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  • The Video Hopeful Parents Who Question If They Can Love An Adopted Child Should See

    We’ve all been there as hopeful adoptive parents: On the one hand, you have this intense yearning to bring a child into your home. But on the other hand, the deeper you get into the adoption process and the more horror stories you hear, the more you question whether you’re really cut out to become an adoptive parent and can love a child who is not biologically related to you. Is the bonding process for an adopted child the same as it

  • Why We Chose Open Adoption As A Same Sex Couple

    This guest post is by Tommy, a hopeful adoptive parent. My husband Austin and I have been together for just over eight years. From the very start of our relationship, we quickly established that we both wanted kids to be part of the picture. We just weren’t exactly sure how it would come about. We have come to decide on adoption as our preferred means, but we didn’t start there. Originally, we considered building our family through surrogacy. We liked

  • Why I Hate the Phrase “Put Up for Adoption”

    This guest post is by Kristen, a waiting adoptive parent. “Hate” is a strong word, I know. There are many myths surrounding domestic adoption, but one of the biggest is that the birthmother doesn’t care about her child. We need to put that myth to rest, right now.  Birthmothers love their babies. They want what is best for their child, even if it means placing that child into the arms of another loving family. A birthmother puts her baby at the forefront

  • 18 Motivating Quotes To Inspire You While You Wait To Adopt

    Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. That is, unless you’re waiting to adopt, in which case things couldn’t be harder. While other couples are outside with their baby strollers or playing with their children in the park, you’re cooped up inside waiting for the phone to ring and wondering if your turn will ever come. But in the same way that winter turns to spring and spring gives way to summer, you need to believe that things will not only change, but change for the better.

  • The 3 Simple Words I Tell Waiting Adoptive Parents Who Feel Like Quitting

    This guest post is by Tami, an adoptive mother.  A few years ago I was just like you. I was waiting to adopt. More than anything else in the world I wanted to become a mother. But every day a new problem would come up, and I started to doubt it would ever happen. Eventually it got so bad that I was ready to quit. And while I don’t know your particular circumstances or the challenges you’re facing, I’m happy

  • A Pregnant Woman Has Just Picked You To Adopt Her Baby: 3 Things You Need To Know

    It’s the moment that every prospective adoptive parent lives for: Getting the call that a pregnant woman has chosen you to adopt her baby. But what happens next? What should you do? How should you feel? For most hopeful parents, it’s a tricky situation. Naturally, you’re excited. Who wouldn’t be? But at the same time, you know there’s a very real possibility that the woman could change her mind and the whole thing could suddenly fall through. Or that it could be a scam.

  • How Adoption Taught Me The True Meaning Of Sisterhood

    This guest post is by Carole Sanguedolce, an author. One day, when I was 31 years old, I got a phone call from my mother. It must have been the most difficult call of her life. She was calling to tell me that I had a sister I never knew existed. Her voice was shaky and she was very emotional. She kept saying “You are going to think I am a terrible person. Everyone will think I am a terrible person.”

  • Changing Your Mind About Adoption: How To Tell The Prospective Parents

    No one likes bad news, and no one likes to be the one to deliver it. But sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Sometimes you decide it’s time to change course and go down a different path. If you’re pregnant and were considering adoption but are now having second thoughts about your plan, you may find yourself in this position. Until recently you might have fully intended to go through with your plan. But then something happened, things changed, and now you’re not

  • 5 Emotions You’ll Feel When Choosing Adoption For Your Baby—And How To Handle Them

    Choosing adoption for your baby is a complicated process. It can also be a rewarding one, depending on your circumstances, the planning and preparation that go into your decision, and what happens afterwards. With open adoption, in particular, you can have a say in many aspects of the pre-placement process, from choosing the adoptive parents to deciding how much contact you want to have with them and your child as he grows up. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. No

  • Looking For An Adoptive Family For Your Baby? Avoid These 8 Mistakes

    If you’re pregnant and not ready to parent, you may be looking at adoption and, eventually, in finding adoptive parents for your baby. Adoptive families come in all sizes, shapes and colours, and there is no shortage of parents who are ready and able to provide your child with a happy, safe and secure future. Whether you look for them online or through an agency, the hardest part of the process will be in finding ones that are right for you. Luckily, as an expectant