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Phone: 1-888-479-9811
we live in: West Coast, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 Cats - Khaleesi & Gus, 1 Dog - Fugs

Thank you for considering our family to become part of your family.  It’s a big decision for you so let’s tell you a bit about us, we are Chris and Kristen.  We were both born and raised in a small town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, and we still live here in a home we built together, while we were planning our wedding.  That was an experience that was both fun and challenging!  That also is how we would describe our lives. 

All About Us

We met in our teens while both working at McDonald’s and our paths continued to cross over the years, again some fun times and some challenging times, like when Chris was in the hospital for an extended period after a car accident.  Then in 2012, Chris started working as a Product Advisor at our local Toyota, where coincidentally, I work as the Controller.  This time sparks flew and in 2016 we were married….with a Lego theme!

We have a large, extended group of family and friends.  People who are supportive and very dear to us, all from diverse backgrounds that we know will help to make any child feel welcomed and loved.  Chris’s family background is from England, his Dad was an “army kid” who lived all over the world, including South Africa. Chris’s mom grew up in Creston on a farm. Chris spent many summers visiting his grandma on her orchard farm. 

My family on my mother’s side is Danish, and I still have many family members living in Denmark. My dad grew up in Alberta where I spent many summers visiting family.

Sunday dinners are a family tradition in our home, or we might be at one of our parent’s homes, or close family friends.  Until recently we have been billet parents to several Junior A Hockey players, from all over North America.  It was another one of those fun and challenging times.  We still love going to the games as we continue to be part of the Hockey Family.  Summer time means days at the lake or trips to the ocean.  The West Coast of Vancouver Island is one of our favourite places to go year round.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We built our home, which Chris designed and helped build, about 3 years ago. It’s a single storey rancher that is close to one of our local elementary schools and preschools. We have a park that our home backs on too and a good size backyard that we spend quite a bit of time in with friends and family. We love having BBQ’s and playing games back there.  We should mention that we have two cats, Gus and Khaleesi (can you tell we are Game of Throne fans), and a small dog named Fugs.  They definitely keep us entertained!

About Chris by Kristen

Chris has been very successful in his career as a Product Advisor for our local Toyota dealership, and he also designs homes in his spare time.  He has a passion for Lego, music (Chris plays guitar), and cars.  He is fun, caring, and incredibly supportive.  Chris has one older sister, Jill, who also lives in our town as well as his parents who also live in our town.

About Kristen by Chris

Kristen is the glue of her family, she is the one to make sure everyone is looked after and the first to offer any help that she can. She loves spending time with family and friends, reading books and Lego too! Kristen is loving, caring and just fun to be around. Kristen has one younger brother, Cody who lives here with his wife Raeann. Kristen also has 2 older step sisters (Elizabeth and Leslie) and 1 step brother (Shawn). Kristen’s Mom and partner Sue and her Dad and his wife Chris.

A Last Thought

Adoption is something that is already a part of our lives. My stepmom Sue placed a child for adoption many years ago. They reconnected when he was a teenager and have a great relationship today. Sue has been big resource for us on adoption and seeing things from a birth mothers point of view. She has been able to give us her insight on that side. It has made us really aware of what a birth mom could be or is going through.

Family is so important to us and we truly believe the more the merrier. We are quite the diverse bunch but that’s what makes up our unique family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We realize that openness is different for everyone and we are open to what you are comfortable with.  We look forward to including you in our extended family. Thank you again for taking the time to read about us ~Kristen & Chris