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We are absolutely ready to start the next chapter of our lives, excited to build a family though adoption. So we have created this profile to give you the opportunity to get to know us and learn what your child’s life would look like if you were to pick us for their forever family. We know you must wonder what it will look like placing your child with people you have yet to really know, so we want to share with you as much as we can. So here we are ready, open book, open hearts, happy to “meet” you.

Contact Info: or call/text 905-693-2112

Adoption Professional: Lorraine Franco

Quick Facts


Age: 38

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Heavy Machine Operator

Education: High School Diploma

Interests: Spending time with friends and family, Music, Dancing, Working, Home renovations.


Age: 35

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Mail Carrier

Education: High School Diploma

Interests: Music - all kinds! Travelling, The beach, Shopping, Interior design, Sorry spending time with our friends and family

Our Community

Years Together: 16 all together (13 married)

Province: Ontario

City: GTA

Neighbourhood: Suburban

Other Children: No

Pets: We have two chihuahua's Bella, 13 and Lily, 12

Child Preferences

Age: No Preference

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No Preference

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: Open

About Us

TRUE LOVE – by Frank

We met in March 2005 through mutual friends at a restaurant. I thought Vanessa was very pretty and had a great sense of humour, so I asked for her number and the rest is history! We have been together for over 16 years and married for 11 years. We got married on August 1st, 2009, on a beautiful sunny day. The day was perfect, and the love of my life was stunning – she took my breath away! Family members came from as far away as France to celebrate with us. Honestly, it was the perfect wedding. We still have people tell us what a beautiful day it was, what a wonderful time they had and what a great party it was!

Frank – by Vanessa

Frank is 37 years old, and he works for a construction company as a heavy machine operator. He has always had a fascination with construction machines.

In his spare time, Frank loves to spend time with me, our families and our dogs. I call Frank my social butterfly as he always talks to anyone and everyone! No matter where we go, he’s always making friends – everyone loves Frankie!

The funniest thing about Frank is he loves to dance while working around the house. Frank has recently realized that he loves to do home renovations, and one day we hope to have our own business where Frank does the renovations and I do the interior design.

Frank is funny! He always knows how to make me laugh when I’m having a hard day. He’s got the biggest heart, always making sure I am taken care of with little things, like filling my car up with gas so I don’t have to stand outside in the cold.

Frank loves to travel, spend time with family, work and do home renovations. His personal aspiration in life is to become a father and start his own family business. He will be a great dad!

Vanessa – by Frank

Vanessa is 35 years old. She spent years working as dental receptionist; however, now she has a job with Canada Post as a mail carrier. Canada Post is a great company that pays brilliantly and has amazing benefits.

Vanessa is a kind, considerate and soft-natured woman. I still am dumbstruck at how lucky I am to have her as my wife. She is a great teammate to share my life with.

Vanessa’s favourite hobbies include spending time at the beach, shopping, walking our dogs and watching heart-warming movies and TV shows. She loves music and making our home comfortable and beautiful (she has a passion for interior design); she also enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Most of all, however, Vanessa loves spending time with our niece and nephew, who are also our Godchildren. Her whole worlds revolves around doting on those two! Watching her with those kids has only reinforced to me how Vanessa truly was meant to be a mother. She will be the most dedicated mother to your child, and your child will always feel the happiness and joy that radiates from Vanessa’s soul.

Our Home & Community

We live in a relaxed but beautiful 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming home. We love that over the past 11 years together, we have made many renovations to make it our own. We ripped out the carpet and replaced it with engineered hardwood, and we sanded down the cherry wood staircase and changed it to a piano staircase with wrought iron pickets (Frank and Vanessa’s dad did all the work themselves), as well as a million other things. The love we have put into our home makes it extra special to us.

Perhaps our favourite part of our home is the outside space. We have a large back yard that backs onto green space, which would be perfect for raising a child. In the summer months, we spend a lot of time outside, making the yard look pretty, planting veggies and enjoying time together on our large deck. It’s a relaxing and spacious back yard that smells of fresh flowers and has butterflies fluttering about while the bees buzz.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We are comfortable with having a fully open adoption with you and your family members. Let’s exchange phone numbers, email addresses, text each other and have regular visits. We are excited about being parents, and we want you to be happy that you picked us. We want this adoption and the relationship between our families to be comfortable and relaxed.

We also understand the benefits of talking to our child about adoption right from the very beginning. We heard someone say that if a child can remember being told they were adopted, then the parents waited too long to tell them. It is important to us to let you child have a sense of truly belonging to two families: their adoptive family and their biological one. How wonderful!

Closing Thoughts

We promise that your child will be the most miraculous and appreciated human being in our lives. We will LOVE your baby UNCONDITIONALLY, forever, no matter what!

And we guarantee that every single day, we will wake up amazed at the honour you have placed upon us. We will always respect you and treat you like you belong to our family too.

So now, it’s up to you. No matter who you choose to parent your child, and no matter where life takes you, we really want to thank you for your time today. Take care of yourself, be strong, and know that you can do whatever you need to. We believe in you.

Contact Info: or call/text 905-693-2112

Adoption Professional: Lorraine Franco

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