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Phone: 1-888-984-2488
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Preston- 6.5 years old
Pets: 2 dogs- chihuahua ( 6 years) and a dachshund (12 years)

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We want to let you know that we feel for your decision and can relate to many of the emotions that may be present. We have 2 children by birth, Preston who was born in 2014 and Keanu who was born in 2019 but sadly passed away after 2 weeks due to birth complications. Andrea can no longer carry children due to the traumatic birth. We want to recognize that any additional child will not replace our late son and we have worked hard over the past 18 months to deal with our emotions and grief. In this way, we can somewhat understand the feelings you may be having with this decision and we respect that. Grief and loss is a journey and we support the feelings that you may have. We will never project our late son onto your child as he/she is entirely their own individual. 

Adoption is not new to our family as our 2 nephews are both adopted and thus, both of our families are supportive of this path. We will give every opportunity to your child and love him/her fully and completely. We are a fun loving family, eager to welcome a new addition and complete our family through adoption.

About Us

We met in 2011 in Vancouver on an online dating site. We immediately clicked and enjoyed exploring Vancouver, taking seawall walks, visiting Granville Island and getting to know each other’s quirks and personalities. We share many of the same values but were drawn to each other’s opposite personality and now balance each other out perfectly.  Andrea is more meticulous and is the “planner” whereas Paresh is more spontaneous and light-hearted. We became engaged in 2012 in Venice, Italy (yes it was on the gondola!) and married in 2013 here in Vancouver. We had a large traditional Hindu wedding and a smaller white wedding. We have experienced many joys in our marriage such as building our house, travelling to Europe, and having Preston- but also tragedy. Our relationship has become stronger as we experienced the death of our son and move forward in our lives. 

We have enjoyed travelling together, and discovering new places . We love New York City (all of the pizza!) and France (all of the croissants!). Since having Preston we have been able to show him many parts of the world already. His passport is quite full!

We also have 2 dogs, Rio and Guava whom we all adore. We love dogs and consider them members of our family. We often frequent the beach where they can run and play. They love Preston and are very friendly with children. A typical weekend would include going for bike rides, walking the seawall and exploring new cafes. Summer is our favourite season where we often go berry picking, travel to the interior and head to the ocean for picnics. Your child will be submersed in a life of learning, stability and most importantly unconditional love. 

We believe in letting children explore the world, ask questions and simply learn by doing. We believe in trying a variety of activities to see what a child likes. We want to fully foster a child’s interests and abilities as they choose. Providing a child with positive praise and reinforcements has worked well for Preston. Every child is so different and we are excited to learn about your child’s personality and wonderment. 

About Andrea and her family

I am 37 years old, born in Edmonton and have lived in Vancouver for the past 12 years. My father is half Lebanese and my mother is of Scottish descent. My parents and older sister live in Edmonton but I see them frequently as we do yearly visits and vacations with them. My parents have been married for 45 years! My sister and her husband have 2 school aged children who are very close to Preston. We are a close knit family as my parents have an apartment in Vancouver and thus visit frequently. Preston loves to go for sleepovers at their place!

My professional background is in non-profit administration and post-secondary administration. I am currently raising my son and am busy fulfilling his needs as he starts school. I am grateful that I am able to do this for any additional child. My core values of love, honesty and friendship would be instilled in your child. I support all religions and we are raising Preston Hindu. We are very open and teach about various religions and will allow him/her to choose their own path when they are older. If you have wishes otherwise, we are happy to discuss it as we are very open minded and accepting. 

You can find me reading a good book, painting and doing crafts, and playing with our dogs! I often take art classes with Preston and share my love of creativity and exploration with him. I love teaching him about nature, science and travelling. 

About Paresh and his family

 I am 46 years old, born and raised in Vancouver and am Gujrati, Hindu. I have an older brother, who with his wife, adopted 2 infant sons from birth. They live 15 minutes from us here in Vancouver. My family welcomed them with open arms and we love having them over to play with Preston. My parents have been married for 0ver 50 years and live 10 minutes from us. We often ride our bikes over for dinner!

My culture and traditions are very important to me especially practicing a life of service. I often volunteer in the downtown eastside with our son. I have family in London, England as my parents who were born in Africa immigrated to London in the 60’s and eventually Vancouver. We tend to travel to London every few years to see my extended family. 

My professional background is in sales and I have worked for the same company for the past 23 years. I can offer stability and routine for your child not only financially but emotionally as well. You can find me running the seawall, playing with my dogs and hanging out with family!

About Preston

 I am 6 years old and attend Grade 1 at my local school. Some of my favourite outings include going for donuts, taking art classes, playing soccer and seeing my friends and cousins. I love LEGO, building and learning about non-fiction topics. I currently love learning about whales. My favourite activity in my life, so far, has been whale watching in Victoria!

 I am very excited to welcome a brother or sister into my family and I have so much to teach them. I will do my best to share my toys! I am a shy and reserved boy who is compassionate, empathetic and loving. 

Our home

We live just off of Main Street in Vancouver thus, we are walking distance from amazing cafes, restaurants, art classes and parks. We built our house last year and have a beautiful backyard garden, which Preston and the dogs love. We are walking distance to Hillcrest community centre and spend time there participating in classes. We love this area of the city and feel it is an ideal place to raise a family. We also have a bedroom ready right next to ours. We have a large play room and can offer a wonderful home for your child, in a family friendly neighborhood with endless parks, gardens and activities. 

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to look into a snapshot of our lives. We sympathize and relate to the grief you may have over this tough decision. Should you choose us to raise your child, we promise to include you and your child’s story throughout their lives. We will honour and respect your wishes throughout your life. We will respect your decision and desires when it comes to openness. We realize that decisions may change over time and we will always support it.  If you would like a more in depth view of us, please visit the link below for more. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and we wish you peace.