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we live in: Guelph, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: Judah, Sae and Thiessen
Pets: Sadly no... allergies :(


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves! 

We’re feeling a lot of the same things you probably are right now — awkward and more than a little bit nervous. It’s a weird thing to be presenting ourselves in this way; hard to truly convey how our family works, and how we came to this place of longing to adopt. I hope we are able to provide you with a little glimpse into our hearts, and to capture some of the unconditional love we hope to one day share with you and your little one. (We’ll keep it short here, but there are lots more photos and details on our website — temberdawn.wixsite.com/joshuaandseptember — if you are interested.)

Our story starts when we were kids: Joshua and I grew up unknowingly attending the same Christian family camp. When we eventually met there as teenagers, it was love at first sight! Our first date was the camp banquet in 1999. Everyone joked then that we were destined to marry. When we finally did in June 2005, it was the most wonderful of celebrations! We’ve faced our share of heartache since then, but our marriage has been blessed by our supportive Christian community, and by our commitment to honour the vows we made to God and to each other, no matter what may come. We will soon celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary, and are more excited than ever to spend the rest of our lives loving and caring for one another, and raising our family together.


I have wanted to be a mother all my life. When I was just thirteen, I began praying to be a mom of four. Joshua has also always dreamed of raising a large family. And so, we have planned our lives and home around this goal of one day being a family of six.

God has already blessed us with three beautiful children. Our hearts felt like they would burst with love when we welcomed our first, and yet they grew with each child so that we could love them just as much. We believe they are each absolutely extraordinary — partly because they are, and partly because it’s our role as parents to delight in the unique way each one has been created. And as we’ve watched them grow to love each other with the same joy and abundance, we’ve seen how much they are a gift to one another, as well as to us. So, although all of my pregnancies were difficult, we never stopped praying that God would keep growing our family.

We recently learned just what a miracle these three children are: I now know I have had only one ovary since I was nine, and have recently had to have my remaining fallopian tube removed. It is now physically impossible for us to conceive a fourth child. We see this as God opening the door for us to hopefully complete our family in an even richer way — by giving us the opportunity to adopt, and to raise a precious baby such as yours with all the same love we have lavished on our first three children.

And our kids are all praying for our family to grow just as much as we are! Our daughter has been praying very specifically for a little sister since she was four, and both her brothers have joined her in those prayers.

While we’ve been waiting for an adoption match, we have opened our home to foster infants. It has been such a joy to watch each of our kids delight in sweet little baby snuggles, and to work so hard to be helpful as we adjust to newborn schedules once again. The way they so intentionally and so unreservedly welcome their foster siblings into our family has convinced us that they have an integral role to play in providing whoever we adopt with the security of knowing that they belong, and are fiercely adored. Whenever I get nervous about the details of all this, or the discouraged by the odds, I think of them, and of the way God has been leading us for over twenty years, and the worries wash away in a flood of assurance that our family was always meant to include at least one more.

Our Prayer for You

As we await something that would bless us all so very much, we want you to know that we think that your decision is profoundly courageous — a true demonstration of love in a world where selfless love is all too rare. We understand that this is an overwhelming decision, and cannot adequately express how grateful we are that you would consider giving up so much to give your child the gift of life.

We will be praying for you as you carefully consider what is best for you and your little one. And, we will pray for you beyond the decision period: that God will honour your choice, and guard your heart as you walk this lifelong road of sacrifice, heartache… and beautiful redemption.

With much love,
September & Joshua