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Phone: 6472894509
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Saoirse!

Introducing our family

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Sam, Conall and our daughter Saoirse. Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile and considering us as an adoptive family for your child. It is our intention that you will gain a sense of how we got to where we are today, the fathers that we’ve become and the family we are hoping to build. We have always wanted a family and are excited for it to grow a little more, but clearly we need some help.

Our daughter Saoirse became part of our family through private adoption in Ontario. We both come from big families and understand how special it is to have siblings. We hope to grow our family a little more through another private adoption.

We live in a house in the west-end of Toronto in a family-friendly neighbourhood. Although both of us are not originally from Toronto, we have both fallen in love with the city and now happily call it home.

We were both baptized catholic and went to church as children. We do not currently practice any religions but appreciate the value and importance of faith. We are very close with our families and they have supported our journey together and as a family every step of the way. Conall’s parents and siblings live in Ireland and England and Sam’s parents live in Newfoundland and his sisters in Newfoundland, Vancouver and Ottawa. We are especially close with Sam’s grandmother who is always knitting her great-granddaughter new outfits. They have all loved watching Saoirse grow up and are very excited for us to adopt another child.

About Sam

I grew up in the countryside of Prince Edward Island in a place called Mermaid. My three sisters and I  would swim in the nearby river in the summer and cross-country ski on the frozen river in the winter. I went to a francophone school system and have been bilingual ever since. I used to run in competitive races and varsity athletics and now run for general health and fitness.

I left home to study in Halifax and Montreal and now I am a lawyer at a community legal aid clinic in Toronto. At work most of my clients  live in poverty and many struggle with addiction and mental health issues. I try to help them overcome their legal problems. The majority of my cases deal with tenant evictions or human rights discrimintation. I find a lot of purpose in my work.

I love to play soccer and hope to coach my kids soccer teams one day.

About Conall

I grew up in Ireland near Belfast with my parents and three siblings. Being Irish, my family is hugely important to me and I saw my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents regularly. I was lucky to have a fun childhood with loving and supportive parents who nurtured me and allowed me to pursue my dreams. I played violin in the Northern Ireland Youth Orchestra and would bike around the countryside in my free time.

I moved to Toronto in 2013 for a residency in pediatrics and now I work as a staff pediatrician in a children’s hospital. My job can be demanding at times, but my hours are flexible and my colleagues understand the importance of family, especially when the kids are young.

In January of this year I became a Canadian citizen and it was  such a fun day for me and my family. Having irish dual citizenship, our daughter and her future siblings will also be Irish citizens allowing them to live, study or work freely anywhere in the European Union.

I adore being a father and I cherish moments with Saoirse when she learns something new and she turns to me with a huge smile on her face excited to see my reaction.

About Saoirse

She is a determined and fiesty little girl who came into our lives through a private adoption in Toronto. She loves to laugh and be silly and really really really enjoys a cookie and a glass of milk (like her dads). She is 18 months old and so energetic (running, bouncing, climbing and dancing all at once) while still being really calm and focused (like when she is painting or reading her books). She goes to daycare during the day nearby to our home and is adored by all the staff.

Saoirse is biracial with Jamaican heritage and has beautifully curly hair. We were taught how to best take care of her hair and we make hair care a really special part of our days. It is very important to us that she grows up knowing about her culture and feels a connection to the Jamaican community. We have resources in place so that she will be able to grow up knowing about who she and where she came from. She has a unique identity which is something to be very proud of. She is excited to show her future little sibling the world.

About us

We play sports, cycle and spend as much time outside as we can. In the summer we enjoy visiting Toronto Island and other parks around the Province. We bought a jogging stroller and go on family runs a couple of times per week. In the winter we go skiing and indoor climbing. We often go to small theatres to watch indie films and are now having fun watching family-friendly films with our daughter. One of our collective favourites is a movie called Happy Feet about a dancing penguin.

We love to travel (sadly not as much now due to COVID-19). We have brought Saoirse on our trips to Ireland, Costa Rica and skiing in British Columbia.

Conall loves to cook (and bake Irish bread). We have a family dinner together every night. This is something we both grew up with and it’s important to us that we continue it as parents. It is a time for family bonding and exploring new foods with our daughter. We regularly try different cuisines in the city including taking Saoirse to Jaimacan restaurants. 

Life is, of course, different with children! More fun, more work and more interesting. We are so excited to add another bundle of excitement to the mix.

Our home

We live in a house in the west-end of Toronto. It’s a four bedroom semi-detached old brick home. We have a backyard and a basement which is where the children will play. Our neighbourhood is walkable with grocery stores, cafes and quirky shops.

All the schools are within a five minute walk from our home. We chose to live in this neighbourhood because it has a diverse mix of people with blended communities and many young families. It will be a really fun, safe and interesting place for our kids to grow up.

Our parenting

Becoming dads has felt really natural for us both. We truly enjoy watching our daughter grow and learn about the world. Our parenting style is a mix of being patient, consistent and trusting. Our children will grow up with a sense of independence and can always rely on us.

We know how advantageous it can be to speak multiple languages. Sam is bilingual and speaks French with our daughter. Our children will likely enter the French immersion program at school.

Our relationship with you

We respect and honour whatever relationship, big or small, that you wish to have with your child. We are sure that your child will be curious about where they came from, and your story will be meaningful to them. We plan on being open with your child about their journey and how our family came to be. Knowledge of you and your family will offer your child a sense of self, and we will all hang out together, write letters back and forth, and talk over the phone to keep in touch. Whatever you are most comfortable with. We believe that the more people who care for your child, the better.

Whoever your child wants to become, we will nurture and love them every step of the way. We are able to give them a world of opportunity, security and, best of all, a really fun life.

Our family, with two adoptive dads, Saoirse and another child will undoubtedly stand out. We know there will be challenges, but we are prepared to take them on. Thankfully we live in a place where many families are unconventional and come from different beginnings.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We hope you can imagine the type of life the child will have in our home. We are looking forward to meeting you and are excited to build a unique and special family with you.

Sam & Conall