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Years together: 14
we live in: Ottawa, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: daughter, 5 years old
Pets: cat


We are Kelly and Torsten. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us. Adoption has been how we have envisioned building our family for a number years and we are really excited to be here and able to present ourselves to you.

To tell our story is to begin with two very different beginnings, as you will come to read, but to find a very traditional merging of paths. We met in our last year of high school, and, ever since, have stuck together like peanut butter and jelly, and are able to call ourselves high school sweethearts.

Since 2012 we have been an even stronger team with the birth of our daughter Amelia, who presents as a combination of our personality types, being strong willed, inquisitive, kind and independent. We now, in earnest, want to expand our family, and adoption has truly been a dream for a very long time because we see it as a wonderful way to build a family.

Hej! I’m Torsten

It is great to get a chance to introduce myself!

I grew up as a globetrotter, my father worked for the Danish Foreign Ministry and, on average, we would move to a new country every three years. Growing up in an environment that was constantly changing has had a significant impact on me, allowing me to be comfortable in just about any circumstance and feel at home with people from all over the world. Skipping ahead a few years, having completed my studies, and after a couple of years working, including with the fire department, I felt something within myself shift, coming to realize that helping people when they are at their lowest or cannot help themselves, and working in a high intensity environment, was what I was meant to do. This ultimately has led to a burgeoning career in the humanitarian field, first with the United Nations now with a humanitarian organization in Ottawa on the Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Team.

Beyond what I work hard at to achieve in my career, I also have a lot of personal pursuits. I love to be in the outdoors doing anything from camping to hiking to canoeing. I either walk or ride my bike to work all year long, and, though I love summer and heat as any child that has grown up in the tropics, there is just something magical about winter and the cold. I love the challenge of cooking a good meal. I’m getting back in to drawing, picking up a skill that centres me. Above all things I can say I am an eclectic person in terms of my interests. I love British comedy panel shows, reading historical and religious texts, I’ll listen to blues one minute, then hard rock, and then electric powwow the next. I bring all of this in to being a parent, seeking to expose Amelia to a wide range of interests, and I most certainly will aim to do so with our next child too.

Hi! I’m Kelly

I grew up in a very different way to Torsten, in one place with my mother, stepfather and half brother and sister. This mixed family was a fact both within my immediate and also extended families, and this has instilled in me all the admiration for families that are brought together through so much more than just blood, but it has also placed in me a strong dedication to maintaining a close-knit family.

I went to school at one of the then oldest high schools in Canada, gaining admittance in to their competitive Integrated Arts program, with a focus on the visual and performing arts, and carrying with me ever since a deep interest in the arts. I am a caring, creative person who finds humour everywhere I go. While I enjoy my field of work, being a mom and wife is the most important thing to me. I love to bake and, as a newly certified yoga teacher my joy is teaching yoga kids! I have an immense passion and love for animals, having devoted myself to rescuing animals that we have found in need I would bring every creature home if I could!

My childhood experiences along with those I have had since graduating college have fused and the outcome of this blended experience is that I am very down to earth caring person I also love crafts and to bake, especially when I can find a way for Amelia to join in, and my absolute favorite holiday of the year is Halloween for the opportunity it presents in being creative.

Who is Amelia?

Amelia is a loving, energetic, ambitious little girl. She is a friend to all and it fills our hearts to see that she seeks to ensures everyone is included. She is an incredibly social little girl, who enjoys crafts, swimming and gymnastics. She is truly keen on having a sibling, expressing strong desires for this as she becomes aware of more and more of her friends having or getting younger brothers and sisters. Knowing how she behaves with younger children, doting on them, supporting them when they are exploring their environment, and ultimately ensuring they are safe, we know she will be a marvelous sister.

What are we like as a family?

An immensely loving, silly, weird and wonderful family. We find joy being around each other, continually building a close and intimate connection that allows us to have inside jokes and develop rich stories. We see the world as something wonderful and interactive and have no fear going beyond the boundaries that are artificially created to keep people guessing. We are emotional, strong, independent, and humanitarian and have a deep passion for animals.

We have been incredibly fortunate in that Torsten’s career has allowed Kelly to remain at home and devote time to Amelia and we continue to be fortunate that even with Kelly having returned to work that Torsten’s employer will allow for strong parental leave opportunity that will allow us to meet the needs of your child as they become a part of our family. We are both employed by very family and work/life balanced aware employers, and, are additionally lucky that this is realized in family friendly work hours, medical insurance and benefits, along with good salaries that put us in very healthy financial circumstances that allow us to meet and ensure all needs of the family are met.

Parenting: ambitions for yours and our child

Our dreams are simple and grand all in one. To be parents in a manner that ultimately will lead to the children having all the abilities that allow them to be successful on their own two feet. We want them to be happy, affectionate, hardworking, respectful individuals, with sense of self-worth, that are highly adept in navigating the world around them. We want them to be capable of interacting, while honoring and supporting dignity, with all manner of people, animals, and nature. We believe very strongly in education, but we recognize that learning is as much a skill as anything else, and we will strive to ensure that they will be at ease and adept in a learning environment. Every child has different needs and this means tailoring their learning in relation to their capabilities, ultimately encouraging the child to achieve but not overwhelming them with pressure and expectations that go beyond their abilities.

We also carry these beliefs to extra curricular activities, where we believe in fostering a health balance of physical and emotional challenges but all within the interests of the children. We already put these beliefs in to practice with Amelia, giving her free choice on determining what activities to enrol in, so as to ensure that what she is doing always aligns with her desires and not our own, while always being her biggest fans.

We would strive for them to become compassionate and humanitarian, giving them the tools and confidence to give back to the community and to those most in need, and to be a part of making this world a better place through their actions.

Why are we looking to adopt?

We have arrived at this stage where we can finally adopt after many years of wanting to do so. We can no longer have children of our own due medical reasons. Beyond this as a reason as to why we are now seeking to build our family through adoption, we also feel we have a lot to offer children as parents, which we feel even more certain about now that we have already started down the road of parenthood.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little! We hope for the opportunity to get to know you and find ways to support you through this process. We wish you the best as you make this difficult decision. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!