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Phone: 807 631 1781
Years together: 8
we live in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: None
Pets: Maybe some day

A Warm Hello to You!

First of all, we want to tell you how courageous we think you are for considering an adoption plan for you and your baby! We understand how difficult this must be, and our goal with this letter is to let you know that you can trust us to give your child all the love in the world as well as to be considerate and loving to you as well. We’re a pretty relaxed couple, and if you place your child with us we would love your child with all our hearts, giving them everything they need in this world to have a happy childhood and grow up as a content and peaceful human being. 

All About Us

Meet Jamie (through the eyes of Ladyne)

Jamie is 35 years old, 5 ft. 11 in. tall, with grey-blue eyes, salt-and-peppered black hair, healthy, and he has a considerate and relaxed personality, as well as a great sense of humour. 

Jamie grew up in small-town Cobourg, ON, with his parents and his younger sister and brother.  He grew up in a Christian home and attended Cobourg Alliance Church. He made some profound and longstanding friendships with a few guys during his teen years, and he still stays in touch with them, valuing these men in his life today. 

Jamie has a diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology and is currently working from home on his degree in Computer Science, taking online university courses. As you can see, Jamie’s interests fall into the computer, electronics and software areas. He also volunteers at our church, operating the sound equipment for the various services. He is a talented and well-rounded man.

What I love best about Jamie

Jamie is a thoughtful, gentle and very loving guy. He makes me feel like a queen and the centre of his universe. Jamie appreciates my love for life and is always willing to try new activities with me – even when he knows he might look a bit comical doing it. I love that he wanted to join me in my adventures of learning to rollerblade, that he comes ice skating with me, and that he even enjoys horseback riding together. Family is very important to Jamie. His nieces and nephews LOVE him and are so thrilled when he joins them to play. I see how Jamie interacts with kids of all ages, and I know that he will be a considerate, fun and loving father for your child. 


Meet Ladyne (through the eyes of Jamie)

Ladyne is 37 years old, 5 ft. 11 in. tall, and brown-eyed, with naturally curly brown hair. She’s got a big, sweet heart and she always has a hearty laugh for my funny jokes.  Ladyne is a healthy, vibrant woman, even though she had an experience with a lump in her breast awhile ago. She is fine now and I admired how strong and capable she was during the process. It just demonstrates to me what a great mom she will be when the time comes as it showed how she approaches any challenges; with grace, strength and a strong faith.

Ladyne grew up on a farm near Moorefield, ON, with her parents and three sisters. She grew up in a Mennonite community and attended a Mennonite church. Ladyne had a dream to be a nurse, and when she left the community, she studied nursing. Currently, she works as a Nurse Practitioner at a Community Health Centre. 

What I love best about Ladyne

Wow. Where to start? Ladyne has made me a better person just by being herself. Every day that we’re together, I feel like I’m just a little more of a grown-up. She’s helped me value my friends and family more than I thought I could, and she’s taught me to see life’s problems from the perspectives of others. Ladyne is really smart about stuff I never even think about, and she is way more thoughtful than any other human being I know.

Ladyne is super sweet, but she’s a tough cookie too. Growing up on a farm and working as a nurse has given her an inner strength that I really admire. Her experiences have made her a remarkably mature person who I know is ready to be a gracious, patient and beautiful mother. 

Our Family

Meet Ladyne’s Family  

Loving and Supportive parents:  Maurice and Margaret Martin

Maurice is a retired carpenter and hobby farmer. He absolutely adores his grandkids! I don’t know who enjoys playtime more, the kids or Grandpa! When his grandchildren are visiting, it’s not unusual to see Maurice on the floor, playing with dinky cars, dolls, other toys or playing games with the kids. 

Margaret is a retired secretary and stay-at-home mom who also loves her grandkids with all her heart. Margaret is respectful to her daughters and loves each grandchild to the depths of her heart. She is a soft and nurturing grandma, always a willing babysitter and deeply hopeful that, through adoption, we will be able to bring a child into our home for her to love and delight over. 

Ladyne’s big sister Heather and her boyfriend Mufaro have a 4-year-old son named Daniel, and younger sister Carolyn and her husband Brent have 3 children – 9-year-old Curtis, 7-year-old Madison and 5-year-old Jasmine. Ladyne’s youngest sister Tracy and her husband Kyle are still enjoying life as newlyweds. Clearly, this big family will love your child as part of our own, and your child will have a handful of cousins to grow up with and enjoy the spoils of a big family.

