We are Sara & Eric ( & little Charlie). It’s with great enthusiasm and sincere respect that we write this letter to you. We know this is a life-changing time for you … one that is full of challenges, choices and concerns; however, it is our hope that we might offer some peace of mind to you as you face this time. You are not alone! 

Our goal is to express to you all that we can offer both you and your little one in regards to a happy, competent and successful future. Yes, we are hoping to adopt a little one into our home and lives, and we hope that perhaps, just perhaps, we might be the family you are looking for. 

So thank you for taking the time to read our story; we are beyond grateful for your time and consideration.   

Who Are We? – by both of us

We are Sara and Eric. We met in 2009 and have been in love since the moment we laid eyes on each other. It was mutual. Our first date was a special experience: After watching a movie together at a local theatre, we sat on a bench to chat, and we ended up talking for hours! From that night on, we realized we were meant for each other – forever. A year later, we married. 

We value family traditions, work-life balance, and treating others with respect and dignity. We have established careers as a Health & Safety Manager and a Senior Technician, and we have built a happy life together. We are fully capable of providing the emotional, financial and psychological needs for those in our care.

We are blessed to have our little boy, Charlie, who came into our lives in February 2016. While Charlie is our biological child, it has always been our hope and our dream to complete our family through adoption. Your child will be the dream we have always wished for. We know in our hearts that this is the journey that was meant for us. A journey to find you and, together, to give your child everything they will ever need to grow up strong, healthy and happy.  

Our Lifestyle – by both of us

We have a calm and delightful family life balance. We both have wonderful careers, and we enjoy our work. During our workdays, Charlie attends the most fantastic pre-school where he plays with friends, learns new exciting things about the world, and always comes home with a huge smile on his face.

Our evenings consist of dedicated family time together: a hot meal, play time, watching a Disney movie, playing games and reading stories. 

We celebrate our achievements and milestones together, and we are always there for each other during difficult times.  

We love spending time outdoors, taking family vacations, exploring – always spending time with each other and making beautiful memories.

We are grateful to have a supportive family, and we cherish the time we spend with them. For us, family is everything, and with your little one, this will be an absolute. Your child will belong to our family (as they do yours) and will be cherished, loved and doted on beyond compare. 

Sara – by Eric

Sara loves her family more than any woman I have ever known, and right from the start, she took to my family as if it was her own (which it now is). Sara has also shown me that she loves nothing more than being a mother and taking care of our little one. Parenting is her greatest joy. 

Sara’s hobbies include painting and drawing, which she learned from her father when she was young, and she has even written three children’s books. Maybe she could write a children’s story for your child!

Sara’s mother passed away when Sara was quite young. Listening to the piano was one of her mother’s favourite pastimes, and this activity has become one of Sara’s favourites too.   Sara also loves different food cuisines, with Japanese and Polish food being her favourites. She loves making little meal plates for Charlie with all his favourites too.

Sara also enjoys photography, as well as being an attentive friend and caregiver to those around her. She is a brilliant role model and attentive mom to Charlie, and I know her heart yearns to be a mother a second time around. Your child will know Sara’s peace and softness from the minute they are placed in her arms.  

Eric – by Sara

When I first met Eric, I fell in love with his smile and his light-hearted personality. I remember noticing that Eric accepted everyone for exactly who they were in that moment – with kindness, consideration and positivity.

Eric loves to spend time with our relatives. He is especially adored by our two nieces. He is a great role model to all who know him – children and adults alike.

Eric also really enjoys playing and watching sports, and one of his favourite activities is watching professional lacrosse games. He would love to watch sports with your little one, teaching them all he knows if they find it interesting.
Eric also loves cooking and making family meals.

It’s important to note that Eric is an accomplished wood-worker, and he has built so many beautiful things. If interested, your child could spend countless hours learning and building with their dad!

Eric also enjoys writing short stories. He also loves Harry Potter! He enjoys watching the movies and has all the books and I know that, if your child is interested, he will read all of them to your child!

I have always believed in Eric’s heartfelt capacity to love his children, and when I watch him with Charlie, I know he is meant to be a father a second time around. Eric will love your child with his whole heart.  

