Our hearts pound with excitement and anticipation as we sit down together to write our profile.

As the first few words start to hit the computer screen, our thoughts shift towards you! 

We can only imagine all the emotions you are facing as you open yourself to the process of adoption, and feel honoured that you are viewing our profile and are considering us to be potential adoptive parents for your child.


Our friends and family call us Fab and Jon.

We live in a modern condo building in Toronto. We met online and have been together for more than 6 years, getting married in 2018.

We are very committed to share our love and lives with a child, and are looking to do this through adoption. 

Every person is unique in their own way.  We believe that it is by welcoming, respecting and sharing that uniqueness that we connect, learn and grow as individuals.


• a Gemini whose favourite colour is blue, and absolutely loves cotton candy!

• affectionate, compassionate, playful, and a clear-thinking man who is smart, romantic, energetic and has a good sense of humour.

• open-minded, social and loves going for long walks, being outdoors and doing yoga.

• results-oriented and very well organized, which helps him to be successful in his job but also at cooking!

• his favourite meal to make is seasoned turkey tacos with fresh tomatoes, corn and homemade guacamole. His chocolate chip cookies are also amazing (but never with raisins!).

• favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Atypical, Ozark, The Crown and Gilmour Girls. 


 • a Sagittarius whose favourite colour is yellow, and really loves Halloween! 

• an avid learner, curious, logical, honest, introspective, considerate and respectful of others.

• loves the beach and being near the water.

• very approachable, independent, genuine, passionate, an excellent communicator, and he knows exactly who he is.

• he has an intricate tattoo of a bow and arrow tattooed on his back, a design he made himself

• a great cook and baker, especially traditional dishes from Brazil. One of our favourite dishes that he makes is shrimp, cooked with cassava root and coconut milk.

• favourite TV shows are The Witcher, Glee, Umbrella Academy, and Modern Family.


We are blessed to be surrounded by loved ones who act as parental role models that inspire and care deeply about us.

We were both fortunate to have had positive upbringings with our parents and siblings, and so many of our families and friends offer wonderful examples of parenting. We regularly spend time with family, many of whom live nearby.

In life we learned that things may not always go the way we plan them to, or wish them to be. We are proud of our ability as a couple to adapt and adjust to whatever life throws at us; and we do that by being honest with each other, talking about what our different perspectives may be, and aligning on a direction to move forward together. We will bring this way of listening and being open to change to our parenting style.

Jon will be an amazing dad because people are drawn to his good-nature, he is very loving and nurturing. Fab doesn’t need to do too much to have kids surround him wherever he goes. He always connects with them by helping them discover their own answers, their passions, and solutions on their own.

In our home we place an importance on languages, and will encourage our child to learn other languages in addition to English. Languages can be a powerful, life changing tool that anyone can take through their lives to create deeper and more meaningful life experiences – wherever they go, whatever they choose to do, and whoever they are with. Languages were a gateway for both of us to have some of the most meaningful experiences in our lives. 

Between the two of us we speak English, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Spanish which comes in handy when we travel abroad every year for vacation.


Our home is culturally diverse and brings elements that reflect both of our lives. It also reflects who we are as people, and the journeys we have each traveled in the course of our lives; from colourful Brazilian art pieces where Fab was born, to cultural artifacts from Jon’s upbringing, to intricate paintings and mementos from the various countries we have traveled to together. 

The traditions we carry on as a family also reflect our different experiences with religion and cultures. Jon grew up Jewish, and today we include some Jewish traditions in our day-to-day lives. Fab grew up in the Catholic faith through his schooling in Brazil.  In his early teens, through life experiences and his inquisitive mind, his religion transitioned to Spiritism, where the belief that the human spirit lives on is the foundation of the religious doctrine.


Our lives are enriched by two loving and beautiful cats, Tucci and Myko. Tucci is a 9-year-old Snowshoe male cat, a kitty Fab began fostering (and later adopted) when Tucci was a 4-month old kitten. Myko is a 2-year-old Siamese/Snowshoe mix male cat that we fostered and, shortly after, adopted earlier this year.


Our commitment to each other, to you and to our future child is to be the most caring, thoughtful and loving parents we can possibly be. We will approach everyday as a parent as a learning experience, and a chance to be a positive role model in our child’s life. We will focus on being open-minded, attentive and curious – just like our child will be learning from us, we will equally be learning from them. We want to create as many opportunities for our child as possible, to be encouraging and supportive of their unique needs and interests, and welcoming of who they are as a person.

You made it this far! We truly appreciate you reading through our profile.

Not knowing if life will grant us a chance to meet and potentially become a family through adoption, we want to leave you with our sincerest and heartfelt thank you. 

Thank you for being who you are, for having the courage, the resilience and the openness in mind and heart to embark on this journey.

Fab and Jon