Share Your Adoption Story With Us!

family portraitAdoption transforms lives.

So do adoption stories.

Hearing how others have navigated the process can not only deepen your understanding of how adoption works.

It can also help you overcome some of the barriers and challenges you encounter along the way.

Because, as we all know, there will be hurdles!

At our sister site, America Adopts!, we’ve published nearly 300 blog posts over the past three years. Many of them have been first-person stories by adoptive parents, birthmothers and fathers, and adoptees.

They’ve shared what adoption means to them and how it has changed their lives — and in many cases, enriched them.

Now we’re planning to continue that tradition here at Canada Adopts! by publishing your stories.

If you’ve been touched by adoption and have a story to share, we want to hear about it.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be “successful,” “uplifting” or “heartwarming.”

Although I have to say that with so many negative adoption stories in the media, they’re always nice and refreshing to read.

But they’re not the only type of story we’re interested in.

Adoption experiences run right across the board. No two stories are alike. Many bring joy and happiness, but others don’t.

That’s because when you boil it right down, every adoption story springs from loss.

And so while many stories involve wonderful examples of beauty and courage — of individuals overcoming hurdles and hardships and succeeding despite the odds — there are others that involve disappointment, frustration, tears and sadness.

And yet even in those darkest of stories, there are things we can all learn that can bring us closer to the light.

Those are the adoption stories we’re interested in.

Although the focus of our site and blog is on open adoption and in building strong, child-centred relationships between adoptive parents and birthparents, we’re wide open when it comes to subject matter.

No matter what stage of your journey you’re at or what part of the adoption constellation you’re from — whether you’re hoping to adopt, have placed a baby for adoption, are navigating the world as an adoptee, or are an adoption professional — we want to hear from you.

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Here are some stories from our sister site’s blog to get you started. Questions? Looking for feedback? Feel free to email us any time.



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