14 Worst Excuses For Not Writing Your Adoption Profile



If something is important to you, the saying goes, you’ll find a way to do it. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

Is writing an adoption profile on your to-do list this year?

If it is, you may be struggling to start it. And then finding excuses not to do it.

Writing a profile is no easy task. But it’s one of the most important ingredients in any adoption networking strategy.

So the sooner you recognize what’s holding you back, the sooner you can take control of your outreach efforts and achieve your dream of adopting.

Here are some of the worst excuses that get in the way of writing a profile and how to conquer them.

1. I’ve never written a profile before

And neither did any of the other waiting adoptive parents who eventually got picked. But writing a profile isn’t rocket science. If all of these other people who were once in your shoes learned how to do it, you can too.

2. I don’t have time to write it

We’re all busy, and now that the new year is here we’re busier than ever. But just how badly do you want to become a parent? If the answer is “really badly”, you’ll find the time to do it.

3. I’m not a good writer

You don’t need to be a John Grisham to write a profile. As long as you write from the heart and are open and honest, you’ll do just fine.

4. I don’t know where to start

Beginnings are always hard. The trick is to sit down and just start writing. Once you get going, you’ll find it’s easier than you thought. Plus, if you don’t like what you write, you can always start again.

5. I don’t know what to write about

What are you like? What’s your partner like? What do you like to do as individuals and as a couple? What’s your family like? Your home? Your neighborhood? What’s important to you as a person and a potential parent? If you can answer these questions you’ll have more than enough material to complete your profile.

6. I’m too tired to write

Another classic excuse. But if you’re too tired to write your profile now, when will you do it? What’s to say you won’t be tired later? Like they say, there’s no time like the present. And besides, taking on something you don’t want to do has a way of energizing you in unexpected ways.

7. I’m waiting for inspiration

That’s fine, but if you’re waiting for something to fire you up you could be waiting a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, inspiration is important. But so is perspiration — putting butt in chair and just getting down to the business of writing your profile once and for all.

8. Nobody will want to read about us

You’re right: not everyone will want to read about you. But you’re not writing your profile for everyone. You’re writing for an expectant mother who’s looking for an adoptive family. And to find a match, all you need to do is appeal to one person, not everyone.

9. Our lives aren’t interesting

Ok, so you’re not a movie star or a professional athlete. But give yourself some credit. You have many attributes that an expectant mother is looking for, and that’s what you need to put in your profile.

10. We’ll sound like everyone else

Yes, it’s hard to make your profile original. Finding something new to say is always a challenge. But what you say and how you say it has never been done before. Your voice, your stories, your perspective – they’re all unique. An expectant mother may have read them in other profiles, but she’s never read them in yours.

11. We don’t know anything about adoption or parenting

Unless you’ve adopted or are a parent, you wouldn’t know anything about them. But you don’t have to be a expert. So don’t feel guilty. Just remember that in order for an expectant parent to choose you as her child’s parent, she needs to have a sense of what kind of parent you will be.

12. No prospective birthmother will pick us

Why wouldn’t she? There’s no magic formula when it comes to getting chosen. Every birthmother is looking for something different. So there’s no need to put on airs and be someone you’re not. Just be yourself.

13. We’ve tried to write a profile before and it didn’t work.

Great, so you’re one step ahead of the game. If your profile didn’t resonate with any prospective birthmothers the last time, start again. Because this time you’ll have a better sense of what you need to do and how to make your profile shine. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect — nobody’s profile is. It just needs to get done.

14. A birthmother will never find our profile anyway

Right again. Writing a profile isn’t enough. You also have to get it out there where expectant mothers can find it. But for now, take it one step at a time. Finish your profile, and then move on to the next stage. Adoption networking can be overwhelming. Breaking the process down into small chunks will make things more manageable and help you get further faster.

Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to move forward with your adoption plan. Writing your parent profile is a key element in any networking strategy.

But don’t let excuses get the better of you. The faster you can conquer them, the sooner you can get your profile out there and start connecting with the birth family that’s right for you.

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