Lisa & Dino

HELLO FRIENDS! We want you to know – you matter to us.

WE ARE DINO AND LISA, and we’re so excited to ‘meet’ you. We feel honoured that you are taking the time to look through our profile. You should know that we are fun-loving, a little goofy!…and full of love. And we’ve dreamt about this day for so long – about growing our family and walking alongside you – that it’s hard to believe we’re really here. We can’t begin to understand what these days might be like for you, but we deeply respect you for choosing life for your child, and we hope you know, just like them, YOU are worthy of love.

WE WISH WE COULD HEAR YOUR STORY, TOO. We can only imagine the valleys and mountains you’ve already conquered. We commit to pray as you walk courageously through this season and into the next. Wherever it takes you, may you find strength.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Michael Taylor

Quick Facts


Age: 42

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Executive Assistant

Education: College Diploma

Interests: Fun family time, exercising, cooking, gardening, reading, nature walks, movie nights, games nights, 80s living room dance parties, travel, and Halloween!


Age: 42

Ethnicity: Southeast Asian

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Lead Level Artist (I make video games!)

Education: College Diploma

Interests: Family, house projects, exercising, sketching, writing screenplays, making 3D models, playing guitar, outdoor sports, cooking, BBQing, and Christmas!

Our Community

Years Together: 10

Province: Ontario

City: York Region

Neighbourhood: Suburban

Other Children: N/A

Pets: N/A

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No Preference

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

WHY WE’RE ADOPTING – Written on Our Hearts + Into Our Story

WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN WE WANTED CHILDREN. It was in both our hearts long before we met. We thought we might have biological children first, but after two years of failed infertility treatments, we felt like God was telling us, “I heard your prayer, now trust My timing…”. Even though our plans have changed, we are so honoured and excited to be on this new journey.

We can’t help but feel that we are right here, right now, for a reason, and it’s exciting for us to think you might be a part of that. We really believe we’re better together and cannot wait for the opportunity to love a child right alongside you.


THE BASICS. 42 years old. 5’9. Black Hair. Black Eyes.
OCCUPATION. Lead Level Artist (I make video games!)
FAVOURITE MOVIE. The Ghostbusters series.
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Spending time at home with Lisa, hanging out with family and friends, being active, and being creative.
MY PERFECT DAY. Waking up, working out, cooking a nice breakfast, and doing house projects – all while spending time with my wife!

• I enjoy starting new projects, learning along the way, and celebrating the outcomes.
• I’m a handyman by nature, and when family or friends need help, I’m happy to lend a hand.
• I adore kids, and I really enjoy playing and getting creative with my nieces and nephews. I truly appreciate their thought process and I think they are SO funny!
• In my spare time, I enjoy writing screenplays, sketching cartoons, making 3D models, and playing the guitar.
• I savor family time and the constant laughter and bonding that comes with it.
• I enjoy learning about different cultures and traditions that have lasted through the generations.
• I love cooking, BBQing, and trying out fun new recipes with my wife!
• I enjoy chatting with people who have stories and life experiences to share.
• I love to exercise and I try to be as healthy as possible through the right balance.


THE BASICS. 42 years old. 5’3. Naturally Dark Brown Hair. Brown Eyes.
MY ETHNICITY. ½ Italian and ½ Welsh
OCCUPATION. Executive Assistant
FAVOURITE MOVIE. The Goonies – big 80s nerd here!
WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Hanging with Dino, family & friend bonding time, tropical islands, and collecting 80s memorabilia.
MY PERFECT DAY. Enjoying a cup of coffee, exercising, sunshine, family, friends…and then a bit more coffee!

• I’m a foodie at heart and love to cook. New things are exciting for me, and I’ll try anything once!
• Gardening is my therapy and sunflowers warm my heart. We grow them in our gardens every year.
• I have a passion for the English language and I hold an editing and proofreading certificate.
• I’m a little OCD – my house is always very clean, organized, and welcoming – and I love to entertain!
• I have quite a few favourite foods: lasagna, chicken cutlets, greek food, anything pesto, and I’ve been known to periodically finish a box of Turtles in one sitting!
• I love to dance and get lost in the music. There is always music playing in our home.
• I’m always looking for new adventures as a couple and with the niblets – we’re playful at heart and seek joy in the small things.
• I love to travel – crystal clear water, palm trees, and warm sands are among my favourite things.
• In my spare time, I enjoy surfing the web, doing word puzzles, playing board games, going on nature walks, exercising, family movie nights, and collecting 80s relics.


“AS SIMPLY AS IT CAN BE PUT, LISA JUST LOVES TO LOVE ON PEOPLE. She is particularly gifted at loving on children, and it’s one of my favourite things about her. The bond she has with her nieces and nephew is exceptional and she plays an active role in their lives. She revels in being an aunt and calls them “my babies” even though they’re her sister’s children. She even took a year off work to help her sister during a tumultuous twin pregnancy. I just love how nurturing and caring Lisa is. From the very beginning, I fell in love with her heart. Family and good friends rank highest in her life and she makes sure these things are given priority. Her caring personality carries through all aspects of her life and she does everything with a desire to do it well. She is also great at gathering everyone together and making people feel safe and wanted. She is going to make an incredible mom.”


