3 Things An Expectant Mother Looks For In An Adoption Profile

It’s time to write your adoption profile and you have no idea where to start.

Your head is spinning from all of the different bits of advice you’ve heard from your agency, family, friends, or found online.

Nothing will test your sanity more than writing an adoption profile. After all, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Who would ever have thought that your opportunity to become a parent would come down to a few thousand words and some photos?

But that’s where you are now, and you want to make sure that you do the best job you can. 

And yet if you think creating your profile is difficult, put yourself in the shoes of the woman—or the couple—who will be viewing it. 

She’s about to make one of the most important decisions of her life, and she knows nothing about you (or the other people she may be considering) apart from what’s inside your profile. 

When most people think of birthmothers or women who consider adoption for their baby, they have a skewed view of them based on stereotypes from the media or movies. 

The truth is every expectant parent is different and is looking for different things. That said, they do share some similarities.

Here are three things that expectant parents look for when considering an adoptive parent profile. 

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Why Every Adopting Family Needs A Support Group

This guest post is by Barbara Wallner, an adoptive parent. 

Going through the adoption process can be an overwhelming and lonely experience. Often well-meaning friends and family try to help, but don’t fully understand what it’s like.

Many of waiting parents have heard stories about someone else’s adoption gone wrong or how their friend’s friend got pregnant as soon as she started the adoption process.

While such comments are usually well-intended, they often add to our feelings of being overwhelmed and isolated.

This is one of the reasons why having a support network within the adoption community is crucial to waiting and adoptive families. Read More

How I’m Staying Positive While Waiting To Adopt A Younger Child

This guest post is by April Boettcher, a waiting adoptive mother.

Our journey to adopt began over 8 years ago.

Adoption has always been written on my heart. As a young girl, I knew that I would grow up someday adopting a child or two.

As soon as we got married, my husband Lance and I started planning for our little family.

As things turned out it would be more tricky and difficult due to my the fact that I was 38 at the time.  

Eventually we saw a fertility doctor and started testing to figure out why I couldn’t conceive naturally.  

When the results came in, we learned that my eggs were too old. I was beyond devastated.

I didn’t understand. I still felt that maybe a miracle could happen.

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The Story of Our Miracle Adoption Baby

This guest post is by Daniela Vatamanelu, an adoptive mother.

My husband I had a profile on Canada Adopts! just this past March. We cancelled it when we found out we were pregnant.

We had struggled with infertility for 4 years. We had tried two IVF cycles, both of which failed, so we were very surprised when we became pregnant in January.

When I had passed the three month pregnancy mark I felt great and started to believe this pregnancy was actually going to happen.

Then, at 16 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding and my water broke. Our baby still had a heartbeat but there was no water.

The doctors told us to terminate but we decided to wait it out. Our baby hung on for 4 more weeks!! Then, on May 24, at 20 weeks, I went into labour and delivered our beautiful baby boy. Read More