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we live in: , Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: 1 Girl - Age 5
Pets: 1 Dog - 10 year old poodle/chihuahua mix


First, let us express our gratitude to you in looking at our letter. We hope and pray that as you read our family profile you will get a snapshot of the life we hope to share with several children.

We have an amazing 5-year-old daughter, Violet, who is the light of our lives. Our lives changed forever when we adopted our daughter Violet.


We met in our third year of university. We bumped into each other while out with friends and quickly found out that we attended the same church and had some classes together-we had no idea until that night! We had so much fun dating for awhile and then we got married three years later, and have been happily married ever since.

MEET DAVID–Through Kim’s eyes

David is my best friend and we enjoy spending almost all of our time together. We even work at the same office. I call him my rock since he is very laid back and doesn’t often get stressed out. He is passionate about healthy living and makes sure our family eats a mostly organic diet including fresh produce he has grown himself in the summer.

He is a hipster. He proudly styles his hair into a man-bun, he has a very cool beard, plus he rocks colorful skinny jeans. David works for the federal government doing financial analysis at an office close to home.

David has unending patience with Violet. They will play Uno and Lego for hours. Since adopting Violet he has been an equal parent sharing all parenting responsibilities including being the one who gets up with her at night if she is scared.

He is the best fun dad who flies her around the house like an airplane, goes jumping on the trampoline with her, and reads her extra bedtime stories. He plans to take half of the parental leave during the first year after our next future adoption and is thrilled to become a daddy to another little one.

MEET KIM–Through David’s eyes

Kim has a great sense of humour, loves adventure and is very fashionable. One of her favorite pastimes is browsing the mall for a great deal. She grew up with two sisters (both adopted) whom she loves very much. She is very determined and when she really wants something, she perseveres until she gets it done. She is very sensitive, especially to the needs of others and is always helping out family and friends.

I love sharing my life with her, she is my teammate and biggest supporter.

I love her so much and can’t wait to see her become a mom again. She is very eager and enthusiastic about being chosen to be a mama to a new baby and would be overjoyed.

She is really great at photography, and used to have a photography business, however now she uses her skills only for family and friends as she finds that to be more enjoyable. It’s been very fun to see her and Violet do photo shoots around the city.
Kim is a wonderful mom to Violet. They have a very close bond and being a mother has been everything Kim hoped and dreamed. They do art projects, and bake gluten free cookies and cakes. Kim loves Christmas, especially decorated trees, I think we now have about 14 different Christmas trees that go up every year.

She has a flexible accounting job with the federal government close to home. She will take half of the parental leave from her job to stay home with baby when we bring home our next child.


We built our home almost 5 years ago, and chose the location thatwas close to Kim’s mom, 1 block away. We love our neighborhood for many reasons but mostly the proximity to close family and friends. It’s also very multicultural which was important to us given that we are a transracial family. Kim loves light/bright interior design so our home is all white with fun bright accents.

MEET BIG SIS VIOLET…who is very excited to become a big sister!

Violet is an outgoing happy 5-year-old who sings and dances her way through life. Her favorite activities are listening to music and creating fun dance moves to accompany songs.

She is very social and really enjoys parties. She is a girly girl and loves princesses, fairies and the color pink. She is enrolled in ballet and jazz and will likely continue those activities as she really looks forward to them. She has told us multiple times that she wants to feed and carry her baby which of course would be under our close supervision!


I am the oldest child in a family of five. My parents are happily married and live about an hour from us on a beautiful country property. They garden and grow their own organic produce and have three chickens they call their ladies so we have farm fresh eggs when we visit. They are amazing with Violet, and have her over for sleepovers a few times a year. My two sisters live close by. They are great aunts to Violet and will sometimes babysit so Kim and I have date nights. They cause loud giggle fests because they read the funniest stories and play the silliest games.

I have a large and close supportive extended family, many cousins, some who were adopted. I get together with my uncles to wakeboard and sail on the local river. Our holiday gatherings are super fun, like for example at Christmas we do funny gift exchanges. One year, everyone had to a bring a funny hat as a gift.


I have a close extended family who I see frequently. A tradition we have is to vacation in Virginia Beach together for 2 weeks in August since I was young. Our family loves the ocean. We surf together, which is so much fun to see who can catch the biggest waves.

I am also the oldest child in a family of four. I was an only child until I was 17 and my mom adopted my two sisters from China. One is starting university, and my youngest sister is going into grade 10. I went to China with my mom to bring home my sister which started my love of adoption. My mom and I are very close and we see each other often during the week. My mom and aunt own and operate three homes for people with different disabilities. She taught me how to be a strong and confident woman and I very much look up to her.


We put our trust in God to help us make our life decisions, by praying and listening to His direction. We believe that God has planned for us to have several kids, and we can’t wait to see how He orchestrates that. We think God has big plans for our kids and are so excited to be a part of it. We believe that prayer changes situations and we have prayed much for our future children. We attend two churches, and they both have wonderful children’s programs.


PRADA IS A CUTE POODLE-CHIHUAHUA MIX. She has curly white hair and is hypo-allergenic. She was born on the same day we got married. It was no coincidence and we are sure she was meant to be in our family. She is very gentle and playful, and has been great with Violet ever since she came home, they are best buds.


We hope to one day have several children to share our life with. We love Violet and promise to love her and all our future children unconditionally. We promise to support them in their interests and passions.

We absolutely do not use any physical discipline. Our goal is to bring up children to be kind, considerate, happy kids, who trust in God, and who are secure in who they are.

We want to respect the amount of openness you wish to have with us and are willing to have an open adoption, with letters and photos, and possible meet-ups. We think of Violet’s birth parents often and try to incorporate Chinese culture into our home and lives and will do the same with your child with whatever cultural background you come from. Your child will always know their adoption story as we are passionate about ensuring they know the sacrifice you made out of love for them to choose adoption.


Thank you from the bottom of our heart for considering us to adopt your child. We are truly grateful. Please know should you choose us to adopt your child that they will be given every opportunity in life to be loved, cherished, supported, and to be a son or daughter and sibling.