“DINO IS ONE OF THE MOST WARM-HEARTED, EASYGOING, AND LOYAL PEOPLE I KNOW. He is also strong and steady and keeps me grounded. It’s a presence that he carries and it is a gift to everyone around him. He is an extremely supportive and caring husband, loving me through all the seasons I’ve gone through, and he shows me every single day how much he loves me. He is also the first to lend a hand whenever a family member or friend needs it, and he never complains. I love that he is really playful and consistently brings out joy in others. Watching him interact with our nieces and nephews has been one of my greatest joys since the first moment I met him. They all have such a strong desire to be around their “fun uncle” and he loves them fiercely in return. I already know he will be an amazing father, and I cannot wait for the days of watching him with our son or daughter.”

Our Home & Community


IF WE WERE TO DESCRIBE OUR HOME IN JUST A FEW WORDS, they would be comfortable, cozy, and a place where we all belong. It’s where we live, but also where we rest. We have prayed for our home to be a place where others feel welcomed, and we believe God has answered that prayer. No matter what our day has been like, we look forward to coming home. This is our safe place and shelter in the storm.

OUR HOME IS A SPACIOUS TOWNHOUSE, perfect for our growing family. There are three bedrooms next to each other upstairs, an open kitchen/living room with lots of space to play, soft light always streaming through the windows, and a colourful and inviting backyard that is always calling our name.

WE ALSO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD. Our neighbours are kind and the neighbourhood itself is safe and welcoming. Our home sits along a small street with many trees. We are surrounded by good schools, fun parks, beautiful forest areas, and a few large ponds where we take our nieces and nephew on nature walks quite often. It’s also just minutes from our families which means visits are easy and often! We can’t wait for the memories that will be shared here – both within the walls and right outside of it.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

WE’VE WALKED SOME REALLY TOUGH ROADS TOGETHER OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS – especially in our struggle with infertility – but we truly believe we’ve been made even stronger in the waiting. Every difficult day was a reminder of why we are lucky to have each other and our amazing support systems. The struggle led us to ask God for his plan that is so much better than our own. We believe we are watching that plan unfold right now. We know it won’t always be easy, but God has been so faithful to us in the past, and we’re so excited to watch his faithfulness continue to unfold as we become parents together.

MORE THAN ANY OTHER ANTICIPATION WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE, we really are simply looking forward to family time. Because we were both raised to value this time together, we cannot wait for the simple joy of having a family of our own. We’re looking forward to being outdoors with our kiddos – going on nature walks, taking a hike, playing their favourite sports, and going camping. We’re also really looking forward to travelling with our kiddos and giving them opportunities to understand and appreciate the world and its different cultures. Still, perhaps more than anything, we’re even looking forward to just being at home – cuddling on the couch, playing games, watching movies, and just goofing around. As long as we’re together, we already believe it will be more than we could ever ask for or imagine.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE SHARE, WE LAUGH, AND WE’RE LOUD. We encourage the silly and the serious and hold nothing back. These days are a gift, and we don’t mind being a little silly as we enjoy them fully.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE LOVE FIERCELY AND ARE DEVOTED TO ONE ANOTHER. We believe in being loyal and loving unconditionally. No matter what comes our way, we are committed to one another.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE MAKE ROOM FOR MISTAKES. We’re human and we value being real, which means we’re going to mess up. We won’t always be perfect, but we will always say “I’m sorry” and forgive.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE CELEBRATE THE GOOD STUFF AND TALK THROUGH THE HARD STUFF. We know there will be moments of both, and we will not fear either. We strive to be vulnerable and grow together.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE LOVE JESUS and we love people. All people. We see the beauty in diversity and really believe we are better together. We long to live lives where everyone feels welcomed where we are.

IN OUR FAMILY, WE’RE ALL IN. When we commit to something – whether it’s big or it’s small – we keep our promises, and we strive to live fully and love big.

Closing Thoughts


AND EVEN IF WE CAN’T SAY IT ALL, WE WANT TO AT LEAST SAY THIS. Because you matter to us. This relationship matters to us. And to the best of our ability, we will ALWAYS keep our promises.

And so…

WE PROMISE TO love and cherish this son or daughter with all our hearts for the rest of our lives.

WE PROMISE TO provide them with a warm, stable, home filled with laughter, love, and support.

WE PROMISE TO expose them to different activities and encourage them to cultivate their interests.

WE PROMISE TO help them grow into a confident adult who knows who they are and where they belong.

WE PROMISE TO be open and honest and tell them their story, tell them about you, and tell them about love.

AND WE ENVISION an ongoing relationship with you where we stay in contact through the sharing of letters, photos, and visits. We also recognize that not everyone feels comfortable with openness and we would respect your wishes in that regard too. Regardless of what you choose, please know we will always talk about you with your child with the utmost love and respect.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Michael Taylor

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