Charlie (The big brother)- by both of us 

Charlie is a playful and happy little guy with a heart made of gold. He always surprises us with his capacity to show kindness – it is unparalleled.

Charlie loves to play and run around. His favourite toys are his pots and pans. He spends a lot of time pretending he is cooking for us. Charlie likes to sing, play make-believe and tell stories. He also loves his Mickey Mouse plush toy and takes it with him everywhere he goes.

We will teach Charlie to watch over his little sibling and be there for your little one, just as a big brother should. We know that, in our little family, your child will always have a guiding light in Charlie. 

Our Home & Neighbourhood

We live in the mature treed area of an urban community in Southern Ontario. Our home gives us a perfect balance of urban life, with nature interwoven into its platform. Our home is located on a quiet street, with lovely neighbours whom we appreciate. We are close to child-focused parks and are within walking distance of a lake where there is a sandy beach and a playground. There are two good schools in the area and a community centre close to us.   


We believe wholeheartedly in a lot of play time for children, and this would be the same for your little one. We believe spending time outdoors enhances children’s physical and mental health, as well as provides an appreciation for all living things.

We also love indoor playtime, which is why Charlie is such a fan of pre-school. A combination of structured activities directed by the early childhood educators, combined with the play platform of our parenting and lifestyle means that your child’s life will be full of colour, games, structure and free-flowing imaginative play.

Playing and having fun is obviously a big part of our parenting plan, and we promise that, as your child grows, some of their most special memories will be of all the daily play, fun and adventures they enjoyed throughout their childhood.


In addition to playtime structure and growth, we fully believe in a positive parenting style, such as praising and warm words of encouragement. We hope to be able to empower your child by guiding them, allowing them to make their own decisions, and to help them understand that it’s okay to make mistakes. But most of all, we believe that praising children should be done in public and coaching in private.

We believe in a lifestyle and a parenting plan that is based on balance and structure. 

Children are like flowers – beautiful and in need of a lot of attention, which will encourage them to bloom to their full glory, just as they are intended.

“….because they are children and for no other reason they have dignity and worth simply because they are….”                                                     -BARBARA COLOROSO 

Why Adoption 

It’s something quite magical…

Ever since the beginning of our time together, we have always wanted to adopt. For us, growing our family by adption has been our dream and wish.  And a hope that has existed since before we ever met.

Our hearts are filled with love and joy, and we are very excited to welcome a second child into our hearts and lives through adoption and complete our family. 

“We loved you before we knew you, even when there was just a hope for you, we loved you.”   

Our Promise to You

We can not promise you that we will be perfect but we do promise to love your child with all our hearts, every single moment of their life. We promise to be there for him or her and to treasure your child with all our attention and awareness. We are committed to providing your little one with a safe, secure and nurturing home full of brightness and consideration. We also promise to give you that very same respect, consideration and kindness. We welcome you into this experience with us, promising to nurture your connection with your child for life. We promise to give you a sense of belonging to our family group, and we will treat you with the utmost dedication because you deserve it!

Your Adoption Plan

It is absolutely our sincere wish to maintain a relationship with you as our futures unfold because we will be bound together forever through the life of your child. Together, we can be a complete unit – the roots and branches to your child’s life story. 

We hope to enjoy visits with you, as well as to send you emails and photos and continuous updates about your child and their life full of adventure and happiness. We also promise we will cherish and encourage a relationship between you and your child. We want to create a plan that you feel comfortable with, and we look forward to hearing your ideas for what that plan might look like.

With Thanks

It is with sincere thanks that we share our gratitude to you for even considering us as parents for your child. Our hearts are filled with joy and love, and we enthusiastically wait to welcome another little one into our forever lives. So, thank you for reading about us and for finding out what we can give to you and your child as you undertake this momentous decision.

Finally, let us say that we have deep respect for you and your decision to create an adoption plan for you and your child. We admire your love for your child and your desire to do what you feel is best for both of you.

No matter what your decision will be, we wish you all the best, love and peace. 

Eric and Sara