Kfir & Devin

Welcome to our profile. These are a few stories about who we are. We hope you get to know us and consider us as adoptive parents for your child. We’re both excited about starting a family through private adoption. Our residential neighbourhood in Toronto is safe and feels like a small village surrounded by a vibrant city. Over the years we’ve worked to create a cozy home together that is ready to welcome a little one.

The two of us together want to build a family through private adoption. We have a home that is ready to provide the flexibility and space for a little one to thrive and play. We grew up with different backgrounds, languages, and religions, but both know the value of a family that provides support and caring.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We look forward to meeting you and hope that our story connects with you and we can build a family together.

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Contact Info: luckiestdads@gmail.com (647)286-5330

Adoption Professional: Marie Artt (416)469-1095

Quick Facts


Age: 36

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Lutheran

Profession: University Instructor & Architect

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Water Polo, Swimming, Crafts, Cycling, Piano, Art, Languages, Chickens


Age: 39

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Lutheran

Profession: University Instructor & Realtor

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Cycling, Running, Hiking, Transit, Airplanes, Reading, Politics, Travel, Gardening, Building

Our Community

Years Together: 10

Province: Ontario

City: Toronto

Neighbourhood: Urban

Other Children: No

Pets: Chickens and Pond Fish

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No preference

Special Needs: Mildly Correctable

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

Intro to Us

Our relationship began in Toronto in 2011, and we have formed close ties to each other’s families. After living in a few different cities we both chose to make Toronto our home in 2012. We have room to grow our family here. We love exploring the city on the weekends, taking the ferry to the Toronto Islands, watching airplanes land at the Toronto Island Airport, hiking and cycling, or exploring the architecture of a foreign city. For us, having a close knit group of friends has been better than trying to have many friends. Our work is flexible and we’re both passionate about what we do. That also means that we know how to laugh at ourselves and goof around. We’re both active and curious.

About Devin
I’m a planner in both senses of the word – urban and organized. I’m originally from Northern British Columbia, where I could almost see Alaska on a clear day. I grew up with a close and stable group of friends, from kindergarten to high school graduation. After high school I moved away to Montreal for university. Since then, I built a stable community of friends, based on what I grew up accustomed to in my small town.

After leaving home, my friends were the ones who were always there for me as my family was so far. However, my family was thankfully only a phone call away and I still speak with my parents almost every day between visits.

I have lived in Toronto since 2005, where I have developed and maintained many of the same friends since I moved to the city. I teach at a university in downtown Toronto, including students studying urban planning, social work, nursing and child and youth care. I truly love to share my knowledge with students and my passion for cities. I can’t wait to read every day to our child, just like how my dad read to me.

About Kfir
I’m a fun and creative guy and don’t let anything stress me out. I enjoy spending my time in the pool swimming or playing water polo. I will always take the kids swimming and to lessons. I will introduce kids to art as it is my passion, like felting, painting and drawing. In my work, I design stores, restaurants, and houses, and often play with new materials. I’m looking forward to going on short hikes where we will draw maps of our trek so everyone knows which way to get back home and how to navigate on their own.

I moved to Toronto when I was 4 years old. My family moved here because they wanted a better life for my two brothers and myself. It was strange being in a new country, I had to learn English as a second language and I remember kids teasing me in school. I understand that being a kid is not easy, and this prepares me to raise a kid in a world where they may get questions about having two dads. I know that I am prepared for these questions and supporting our child with the answers.

Our Home & Community

Home Life
Our home is located in a quiet and kid-friendly neighbourhood in the west-end/Little Portugal area of Toronto. It’s a three bedroom semi-detached house with two bathrooms. We have a backyard with three egg-laying chickens, a front porch where we spend summer evenings talking to neighbours. We both work out of our garage, which we converted into a workshop. Our streets are walkable and there are playgrounds, splash pads and schools all within a 5 minute stroll. There are often children’s events at local schools and theatres nearby.

We can’t wait for our family to grow in this welcoming and diverse area of Toronto. There are other families with kids all around us. You often find kids playing basketball and ball hockey in the rear laneway.

Our Family, Near & Far

We both speak to our parents and brothers almost daily. We’re close, even when we’re physically far.

Devin’s parents live in northern B.C., where Devin was raised. They visit twice every year for one month. Other relatives live across B.C., so we like to visit the west coast. Devin’s older brother lives nearby in Toronto. Devin and his brother share hobbies and interests. It’s great to live so close and when the parents visit, it’s even better.

With nine nieces and nephews, family gatherings can get hectic. Kfir grew up with two older brothers who live in Canada and Israel. We speak often, and I know where to go if I need a laugh. We see Kfir’s parents every week for a Friday night dinner.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

Family & Adoption 

We would model our parenting after our own parents. Things they taught us were resilience, strength, honesty and integrity. Our friends, families and relationships are what we cherish most. It is important for us to grow our family in the future so our child can have siblings who can thrive and learn together. We know how great it is to have siblings. We commit to loving and supporting your child for who they are. Our philosophy is that a child is an individual with their own story and path. We will be there to nurture them and provide them every support and opportunity we can along the way.

The relationships we had growing up have taught us that it takes a network of family, friends, and a community to support a new child. Our parents were self-employed and we were raised to help out and feel that our contribution had value. We have close connections to our siblings, their 9 children and our cousins in British Columbia and Israel. Through work, volunteering, and a sports team, we learned the value of support and sharing to help us live well with meaning. We both work from home (even before the pandemic). Our schedules are flexible and we hope to be at home when a little one returns from school. Private adoption is something we have thought through and are happy to work on together.

Our friends, families and relationships are the most important things. Our community and friends are like family to us and we call them our chosen family. We learned that family can mean the people we love and cherish, who do not necessarily share our blood.

Closing Thoughts

Our Relationship with You
Building relationships takes time. They are about trust, mutual respect and honesty. We don’t know what our futures will look like, but we commit to ensuring that your child knows their story.

Our house is filled with pride. In our house, your family and our family will be proud every day to share this new connection. As we begin to get to know one another, we will learn about your family and you will learn about ours. Being two men, we always knew that we could not build a family on our own, and we think it is important for a child to have a strong sense of who they are.

We will provide the child with a safe home and community where they will be able to grow and flourish. You will be part of our family’s life and will see the child grow with confidence. Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as parents. We are excited to join you in this and are here for you and your child.

We would love to hear from you 
Kfir & Devin

We would love to hear from you

Learn more about us at our website: https://www.luckiestdads.com/

And at our profile book: https://bit.ly/3rng5SI 

Contact Info: luckiestdads@gmail.com (647)286-5330

Adoption Professional: Marie Artt (416)469-1095

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