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  • Adoptive Parenting Tips From the Trenches By An Adoptive Mom And Adoptee

    Am I a “real” mother, even though I didn’t give birth to my child? How do I deal with the pressure to be perfect? What do I need to do to bring out the best in my child and not feel guilty when I fall short? For adoptive parents, and especially new adoptive parents through open adoption, those are just some of the many questions that keep them up at night. Being a parent is the toughest, yet most rewarding job in

  • How To Throw The Perfect Adoption Baby Shower

    When most people think of baby showers, they don’t usually think of adoptive parents. But new adoptive parents aren’t all that different from other new parents. They face many of the same challenges and responsibilities, whether it be around-the-clock diaper changes, midnight feedings, sleepless nights, or just getting through the day in one piece. However, they also have to deal with a myriad of issues unique to adoption ranging from bonding to birthparents. Chances are, they could really use an adoption baby shower! 

  • My 10 Biggest Surprises As An Older Adoptive Father

    This guest blog is by Tom LaMarr, a proud adoptive father and author. It was never our plan to become older parents. True, we had deliberately held off on starting a family, but even then, my wife, Sam, and I were thinking more along the lines of slightly older parents. But here came the twist. By the time we chose to end our wait, parenthood had grown tired of waiting for us. Pregnancy came easily, but ended in the heartache of miscarriage—the first of

  • 15 Motivational Quotes If You’re Adopting Or Placing A Child For Adoption

    Adoption can be tricky. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, something sneaks up out of nowhere and makes you question everything you thought you knew about the process. Whether you’re adopting a child or placing one for adoption, every journey has its share of surprises and setbacks. Keep in mind that most of the struggles you will face will be temporary, designed to test your resolve, so don’t let them get the better of you. Instead,

  • 10 Things Waiting Parents Who Find An Open Adoption Match Never Say

    Few things in the open adoption process are as challenging as finding a match with expectant parents. By then, you’ve already gone through the police checks, the financial checks, the medical checks,  not to mention the questions and reactions from your family, friends and others. But reaching out to expectant parents considering adoption takes your journey to a whole new level. As a waiting adoptive parent, you want to succeed. But sometimes there are things you may be telling yourself

  • 8 Things To Do After A Woman Contacts You Online And Says She Wants You To Adopt Her Baby

    Finding an online adoption match is an exciting time if you’re a prospective adoptive parent hoping for an open adoption. Nothing will get your heart pumping faster than hearing that a pregnant woman has found your parent profile on the web and wants you to adopt her baby. But as important as that initial bittersweet email from her may be, keep in mind that it is only the first stage in the matching process, and that a match is not the

  • How To Connect With Expectant Parents Considering Adoption Through Word of Mouth

    Finding a match with expectant parents considering adoption is one of the hardest parts of the open adoption process. If you’re a waiting adoptive parent, you will likely have created an adoption profile to help you stand out from the crowd and spread the word that they’re adopting. But as effective as adoption profiles are, they’re no match for what’s been called the earliest and most honest form of advertising: word of mouth. Getting the word out that you’re adopting, and

  • The Problem With Telling Infertile Couples To “Just Adopt”

    I remember the first time we heard it. We had just told a friend about our infertility struggle when she asked us a question we would hear again and again. “Why don’t you just adopt?” She meant well. She knew how badly we wanted to start a family. For her, adoption was just another way to create one. Today, 17 years after our eldest son’s birthparents placed him in our arms, we understand that sentiment more than ever. But at the

  • I’m Not Pregnant, But I’m Expecting

    This guest post is by Mira Gallaway, a hopeful adoptive mother. No, I didn’t get to plan a super cute way to break the news to my husband, our friends, or our family. And I didn’t wait in anticipation for the second line to appear, or the plus sign, or anything of that nature. And I don’t have an adorable baby bump to watch grow. And I don’t have an app or blog ticker telling me how big my baby is right

  • 10 Things To Know Before Posting Your Online Adoption Profile

    Posting an online adoption profile is a great way to create a presence for yourself  on the web and increase your chances of connecting with expectant parents who are considering adoption for their baby. For many expectant parents, the internet is one of the first stops in their open adoption journey, enabling them to research their options and even find adoptive parents in a convenient, confidential and pressure-free setting. But despite its proven track record as an effective outreach tool, there