Looking for a loving home for your baby? Check out our hopeful adoptive parents.

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Nisha and Dean
Nisha and Dean, British Columbia
We will be able to offer your child a home filled with unconditional love, encouragement and freedom to develop their distinctive personality.
Sarah and Tyler
Sarah and Tyler, Ontario
We are a warm, fun, yet responsible couple who has abundance of love to give. We truly hope that you find the perfect match for your child in us and our loving home.
Dan and Jennie
Dan and Jennie, Ontario
We are very much looking forward to adding a child to our family and can’t wait to share life’s adventures with them.
Barb and Tony
Barb and Tony, Ontario
We are a fun, active, easy-going, and loving couple. We vow that your child will feel safe, loved, cared for, and happy. We will love your child absolutely unconditionally, no matter what.
Lorraine and Chris
Lorraine and Chris, Ontario
If chosen as your child’s adoptive parents, we would accept our responsibilities to you and them with great respect and commitment.
Alissa and Justin
Alissa and Justin, Yukon
We are a loving, adventurous, caring and compassionate couple, who are excited to adopt and raise a family together.
Rebecca and Jeff
Rebecca and Jeff, Ontario
Large hearts can be filled with small things.
Kate and Chris
Kate and Chris, Ontario
We're a couple of giant-hearted musicians eager to expand the family band.
Kate and Dave
Kate and Dave, Ontario
With gratitude and respect, thank you for considering us as parents for your child.
Geoff and Tony
Geoff and Tony, British Columbia
We hope to start our own family and devote ourselves to being great parents, and create a lifetime of wonderful memories with love, laughter, and commitment.
Arend and Pamela
Arend and Pamela, Ontario
We believe in open adoption and can be flexible about how we keep in contact with you.
Heather and Jordan
Heather and Jordan, Ontario
Being born not from our flesh but born in our hearts, you are longed for and wanted and loved from the start. We cannot wait to meet you both <3
Sophia, Ontario
I promise to give your child a life filled with unconditional love, happiness, the freedom to ask questions and lots of cuddles.
Melissa and Jim
Melissa and Jim, Ontario
We cannot wait to share the happiness and laughter that fills our lives and our home with your child!
Cheryl and Andrew
Cheryl and Andrew, Ontario
Adoption is another word for love. Love is the essence of our home. Our home is waiting to be filled with the love that extends and connects our families together.
Cherie and Chris
Cherie and Chris, British Columbia
When a baby becomes a member of our family they will be loved unconditionally.
Jenn and Kurt
Jenn and Kurt, Ontario
We are a fun-loving and outgoing couple who aim to fill our home with love and laughter everyday.
Dallas, Ontario
The relationship between a birth family and an adoptive family is very unique and special and I want to treasure that forever.
Adam and Robert
Adam and Robert, Ontario
We are a family-oriented, fun-loving, and artistic couple, and are truly excited to start a family together.
Michelle and Craig
Michelle and Craig, Ontario
We were friends in high school and our friendship turned into love. We are ready and excited to grow that love by welcoming a child into our home and hearts.
Jennifer, Ontario
Energetic and loving life, I always welcome others, put family first and embrace each day as a gift.
Sarah and Nigel
Sarah and Nigel, Ontario
Our journey towards having a family of our own has confirmed to us whole-heartedly that we are meant to be parents.
Nancy and Peter
Nancy and Peter, Ontario
We are a family-first oriented couple. We will ensure your child will be unconditionally loved, happy, secure and has every opportunity to meet there full potential.
Samira and Shahid
Samira and Shahid, Ontario
Raising a child to become the best amongst us, with characteristics of humanity, strength, courage, belief and love.
Tim and Joe
Tim and Joe, British Columbia
We are excited about welcoming a child into our home, one filled with laughter and love.
Stacy and Stephen
Stacy and Stephen, Ontario
We believe wholeheartedly that life and love helps us all find the people who are meant to be in our lives.
Avril and Frank
Avril and Frank, Ontario
We are a family created through adoption that believes in playing together, being creative, trying new things, and going on adventures together as a family!
Lydia and Paul
Lydia and Paul, Ontario
We are best friends who became a couple - and a couple who - through adoption - would love to become a family.
September and Joshua
September and Joshua, Ontario
A home full of love, with lots of room for one more.
Sarah and Henry
Sarah and Henry, Ontario
It would be a great privilege to have your child placed in our care to raise, grow with and love.
Andrea and Carl
Andrea and Carl, Ontario
Two super-joyful, sometimes-silly, ever-supportive humans (and one small dog) looking forward to sharing our fun-loving home with a little human.
Lisa and Sam
Lisa and Sam, British Columbia
Our goal as parents is to raise our child to be a secure and happy individual, with the confidence to make mistakes and the wisdom to learn from them.
Golli and Bill
Golli and Bill, Ontario
Two totally awesome, humble, dorky, loving parents in waiting.
Olivier and Dimitri
Olivier and Dimitri, British Columbia
Two French and English teachers who would be honoured to welcome and raise your child in a loving, caring and bilingual family.
Courtney and Carolyn
Courtney and Carolyn, Ontario
We are an active, young couple with a supportive extended family excitedly looking forward to the chance to grow and love through open adoption.
Gina and Ben
Gina and Ben, Ontario
We make sure your baby will grow up to be happy and will be unconditionally loved. We are excited to become Mommy and Daddy to a little one!
James and Seppe
James and Seppe, British Columbia
We are an active and adventurous couple who are excited about welcoming a baby into our hearts, family and home.
Lizzie and Chris
Lizzie and Chris, British Columbia
We want your child to know that anything is possible, and that we will be there to celebrate, encourage, comfort and love them at every step.
Tamara and Roy
Tamara and Roy, British Columbia
Sometimes in life, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love.
Steven and Vinay
Steven and Vinay, British Columbia
A child can never have too many people who love and support them!
Danielle and Kirby
Danielle and Kirby, Ontario
We have been dreaming of becoming parents for many years. We will cherish your little one.
Chad and Philip
Chad and Philip, Ontario
We cannot wait to share the adventures, travel, and pure joy that fills our lives and our home with your child!
Nicole and Darryl ​
Nicole and Darryl ​, Ontario
It is with absolute happiness that we embrace adoption to build a family; the combination of two families coming together for the love, security, and happiness of your child will be our greatest joy.