adopt from Guatemala.

Infertility Awareness Association of Canada
A support group providing assistance to Canadians who are experiencing difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy.

International Adoption Families Association
A support group geared to educating and informing Canadians about what they need to know about international adoption.

IVF Connection
An online community for those going through IVF or considering it.

La Leche League
An international organization providing information and support for anyone interested in mothering through breastfeeding.

Support group for all members of the adoption triad devoted to promoting openness in adoption.

Origins Canada
Another helpful international support group for individuals and families separated by adoption.

Parent Finders
A support group dedicated to promoting openness in adoption.

Parenting After Adoption
Group dedicated to helping adoptive families after their babies have come home.


Alberta Foster Parent Association
A group that offers support and resources for Alberta’s foster families.

Edmonton Adoption Clinic
Offers pediatric consultation services to families involved in international and domestic adoption.

British Columbia

Adoptive Family Association of British Columbia
Support services for British Columbia’s adoptive and pre-adoptive families that also contains all kinds of resources, information and tips on what to do while you’re waiting.

The Asante Centre for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A British-Columbia based centre offering diagnostic, assessment and family support services for children, youth and adults affected by FASD.

Federation of Foster Parents Associations
Online resources and a helpline for British Columbia foster parents and their families.


New Brunswick

NB Adoption Support Network
A peer support network for families who have adopted, are considering adoption or who are waiting to adopt.  This network enables adoptive families and prospective adoptive parents to find relevant information, support and resources, while providing them an avenue to exchange information, share experiences and address common concerns.


Newfoundland and Labrador Families Adopting Multiculturally
Discussion group covering intercountry adoptions in the region.

Nova Scotia

Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia
Provincial portal containing information and resources about fostering
Volunteer Adoption Program facilitated by Chisholm Services for Children


A community of people with lived experience of adoption, that strengthens and empowers parents to achieve permanency for children so that they reach their full potential.

Adoption Council of Ontario
A non-profit organization offering information, education, advocacy and support for families touched by adoption in Ontario.

A program of the Adoption Council of Ontario aimed at recruiting and encouraging potential adoptive parents in Ontario for the children who need them.

Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto
Group dedicating to the welfare of children.

Foster Parents Society of Ontario
A support group for foster parents living in Ontario, with online links and a library.

Families with Children From China
Toronto chapter of the support group that celebrates adoptions from China.

Jewish Family and Child Services
Support group for Jewish adoptive families in the Toronto area.

Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies
Umbrella organization representing the Children’s Aid Societies from across Ontario.

Ontario RAD Families
A Canadian support group dedicated to Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Ontario’s Winning Kids
A website funded by the Children’s Aid Foundation that promotes fostering in Ontario and helps children find permanent adoptive homes.

Queer Parenting Programs
Guidance for Toronto-area gay parents involved in adoption and foster care.Some adoptive parent support groups in Ontario meet on a regular basis.

Prince Edward Island

Adoption Matters
Website designed to assist PEI families through the adoption process.


Support group for lesbian parents and their families living in Quebec.
Mouvement Retrouvailles
A research and reunion organization dedicated to reuniting adoptees and their birth families.

Quebec Adoption
Another online resource for Quebec adoptive parents.


Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan
The Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan offers comprehensive support and education services through all stages of the adoption process for residents of Saskatchewan.   306-665-7272

Saskatchewan Families with Children from China
Support, advice and information for Saskatchewan families who have adopted from China.

Saskatchewan Foster Families Association
Group representing Saskatchewan’s foster families that contains links, books, fostering information and more.