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Years together: 13
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Victoria

Hello! Let us introduce ourselves, we are Jose and Arturo, proud parents of a kind little girl named Victoria and we are hoping to expand our family through adoption once again. Welcoming another family member to our circle of love will be truly gratifying and exciting.

About us

We are as diverse and unique as we can be. Originally from Venezuela, we moved to Canada many years ago – Arturo in 1997 and Jose in 2001 – and fell in love with this land making it our permanent home. We met in 2003 at a party that neither of us wanted to attend and have been inseparable ever since. We married in July 2004 on a beautiful summer evening surrounded by close family and friends.

Jose as told by Arturo

Jose is a very warm and caring human being, the kindest person you could ever meet. Being a perfectionist, he has learned through parenthood that life does not have to be perfect and that it is better that way. He keeps our home running very smoothly and is on top of the day-to-day well-being of the whole family. Jose has been a Logistic Coordinator for the past 10 years at an International Merchandising Company located in downtown Toronto where he is very much appreciated. He is a first-generation Venezuelan – his parents were originally from Spain – and is also a Spanish citizen.

Arturo as told by Jose

Arturo is a very happy person, who always has a positive outlook in life and infects everyone with his enthusiasm. In our family, he is the one who plans all the activities and makes sure that everyone is safe but has a good time. He loves to travel from one-day excursions about town to realising big dream trips. Arturo is passionate about art, design and technology. He likes to keep up to date about the latest trends and gadgets. He has a degree in Architecture and works as a Project Leader managing renovation projects at the Toronto Public Library.

Victoria as told by Jose & Arturo

Victoria is our happy and beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Born in May 2014, we adopted her at birth and now she is a joyful toddler ready to become a big sister. She has trained us in the art of parenting and we have learned our lessons diligently. She can be a little bit shy but she is very easygoing and her smile can illuminate a room. She maintains contact with her birth mother and birth family bringing much joy to both families. We are confident that this is the best for Victoria, not only because her origin will not be a mystery to her, but she will grow surrounded by family love. Having a Spanish parent, Victoria recently became a Spanish citizen herself.

Our views on family

Family is very important to us. We both come from big families and were taught that care, commitment and respect are the keys to a happy life.  We believe that LOVE is the main ingredient in a recipe to achieve a balanced, warm and successful family and we lead by example. Our home is filled with warmth and smiles; we never leave our place without hugs and kisses at the door.  You can be sure we will devote our lives to your child and help him or her to become the best and happiest person that he or she can be.

Our home

We are an urban family living in downtown Toronto. Our condo unit is large and bright and is located in a mid-size building with only eight units per floor. We have great neighbours who have become part of our extended family; our best friends live in the unit next to ours and we count on them and visit them frequently – Friday nights are typically spent together laughing and sharing a meal at their place. The condo building also has a private parkette with direct access from the 2nd floor and a kid-friendly outdoor pool that is our favourite spot during hot summer evenings. Our home is located in the vibrant and diverse Church-Wellesley neighbourhood, a few blocks away from the 519 Community Centre that runs Family and Children programs all year around. We have mainly taken advantage of their Family Resource Centre, a supportive place for families and their children age 0 to 6 that provide early learning activities, music, creative experiences and parent education.

Parenting and adoption

Our parenting style is simple and clear – a child requires love, support and structure in order to have a good foundation to develop his or her own personality and become a good and caring person. Formal education is a must since we believe that it is the best gift that any parent can provide to a child. We are always open to face the challenges of life and to learn from our mistakes.

In our opinion, trust, respect and open communication are very important to build strong family bonds. We want our children to know that once they grow and move on with their own lives, there will always be a safe place to call home.

Spanish is our main language at home and we want to be sure that our kids learn that beautiful language. Hopefully they won’t have the “exotic” and “lovely” accent – we have been told – that we do. Having another language will be an advantage to their lives, not only benefiting them from a greater cultural enrichment, but they will develop more problem-solving skills and creativity.

Regarding adoption, we strongly believe in open adoption. Just as with our daughter Victoria, we would want the new member of our family to know about his or her birth family. We believe that it is in the best interest of a child to be aware of where he or she comes from, while at the same time respecting the birth family’s wishes around openness.

And finally

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and please know that if you choose us as parents for your child we will be forever grateful. Our promise is to be as open, honest and loving as we can be.

We hope to hear from you soon.

With Love,

Victoria, Jose and Arturo