Childhood for Ladyne:  Growing up on a farm with my three sisters gave us plenty of opportunities to care for the many animals we had – calves, pigs, horses, cats, and dogs. I didn’t enjoy learning how to garden much, but I loved spending time in the kitchen, baking with my mother. I have fond memories of my dad teaching us to play baseball and skating on our pond in the winter months. I worked hard but also had time to enjoy the open spaces of country life. I had a happy childhood with a loving family who taught me all the blessings that our loved ones have to offer. 

Meet Jamie’s Family

Loving and Supportive parents: Bill and Faye MacDonald 

Bill is a retired town counsellor. During the years that Jamie and his siblings were young, Bill was a stay-at-home dad! Obviously, this is another reason why Jamie will be such a hands-on and caring father. 

Faye is a retired family doctor. Both Bill and Faye are eager to become grandparents. In fact, they’ve become somewhat impatient about this and have got themselves a dog (Snuggles) to dote on while they wait on their kids to start families. We love their enthusiasm for us to build our family through adoption, and we know you would like them very much. 

Jamie’s younger brother Matthew and his wife, Elena married August 2015. Jamie’s younger sister Susie and her husband Mike married in June 2015. They have a dog as well (Oatmeal). When the family gets together, the dogs provide the entertainment instead of kids at this point. We hope to change that very soon!

Jamie’s Childhood: I had a fairly typical small-town upbringing. I spent a lot time hanging out with friends, as we played football or video games  went to school and wished we all lived some place slightly cooler (like Toronto, of course). I was lucky enough to have two great parents and a church that I would like to think gave me a real sense of moral integrity but still understood that life needs to be fun as well. My family lived in a nice house on Lake Ontario, and now that I’m a little older, I’ll always think of Cobourg as my home because of all the great memories I have of the town and the people there. 

Our Wedding

A Match Made in Heaven:

We met online in October 2007, shortly after I, Ladyne, returned to Southern Ontario from 4 years of nursing work on the James Bay coast. On our first date, we met for coffee at Starbucks … and our love for each other grew…and grew… and then…

One day in early February 2008, I walked up to Jamie and I noticed that he was looking very nervous, so I spontaneously sat down on his lap to find out what was going on, to ask if he was okay. Well, wasn’t I surprised when out from behind his back he presented me with an engagement ring and proposed! He was planning to propose that night at dinner, but apparently he was so excited, he couldn’t wait. We married on August 16, 2008. We had the ceremony in a church and then celebrated with an outdoor BBQ surrounded by family and friends in Elmira. It was a glorious day!

Life Together

We have a great life together. We share an honest and loving marriage, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. Through career changes, a miscarriage, and Ladyne’s very successful recovery from breast cancer we have grown into a stronger team and believe that God can get us through any challenges that may come our way. We support each other through the good times and the bad times. We tend to talk things through, even when the topic might be a difficult one. We definitely don’t have argumentative or confrontational personalities, and we never yell at each other when we get into a disagreement. We’re more likely to take a few deep breaths, walk away and resolve the issue after we’ve had time to think about it alone and when we feel balanced about the challenge at hand. 

Family is very important to us. Most of our family isn’t nearby, but we visit them a few times a year, particularly around holidays. Family time is filled with love, laughter and just general commotion. When Ladyne’s family is together, we spend a lot of time sitting around talking, playing with the kids, playing board games and cooking/eating lots of delicious food. In the summer, we enjoy spending time at Ladyne’s sister’s home in the Muskokas around the lake, going swimming and fishing. A very special time with Jamie’s family is at Christmas, when we relax and chat with each other, watch TV, eat lots of tasty foods and drive around town admiring all the Christmas lights. We love to visit Jamie’s folks in the summer as well, when we can walk along the town beach while we dig our toes in the sand and listen to the waves of Lake Ontario.

We are both Christians and attend a local Baptist Church, where we have gotten to know lots of great people. Our faith helps us to persevere through some tough times, and it has taught us to see the value in other people, even when it’s not always obvious. We see ourselves continuing to go to church on Sundays and would likely join the Mom’s Group and other family programs so that your child can play and learn with other children. 


