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We’re so thrilled that you’re taking the time to review our profile here on Canada Adopts. We can’t thank you enough for the work you’re doing to create the best possible adoption plan for your child, and we are honoured to have even been considered in this part of your planning. As hopeful adoptive parents, we want to utilize this opportunity to tell you a little bit about us, in hopes that you might see us as a good match to embark on this open adoption journey together. The decision you’re making cannot be an easy one, but we’d like you to feel confident that we have the utmost respect and gratitude for the plan you’re putting together.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Stephanie Parker

Quick Facts


Age: 30

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Agnostic

Profession: Retail Management

Education: High School Diploma

Interests: I love reading, and watching movies, especially old musicals. I enjoy playing around in the backyard with our two dogs, and in the summer we love biking around the city.


Age: 32

Ethnicity: Multiracial

Religion: Spiritual

Profession: Financial Administrator

Education: Bachelor Degree

Interests: I like gardening in our backyard in the summertime, and in the winter months I love to spend some time on a great video game. I like hiking with the dogs, and trying new foods.

Our Community

Years Together: 6

Province: Ontario

City: Ottawa

Neighbourhood: Urban

Other Children: No

Pets: We have two loving border collies, and a cuddly cat.

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No preference.

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: Open

About Us

To describe ourselves in less than 500 words will not be the simplest task, but we hope that in this space we can give you a small glimpse of who we are, so that you might feel inclined to get to know us even better.

We met about 6 years ago while working in Orlando at a place that we mutually adored, Walt Disney World. Shane had spent many years taking trips to Disney World with his family, and Eric had been raised on Disney movies growing up and so naturally it seemed like a great experience to explore. When our contracts expired at Disney, Shane decided to move home to Ottawa to be close to family, and Eric, always ready for another adventure made the move Ottawa as well. This shared love of Disney, travel, and adventure is something that has bonded us together, and we hope to make some of those things a part of your child’s life as well.

Growing up in Ottawa, close to family, Shane has always placed a great deal of importance on his loved ones. His absolute favourite times of year are Christmas, Halloween, and any other excuse to gather with his immediate and extended family. He cannot wait to have a little helper around when decorating for the holidays, or planning Halloween costumes ideas. In recent years, Shane has also had the chance to try his hand at gardening, an interest he picked up from his mother. Shane is excited to share this interest with your child, and pass on something that bonded him with his mother through the years. He’s also looking forward to carrying on a tradition that him and his dad shared when he was young. Shane and his father would bike all around the city during the summer months, stopping for ice cream at the end of every outing.

For Eric, family has also played a key part in his life. He has a very close relationship with his mother, step-dad, and brother, all of whom recently moved to Ottawa to be close by as the adoption plan progressed. Growing up Eric had a love for anything Star Wars, Spider-Man, or Disney, and this led to an active imagination, highly suitable for playing pretend, and planning out grand adventures with your child. Eric loves getting to know new people, travelling new places, and experiencing new things, and he hopes to pass along that love to your child as well. Being an avid reader, something Eric is most excited for is the chance to share his little home library with a child who might like reading just as much as him.

I don’t think I could conclude this section without at least a mention of our two dogs, Russell and Ellie. Two sweeter, and more adventurous dogs may never have existed, and they will be thrilled to have a new member of the family in your little one.

Our Home & Community

Living in Ottawa has offered some great opportunities for activities all throughout the year. We both love to hike with the dogs through countless trails that run through Ottawa, and Quebec, and in the winter time Eric has learned how to skate from Shane who grew up playing hockey with his dad and brother. We can’t express how lucky we are to have family nearby as well. Both Eric and Shane’s immediate family live no more than 30 minutes away, and are ecstatic to be go-to babysitters when the need arises. One of the great benefits of growing up in Ottawa is the opportunity for your child to be bilingual from a young age. We’re also very lucky to live only a short bike ride to the downtown core, full of museums, and theatres, and unique restaurants and experiences. Our home is also walking distance to a ton of diverse eateries, shops, and of course people, and this is something that we both strongly value when it comes to our local community. Shane also absolutely wants it mentioned that we have a backyard that’s teeming with opportunities for gardens, play forts, and plenty of fun!

When discussing community, we would also be remiss not to talk about one that has shaped both of our lives greatly. Being proud members of the LGBTQ+ community is an extremely important part of both of our history, identity, and future. Growing up with the feeling that we were a little different has taught us the importance of inclusivity, open-heartedness, and unconditional love. We hope to bring those same values to your child. There is nothing more important to both of us than your child’s knowledge that they can be their most authentic selves,  they can communicate openly and without shame, and above all else, that they will be loved. We are excited to share our pride, and to help your child find their own sense of pride in themselves along the way.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

As a couple, we have spent many hours discussing some of the things that are most important to us when it comes to parenting. Having read books and blogs, talking through challenges with friends and family and discussing our own upbringing, we’ve realized that just like everything else in life, raising a child can be full of the unexpected, and unpredictable. 

With that said however, what we can predict, and will absolutely expect of ourselves is a relationship of openness and mutual respect. In our own relationship, when somebody is struggling, or things just aren’t going according to plan, we never hesitate to talk it through. We’ve both become excellent listeners, and vulnerable sharers, and these are two things that we hope to be for your little one too. 

Eric grew up in an environment where he knew he would be unconditionally loved by his parents, but as he aged and eventually came out as gay, he faced some challenges with members of his extended family. He’ll never forget the support his mother showed him, even though it meant high tension in her relationships with her family. Eric aspires to be that defender, and fierce protector for the child he helps raise. 

Shane grew up in a household that was incredibly welcoming. From foster children, to friends in need, and even to Eric when he first moved to Ottawa, Shane’s parents provided a safe haven to those in need, and showed him what it meant to be inclusive. Since then, Shane has always gone out of his way to create the same space for those around him, and he can’t wait to instil that sense of belonging in his own child.

When it comes to adoption, we’ve had the chance to learn a lot about the concept of openness, and we’re excited to bring that to life in our lives. Learning about the benefits of your child having a relationship with you, and a connection to where they came from is something that we see as extremely important, so we hope that we can build that kind of ongoing, lifelong connection with you too.

Closing Thoughts

As we come to the end of this letter, we hope that we provided you with the information that you were looking for to help with your planning. We want nothing more than to support the best way we can throughout this period of time. Our lives together to this point have led us to this place, and we are so ready to be the best family we can be to your child, and hopefully by extension to you as well.

We’ve lived our adult lives with a strong connection to the idea of “chosen family”. Sometimes in life, you get the opportunity to expand your definition of the word family, beyond what some would call “blood relatives”. This for us, has meant the inclusion of dear friends and their families, members of our community, and now hopefully you and your child as well. You have already made such a wonderful choice in creating this plan for your little one, and we hope that we can be the “chosen family” that you are willing, and excited to incorporate into your lives.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to this part of our letter, and again, we cannot express strongly enough how grateful we are to have been a part of your plan for yourself and your child.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Stephanie Parker

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