The Incredible Story Of How Our Four Adoptive Families United As One

This guest post is by Lisa, an adoptive mother.

Our adoption story may not be unique, but our family is.

It began in 2007 when our son’s birthmother placed him for adoption and a baby boy joined our three daughters.

That part of the story is not unusual. What is unusual about our adoption journey is that my son’s mother gave birth to an additional six children between 2009 and 2014.

All of them have been adopted by four separate families through two Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario.  And because of that, four individual families are proud to say that we are united as one!

It’s an incredible story and it just goes to show how the simplest of things can often change your world in amazing ways.

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How To Support Someone Through The Roller Coaster Of Adoption

This guest post is by Kristin Vredevoogd, an adoptive mother and author.

Many movies and television shows misrepresent adoption and portray couples who easily say, “Let’s adopt,” and it’s smooth sailing from there. 

Adoption is filled with many opposing emotions on every side of the adoption triad. 

There is joy and sorrow, loss and gain, and grief and fulfillment. 

Adoption is something that can be difficult to relate to unless you have personal experience. 

While adoption contains a positive end result of a child for the adoptive parents, it is difficult for family and friends to know how to support those going through it.

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Waiting To Adopt Is Hard. That’s Why I’m So Grateful For My Family And Friends

This guest post is by Barb, a waiting adoptive mother.

My husband and I have been officially waiting to adopt for 1 1/2 years but that’s just on paper.

In our hearts, we’ve been waiting for much longer.

It’s not an easy journey and when all the paperwork is done and there is nowhere left to register, all one can do is wait. Wait for that phone call or email saying that you’ve been chosen.

It’s the moment I dream about every single day.

How do I get by in the meantime? The support of my family and friends.

I literally couldn’t do it without them. I’m a strong person but I’m not going to lie—this process is not an easy one. Continue reading