We share many common interests and love to enjoy these adventures together. We enjoy active things like hiking in the woods, camping, canoeing/kayaking and going for walks. We also like to do simple things like watching movies or TV shows, reading, grocery shopping and playing board games. We like to travel and visit with family/friends. We would love to share these activities with your child, more than you can imagine. We both love animals and have often considered getting a pet, but we’ve decided that we would rather wait until your/our child is a little older so they can help pick out the family pet and learn to care for it as well. We don’t want any safety concerns between pets and children.

Ladyne enjoys trying out new recipes with cooking and baking…Jamie enjoys eating the food! lol. His favourites are chocolate chip cookies, brownies and omelettes. We dream of the day we can bake cookies or a cake with your child, teaching them all our special family recipes and watching them cover themselves with flour and sneaking a few handfuls of chocolate chips while Mom or Dad is pretending not to look. 

We think it’s important to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so we attempt to eat healthy and do regular exercise through workouts and going to the gym. Your child will have an active childhood full of nutritious food and happy family adventures and memories.


Ladyne has done quite a bit of travelling around Canada – a lot was work related such as nursing contracts in Reserves across Northern Ontario. She drove out to British Columbia with her sister to help her move which was a great sisterly adventure. 

When we lived in Toronto we did a road trip to Vermont in the summer to do some hiking and stopped at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory to taste some very delicious ice cream. Since we now live in Thunder Bay and our families live in southern Ontario, we have done some road trips between those locations, making stops to visit friends along the way. We enjoy doing road trips to explore the countryside around Thunder Bay as well! We like to drive down to Minneapolis, MN occasionally to visit the Mall of America, as well as to attend their State Fall Fair (which is a huge event). 

Jamie and I celebrated his 30th birthday and my nurse practitioner degree with a Caribbean cruise where we stopped off at several different Islands to explore.  Another year we celebrated life with a trip to the Dominican Republic. My sister and her husband were able to join us which made it extra fun!!! We would include your child in ALL of our adventures, and coming to see you would be a wonderful trip indeed.

Our Home

We live in the middle of Thunder Bay in a very enjoyable, safe neighbourhood. There is a hospital, schools and stores nearby – everything seems to be within a 10-minute drive. Our house is a split-level with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living space on the main floor, with another 3 bedrooms, 1 washroom and living space in the basement. We are happy to have Jamie’s brother & his wife staying with us as they complete their university studies.  We are all about helping family, and we really enjoy his company. 

Your Loveable Child’s Life 

We see our role as parents who will love your child with all our hearts and provide a safe and healthy environment for him/her. Our goal would be to raise your child to be a loving, grounded and independent adult. We envision that when your child initially joins our family, Ladyne will take parental leave from her work. Then, as your child gets older, Jamie will take over so your child has the benefit of being cared for by both their mom and their dad. After the first couple of years, it is our plan to enroll your child in a daycare program so he/she can enjoy the value of structured play time, learn to build friendships, and explore their own independent nature.

We hope to move closer to family at some point; however, even if this doesn’t occur, we still plan to make many trips to visit them so that your child may connect with extended family. 

Visions for Adoption

We believe that open adoption can be very beneficial for adopted children. We even have friends who are part of a very open adoption experience, with all members of both families visiting and communicating regularly. We see the positive rewards of such loving relationships, all focused on the happiness of the child. We would love to share our lives with you if you are interested in an open adoption plan. We want what is best for this child’s emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, so if this involves photos, letters and possibly visits too, then we are committed to this type of plan without hesitation.

However, we are also aware that open adoption is not always what a placing parent desires. If you wish for a closed adoption, please know that we will respect your decision. Regardless of whether you are part of our lives, or if you need to have your privacy, we will raise your child with a respect and appreciation for you. No matter what form this adoption takes, we believe that your/our child should know from the very beginning of their lives that she/he is loved by two sets of parents and that adoption is a positive and normal way to build a family.

Thank You

We know you are making a tough and yet courageous decision for your own future and for the future of your child. We hope our profile has answered some of your questions about us, and we also want to offer you the ability to contact us if you would like to learn more. We wish you all the best as you make your adoption plan, and we hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you. We hope to hear from you…and thank you for taking the time to get to know us just a little bit better.

With Open Hearts,

Jamie and Ladyne