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Phone: 416-414-1844
I live in: Woodbridge, Ontario
My neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: 2 Maltipoos

So here we are, a point in time where you are contemplating one of the most important decisions you likely will ever make in your life.  And I’m here feeling your struggle, your feeling of being overwhelmed.  The one thing that I’m sure we both share is the desire to see your little one receive unconditional love, a strong connection with family, the opportunity to become their very best self in life and to experience the many wonderful things a loving home can provide.

I have always known that I have much to give.  Also, I have always had interest in wanting to adopt a child, whether or not I had biological children.   There were no reasons not to consider adoption in my future.  I would welcome with love a non-biological child, raising them no differently than if I had given birth to them.  I think my desire to adopt likely stemmed from my aunt running an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.  I was able to see the love she gave to the children who called her mom and the wonderful difference she made in their lives.  For more than 25 years, my immediate family was very much involved in the support of the orphanage and this became a natural part of my life.   Over the years, I recognized my compassion for children, the capacity to love, teach, commit and generate a sense of adventure for them.  Family and friends always saw children in my future, and that’s what I have set out to do.  I want to be able to live love and share attributes and qualities that will enrich their lives and enable them to grow up in a nurturing environment.  As they grow to adulthood, they will learn through example that love has no bounds.

I live in Woodbridge.  I love it here!  There are lots of schools within walking distance, splash pads for summer fun, community centres for activities, kid gyms, play centres, a theme park and library; seriously everything one could possibly want right nearby.  I work close to home and love what I do.  I’ve always been recognized by others as creative and my job enables me to use this talent each and every day.  I create recognition and incentive programs for staff and I also plan events.  It’s work, but because I’m passionate about what I do, it is truly rewarding and has provided me with many unique opportunities over the years including travel.  My workplace has always been supportive and I know they will continue to be once the little one is part of my family. 

My parents live close by.  Married for many years, they definitely have shown more love and support than what I could have ever imagined.  I had a wonderful childhood and the experiences and family values they instilled in me are ingrained in me for life.  I can only extend my gratitude to them for that strong foundation.  Family is important.  Family gatherings have always been the norm in their home.  This is also true in the homes of our extended family.  Everyone is included.   We have babies to seniors in their 90’s at family events.  It’s awesome!  Everyone is so close; they love spending time together.  We can laugh together, cry together and be there for one another.  As a family, we celebrate the “ups” of life and support each other in the “downs”.  I know from personal experience my parents worked hard and stressed the importance of keeping family together by planning and attending gatherings.  This has enriched and impacted my life and I want to share this with others.  This “inclusion” and “belonging” is so important and I want to model it in my own life by passing it along.  Among my friends, I am known as the person who keeps everyone glued together.  I get excited about planning events and having friends and their children over.  We share and support, laugh, play games, eat plenty and enjoy being together.  It’s all about loving one another and there is always room for “one more”!

I grew up in a Christian home, but I can say it’s within the past three years where I feel more connected with my faith.  It’s from within and it’s between myself and God.  I attend a local church near my home. There are so many people from different cultures and so many kids that attend.  The one common denominator is their love for community and their love for God. 

I have super adorable little dogs; or at least that’s what everyone else has to say about them. They are hypo-allergenic maltipoos … actually, sisters.  My little white one is Maggie and the little apricot one on the more plump side is Molly.  They are real people dogs and love children.  I can take them for a walk and be stopped numerous times by children wanting to pet them.  What can I say other than these little doggies probably think they’re little divas!

For the past two years I have been a relief foster parent.  I knew absolutely nothing about fostering and then one day I just felt the need to learn more. I had room in my heart and home to love a child who truly needed to feel acceptance and stability and perhaps even safety, at the time their parent is not part of their life.  It has been a very rewarding experience for me in the knowledge sense taking many courses as well as joy in being able to see how comfortable a child can be in a loving, accepting environment that enables them to flourish. 

Outside of work and relief fostering, I enjoy spending my spare time planning events, working on craft projects, interior decorating, traveling, shopping, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. 

I envision the future with your little one in my home.  They are running around after Maggie and Molly, having fun doing arts and crafts with me at the table and children of friends and family coming over to play with them.  They are running around in the backyard, sitting in the kiddie pool catching toy fish with their little fishing rod, watching the tree house channel on TV and taking an afternoon nap in their bedroom in this home.  I truly enjoy decorating and keeping this home looking fresh and modern yet so incredibly comfortable.

Your child will be loved more than you could ever have hoped for. I want your child to know that your desire was to ensure they would have a fulfilling life.  That you were motivated by love to be sure they would have every opportunity to achieve their full potential and fulfil their dreams.  I want to be able to share the story of what led you to me and the selfless act of loving your child so much that you gave them the absolute best for their future.  This is a partnership for both you and I, ensuring that the road ahead for your little one is going to be a bright one.