The Story of Our Miracle Adoption Baby

This guest post is by Daniela Vatamanelu, an adoptive mother.

My husband I had a profile on Canada Adopts! just this past March. We cancelled it when we found out we were pregnant.

We had struggled with infertility for 4 years. We had tried two IVF cycles, both of which failed, so we were very surprised when we became pregnant in January.

When I had passed the three month pregnancy mark I felt great and started to believe this pregnancy was actually going to happen.

Then, at 16 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding and my water broke. Our baby still had a heartbeat but there was no water.

The doctors told us to terminate but we decided to wait it out. Our baby hung on for 4 more weeks!! Then, on May 24, at 20 weeks, I went into labour and delivered our beautiful baby boy.

And then, with the greatest sadness, we buried our baby boy.

That evening when we went home everything was just a blur.

We were in our surreal pain. Our hearts were broken in a million pieces.

The next day, as we were sitting around in a daze, unsure about what to do or how to feel, we received a phone call. It was our adoption worker.

When I called back I thought maybe she needed more paperwork from us and thought the world was so cruel to have her call us for that the day after our loss.

But she did not want more paperwork. She asked if we were sitting down.

And then, she said the words I never imagined I would hear: “We have a newborn baby for you to adopt. The birth mom chose you and James.”

I looked at my husband and thought I was having a mental breakdown. There was no way possible this was happening!

But it was! We met our baby boy 3 days later when he was 7 days old! We met the birth mom one day later!

He had been born three days before our son left us — our beautiful amazing baby boy miracle came home with us a few days later!

He is now nearly four months  old and our hearts are no longer in a million pieces! He has mended every piece back in place !

Although we didn’t adopt through Canada Adopts! I just want to say that I read your Facebook posts every day and it gives me peace knowing that we are not alone in this.

It has been quite the journey and it will continue to be quite the journey.

But it is no longer just the two of us. We now have a miracle in our lives. Adoption has been the most incredible surreal experience!

My son makes my heart grow bigger every day and helped me forget all of the long days I spent waiting for something that I never thought would happen!

Daniela Vatamanelu is an adoptive mother in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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