Looking for a loving home for your baby? Check out our hopeful adoptive parents.

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Cherie and Chris
Cherie and Chris, British Columbia
When a baby becomes a member of our family they will be loved unconditionally.
Jimmy and Dave
Jimmy and Dave, British Columbia
we promise to give your child a life full of opportunity, adventure and love.
Connie and Matt
Connie and Matt, Ontario
We have been blessed through adoption and would love to welcome another child to our loving family. We would love to share our story with you.
Sarah and Nigel
Sarah and Nigel, Ontario
Our journey towards having a family of our own has confirmed to us whole-heartedly that we are meant to be parents.
Christine and Julian
Christine and Julian, Ontario
We are a loving and happy family of three which we would love to grow through adoption.
Ladyne and Jamie
Ladyne and Jamie, Ontario
We're a pretty relaxed couple, but we want to become parents more than anything.  If you place with us we would love your child with our hearts, giving them everything they need.
Daniela and James
Daniela and James, Ontario
We would love the opportunity to hear your story and to tell you about ours and hope that we can become part of each other's life.
Tim and Joe
Tim and Joe, British Columbia
We are excited about welcoming a child into our home, one filled with laughter and love.
Samantha and James
Samantha and James, British Columbia
Living life to its fullest, we’re on an unscripted adventure in hopes of growing our family.
Adam and Robert
Adam and Robert, Ontario
We are a family-oriented, fun-loving, and artistic couple, and are truly excited to start a family together.
Staci and Hugh
Staci and Hugh, Ontario
We want to share our joyful life with a child who we will love with our whole hearts.
Amanda and Duane
Amanda and Duane, British Columbia
We can't wait to welcome another child into our fun loving family and take on this world together as a family of four!
Stacy and Stephen
Stacy and Stephen, Ontario
We believe wholeheartedly that life and love helps us all find the people who are meant to be in our lives.
Dallas, Ontario
The relationship between a birth family and an adoptive family is very unique and special and I want to treasure that forever.
Wendy and Stephen
Wendy and Stephen, Ontario
We're childhood sweethearts who are so hopeful to become parents. We have so much love to give and can't wait to meet you.
Chris and David
Chris and David, Ontario
We are a fun, loving, caring, and devoted couple who are excited to share our love for the world, and our wish to give a child the opportunity to have an awesome and memorable life.
Rhea and Alisdair
Rhea and Alisdair, Ontario
Waiting for you. “To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Dr. Seuss
Meghan and Jeff
Meghan and Jeff, Manitoba
We are a fun-loving, caring couple who hopes to one day add a 'little slugger' to our team.
Fabiola and Rob
Fabiola and Rob, Ontario
We hope that with your help we are able to become parents. We can’t wait to give your little one all the unconditional love and happiness that a parent is capable of giving to a child.
Jaroslava and Miro
Jaroslava and Miro, British Columbia
We see ourselves as guardians and supporters of your child’s hopes and dreams becoming reality, being someone you can count on to be there. 

Barb and Tony
Barb and Tony, Ontario
We are a fun, active, easy-going, and loving couple. We vow that your child will feel safe, loved, cared for, and happy. We will love your child absolutely unconditionally, no matter what.
September and Joshua
September and Joshua, Ontario
A home full of love, with lots of room for one more.
Kim and Kalum
Kim and Kalum, Ontario
Click. Read. Love. :)
Dan and Jennie
Dan and Jennie, Ontario
We are very much looking forward to adding a child to our family and can’t wait to share life’s adventures with them.
Alissa and Justin
Alissa and Justin, Yukon
We are a loving, adventurous, caring and compassionate couple, who are excited to adopt and raise a family together.
Michelle and Scott
Michelle and Scott, Ontario
We are a loving couple, who enjoy life and have a fun, caring and supportive home that we long to share with a child through the miracle of adoption.
Kayla and Kyle
Kayla and Kyle, Ontario
We are quite simply a family of three, who cannot wait to become a family of four.
Danielle and Kirby
Danielle and Kirby, Ontario
We have been dreaming of becoming parents for many years. We will cherish your little one.
Brian and Kyle
Brian and Kyle, British Columbia
We have worked hard to build a life that we love, and we are ready for the next step of becoming dads!
Golli and Bill
Golli and Bill, Ontario
Two totally awesome, humble, dorky, loving parents in waiting.
James and Seppe
James and Seppe, British Columbia
We are an active and adventurous couple who are excited about welcoming a baby into our hearts, family and home.
Lisa and Mike
Lisa and Mike, Ontario
We look forward to starting our family in a home your child can grow up in surrounded by love and laughter.
Tamara and Roy
Tamara and Roy, British Columbia
Sometimes in life, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love.
Sarah and Henry
Sarah and Henry, Ontario
It would be a great privilege to have your child placed in our care to raise, grow with and love.
Sara and Daniel
Sara and Daniel, Ontario
We have found adoption and parenthood to be a wonderful, evolving experience and we hope to welcome another child into our family.
Jose and Arturo
Jose and Arturo, Ontario
We are a happy, diverse and unique family ready to welcome another child to our circle of Love.
Anni and James
Anni and James, Yukon
Becoming an adoptive family has been wonderful for us and we would love to share our story with you.
Jenn and Ken
Jenn and Ken, Ontario
If you want your child to feel special then you have found that in us! We will surround them with love, hugs, opportunities and lots of family and friends.
Mary and Dave
Mary and Dave, Ontario
We are so excited to adopt and want you to know we are looking forward to the day we welcome you and your baby into our lives.
Helena and Sunil
Helena and Sunil, Ontario
Our desire to adopt comes from a place of abundance, gratitude and love! We are excited to welcome a new little soul into our home.
Steven and Vinay
Steven and Vinay, British Columbia
A child can never have too many people who love and support them!
Parvaneh and Amin
Parvaneh and Amin, Ontario
We believe in the goodness of people toward each other and towards themselves. This is essential to our view of the world – that we are all in it together.
Tasie and George
Tasie and George, Ontario
If we are fortunate enough to be chosen as your child’s adoptive parents, we want you to know that your child will live in a home that is warm, happy and filled with love and encouragement.
Rachel and Jesse
Rachel and Jesse, British Columbia
We are a fun, active and loving family who can’t wait to welcome another child into our home.
Courtney and Carolyn
Courtney and Carolyn, Ontario
We are an active, young couple with a supportive extended family excitedly looking forward to the chance to grow and love through open adoption.