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we live in: Newmarket, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: cats

We appreciate you taking the time to review our profile. Our names are Scott & Michelle and we met 7 years ago, and recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We are very hopeful to fulfill our wish to grow our family through adoption.

We are a loving couple, who enjoy life and have a fun, caring and supportive home that we long to share with our child.


Scott is an affectionate person who is loved by his friends and family, and has a larger than life energy that people love to be around. His witty sense of humour and robust laughter is infectious. Children tend to gravitate to Scott at family gatherings because they know Uncle Scott is a big kid at heart and is never too tired to play! Scott’s passions include anything sports-related (Soccer, baseball, basketball and football) and he also enjoys a round of golf on a sunny day. Scott looks forward to the opportunity to introduce our child to an active lifestyle where he can share his love of sports and outdoor activities.


Michelle is an active, energetic and healthy person who has a love for being close to the water. She grew up near a lake where she was a lifeguard and sports camp instructor.  This passion has continued into her adulthood as she adores sailing, boating, canoeing and swimming. Michelle has been very committed to family planning and strongly desires to be a mother. She practices yoga regularly and enjoys cooking.

Loving Family

We are a family-oriented couple with a large network of amazingly supportive friends and relatives who long to see us fulfill our desire to start a family of our own. We value our time together, but look forward to the day when we can center our time and energy around our child. Scott and I have struggled to start our family but believe God has a plan for us that we may not always understand. It is with hope in our hearts and a lot of prayers that we have decided to pursue adoption so that we may become the loving and caring parents that we know we are meant to be.

Our Home

Our home is a located in a great community surrounded by parks and bike trails, and very close to schools. We love going to the local farmer’s market in the warmer months, and the neighbourhood skating rink in the winter. We have a 4 bedroom home with a large backyard where we enjoy hosting family barbeques, and tending to our garden. We hope to share our appreciation of community, family, and nature with our child.

Our Pets

We have two cats and one kitten who add a lot of fun and entertainment to our household! TJ & Tyra are brother and sister cats, and our newest addition is a mischievous and curious little guy named Trafford.

Our Passions

As much as we love our hometown, we feel it is important to travel often and explore the world. Scott and I enjoy planning our annual vacation, and the anticipation of visiting a new place and experiencing a different culture. This family tradition is something that we look forward to introducing our child to so that we can share these adventures together.

Our Education & Finances

Michelle: I was fortunate to have parents that encouraged me to pursue my education, and I obtained my University degree and also graduated from Teacher’s College. I have enjoyed a successful career in the Travel Industry, and I am now a Professional Licensed Realtor. This career change allows me to have more freedom and flexibility over my schedule, which I believe is important when raising a child.

Scott: I chose to pursue a University education and I’m thankful for it. This accomplishment gave me the good fortune of building a career with the help of a mentor that I met after University, whom I have now built a strong and solid business partnership with, as a Financial Advisor. I consider myself lucky to have a career that allows flexibility for family time, which is our number one priority.

While we have the financial means to allow our child to pursue any educational goals that they may desire, we think it is important to encourage and support a child in finding their own path, and look forward to offering loving guidance as they develop and grow as an individual.

Our Views on Parenting & Adoption

Scott and I have discussed at length, the importance for a child to know their history and to feel unconditional love, acceptance and support. It is because of this belief that we desire an open adoption with the birth parents who choose us.

Thank you! We welcome you to reach out to us at PatientParentsToBe@gmail.com

Scott & Michelle

Supportive Friends – Testimonials

“I am adopted and therefore know firsthand the importance of adoption, and more importantly to a good, loving family. Michelle & I have talked at length about my experience and how grateful I am for my birth mom who had the courage to go through with it.” – Connie

“Both Scott and Michelle have family, friends, and co-workers with children who they interact with on a regular basis. It is very evident that they enjoy seeing my daughter whenever they visit our home or we visit them. They are always thoughtful, caring and loving towards her. My daughter enjoys seeing them just as much.” – Chris