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Welcome to Canada's online adoption meeting place. Whether you're considering placing your baby for adoption or hoping to adopt, we offer strategies, solutions and support.
Hopeful Parents Becky and Mike
We're Becky and Mike. We'd love to start a family.
line Waiting Parents
Ready to start the family you've always longed for? Find out what you'll need to do to adopt the child of your dreams.
Birth Mothers
Pregnant? Thinking about adoption? Open adoption is a loving choice. Learn if it's right for you and how to create a loving plan for your baby.
line Adopting in
Get information about your adoption choices in Canada, including how the process works, the costs, and the wait times.
  Teddy Bear 
Our Success Stories
Find out why Canada Adopts! is Canada's most successful adoption matching website.
Hoping to adopt a baby in Canada? Our adoption profile services can help you connect with a prospective birth mother, saving you time and money.
Teddy Bear Waiting
Parents Registry
Teddy Bear Unplanned or teen pregnancy? Find adoptive parents in Ontario, BC and NS who are hoping to adopt a baby.

What adoptive parents are saying about our services.


Adoption Teapot
  Meet others who are trying to adopt, have adopted or placed their child for adoption. Ask a question, Get advice. Find support. Join Canada's adopting community today!


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