Finding a match — or more specifically, the right match — doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months — sometimes even years. So what do you do in the meantime? For one thing, keep busy. Some other modest proposals…

Join an Adoption Support Group

Find out about what lies ahead from people who have been there. The road may look a little dark and deserted now, but with a little help from others you can throw some light on it.

Speak to other Parents

Who knows parenthood best? Other parents, of course. They’re the experts. They might not have any fancy letters after their name, but they can tell you everything you’ll need to know. Including all those fun things like midnight feedings, diaper changes and the like.

Find a “Buddy”

You want to start a family through adoption. They want to start a family through adoption. Sounds like you’ve got a lot in common. Swap stories, share advice and just be there for each other when you need help most.

Find a “Mentor”

They’ve gone through the process, you haven’t. Which means they probably know something you don’t. Strike up a friendship. Find out the secrets of their success and see if they’ll “shadow” you while you go through your adoption journey.

Enroll in a Parenting Class

Parents aren’t born, they’re made. Here’s a chance to find out what parenthood is all about, one baby step at a time. Who knows, while you’re at it you may even build a network of friends and find potential playmates for your child.

Read Whatever You Can

There’s a lot you can find out about adopting just by reading about it. And with all that running around you’ll be doing you’ll need time to sit back and relax. Why not do it with a good book? Be sure to visit our resource section for some suggestions.

Keep a Journal

Reading about adoption is all fine and dandy, but why read about it when you’ve got the chance to write about it? Transforming your emotions into words is a great way to keep your head above water and find a home for your thoughts, feelings and frustrations.

Prepare for Parenthood

Becoming an adoptive parent can happen at any time. And when it does, you’ll want to be sure you’re ready. It’s never too early to look for a pediatrician. Or to collect information on all those “Mommy” and “Daddy” things you’ll be doing once your life changes forever.

Look after Yourself

Still have time on your hands? Then here’s one last thing you should add to your “To Do” list. Actually, it belongs somewhere near the top. As you’ll discover soon enough, adoption can get pretty hairy. You’ll need to find ways to deal with the stresses and the strains. Ever thought about joining a health club? Now’s the time to do it. Eat well, get proper rest and exercise regularly. And after you’re finished taking care of yourself, don’t forget to take care of your partner, if you’ve got one. If you thought searching for a child was exhausting, just wait till it comes time to raise one.