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  • Our Facebook Community Shares Its Adoption Fears, Hopes And Dreams

    Everyone’s adoption experience is different. And so last month, as we do every year during National Adoption Month as part a series called “30 Days 30 Questions,” we wanted to find out what kind of experience you’ve had. Every day for 30 days we posted a different question on our Facebook page that tapped into your innermost thoughts and feelings. What do you think is the biggest misconceptions about adoption? What was your biggest fear? What was the turning point in your journey? How

  • 5 Tips To Optimize Your Online Adoption Profile

    What’s the secret to creating a successful online adoption profile? What are the differences between an online adoption profile and a printed adoption profile? Do online adoption profiles have certain unique characteristics that set them apart from other types of adoption profiles? And if so, how can you optimize yours so that a prospective birthmom notices it when she’s online? These are just a few of the questions that hopeful parents ask when they’re creating an adoption outreach campaign for

  • An Adoptee’s Plea: Let’s Get Canada’s Kids Out Of Care And Into Homes

    This guest post is by Susan Russell from the Adoption Council of Canada’s Youth Speak Out Project. I am a product of Canada’s child welfare system. I was part of Manitoba’s 10,000 youth in care. Today, I’m proud to say I am one of the 1% of children who are adopted annually. Unlike other children and youth, I have the privilege to wonder “why me?” Why did total strangers want me to be a part of their family? Why do I have a

  • 12 Things We Get Wrong About Birthmothers

    Many hopeful parents would love to adopt  a baby and build a family through open adoption. But for some, there’s just one thing holding them back: birthmothers. Just the mere mention of the word “birthmother” can can strike fear into the hearts of many a mother or adoptive-mother-to-be, conjuring up images of heartless teenagers who “give up” their babies to strangers.

  • It’s Time To Make Canada’s Children And Youth In Care A Priority

    Opening address by Laura Eggertson, President of the Adoption Council of Canada, at the ACC‘s Urgency Around Permanency Summit. Thank all of you for coming. I know we’re here today because we share the same goal. We want a better future for the thousands of children and youth in government care across our country. A future that includes forever families for all of them. The sad fact is, we don’t even now exactly how many children and youth are in the child welfare system

  • “We Are Failing Our Children”: The Governor General On Fixing Canada’s Adoption Crisis

    The keynote speech by The Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston at the Adoption Council of Canada‘s Urgency Around Permanency Summit. Thank you for inviting me to speak to you about adoption in Canada. This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. As you may know, two of my grandchildren were adopted, and we could not imagine our family without their happy, smiling faces! I am pleased to see so many experts in

  • My Quest To Find A Forever Family: An Adoptee Remembers

    This guest post is by Steve Marchand, an adoptee and author. I remember the exact day I met my parents. Not many people can say that. It was on my tenth birthday. February 23rd 1979, to be precise. Danielle, the social worker in charge of my case since I had become an orphan four years earlier, took me to a restaurant where she and I met with a nice young couple. They treated me to a giant piece of cake

  • Taking the Fear Out Of Your Journey To Adopt A Baby

    Halloween is coming up later this week. And for bloggers who write about adoption, it’s the perfect hook for a story. Not just a story for this time of year — for any time of the year. Because let’s face it, adoption and adopting a baby are scary, especially when you’re just starting your journey. So forgive me for taking the easy way out. I know there are other, more interesting ways to get into this post. But I hope you’ll stick

  • 5 Life Lessons I Learned Through Open Adoption

    This guest post is by Angela Krueger, an adoptive mother and parenting writer.  I like to think there is a deeper meaning to things and I kept this philosophy close to me during our open adoption journey. The process of becoming an adoptive parent taught me a lot about my personal strengths, weaknesses and how I relate to other people, and open adoption gave me even more opportunity for self-reflection. With over a decades’ worth reading, discussing, researching and ultimately living

  • Waiting To Adopt Sucks. Here’s Why It’s Worth It

    This guest post is by “Mama Bear,” an adoptive mother and blogger. 1 year, 3 months, 11 days. 468 days. 11,236 hours. That is the time it took to go from our first adoption agency meeting to tucking our son into bed the first night we were a family. That is the time it took to go from the picture in my mind to a better reality. The hardest part of those 468 days was definitely the waiting. Some people