Our Personal Profile Image
Joshua September
Age 36 35
Education Bachelor Degree Bachelor Degree
Profession human resources consultant homemaker
Religion Christian Christian
Astrological Sign
Hobbies gardening, playing guitar, soccer and hockey organizing, designing, praying for Justin Bieber and hugging babies :)
Our Favorites
Music my taste is pretty eclectic Christmas music!
Singer at the moment, Audrey Assad from childhood, Michael Card
Song these days, Psalm 46 by Shane and Shane You Split the Earth with Rivers by Delirious
TV Show Downton Abbey we don't watch much TV, but we borrowed every season of Downton Abbey from the library, which is probably a record for us!
Movie McFarland USA, Pride & Prejudice, Win Win again, we don't watch many, but we love the exact same ones when we do
Animal a steadfast dog (if it gets to live on a big ranch with horses ;) tigers!
Book The Chronicles of Narnia Little House on the Prairie, The Mill on the Floss and The Chronicles of Narnia
Sport soccer swimming
Food September's mom's buttertarts cheese-starch combinations and chocolate-nut combinations
The child We'd like to adopt
Age No preference
Sex No preference
Ethnicity No preference
Special Needs Open to discussion
Type of Adoption No preference


We live in: Guelph, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: Judah, Sae and Thiessen
Pets: Sadly no... allergies :(