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Phone: 905-517-5781
we live in: Waterdown, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: Small dog named Teddy

Hello and Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and get to know us. We can only imagine what a difficult decision this is for you. Although we have not met you yet, we respect and trust your decision to seek what is best for your child.

We are very excited about the idea of becoming first-time parents and are thrilled to introduce ourselves to you. We are a young, active, educated and fun couple with strong family values and look forward to expanding our family through open adoption – in whatever capacity both families see is best for the child. As a schoolteacher and business consultant, we are passionate about spending time with loved ones, traveling, being active, and learning about other cultures.

We have been together for over eight years and know that it is the perfect time to expand our family. We have always known we wanted to adopt, especially since Courtney’s mother and uncle were adopted to complete their lovely family. Since we are both very close to our families, we know we have a lot of love to share as well as openness and support towards adoption as we begin these new adventures together.

Our Beginnings, Relationship, & Family: Life is Better Together

We were fortunate enough to meet each other through friends in our summer job as lifeguards and continued our relationship throughout university. We both shared a love of children early on, teaching swimming lessons for years. Beyond that, it was fate – we had attended the same high school and our parents lived minutes apart!

Opposites attract – Courtney was fun but quiet while Carolyn was more serious and outgoing. We enjoyed vacations to the cottage, studying together, watching movies, and cooking/baking. We shared and continue to share a mutual love for being active- going for hikes, playing sports, yoga, running and playing with our dog, Teddy. We also continue to include family and friends in our activities as much as possible.

After six years together, we tied the knot in 2015! As with most celebrations we have, we shared this milestone with our close family and friends in the same chapel as Carolyn’s parents did. We both had steady careers, a new home, a new dog, and knew it was the right time to start the next chapter.

Our incredible family are our biggest cheerleaders, coaches, and best friends -we could not be luckier to have this network of support. “C&C”, as we are known as, celebrated this milestone with great food, music, and lots of laughter – these are parts of every big family dinner and special occasion from birthdays to graduations to marriages. As you might expect, our families are thrilled for us to start expanding our own little family unit.

All About Carolyn:

I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in a small town in Niagara as the youngest of four girls. I was blessed to also have an identical twin, who is my best friend. I loved school – completing a BSc. (Brock University) and an MSc. (University of Guelph). Besides studying, I loved playing soccer, learning piano, reading, spending time with friends, mentoring younger students, and baking!

My greatest passion and love is for my family. We have traditional family gatherings especially Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. I love being part of a large family and hope Courtney and I can share these kinds of memories. My mother and sisters are very important to me and we all live only one city apart. My father passed away, which was very difficult but brought my family, Courtney and I together even closer. My brothers-in-law are also important to us as they are not only handy, but give great advice and are excellent sports fans to cheer along with.

Besides my job as a science and business consultant for a non-profit organization, I have always liked to try new things from rock-climbing to new foods to travelling to new cities.

All About Courtney:

I am 29 years old and was born and raised in Niagara, living in the same family home my entire life. Being an only child, I was spoiled with love and attention from my mom and dad. I would love to be able to provide our child with the same love and attention. My family is very supportive of adoption since my mother and uncle were both adopted as infants. Our family friends have also been blessed through adoption. I am also fortunate to feel a great amount of love from my co-workers and friends around me. They are starting their own families and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

I graduated from Brock University with a B.Sc. and continued on to earn a B.Ed., which enabled me to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. I am fortunate to teach high school science at a local school for several years now, working with children every day.

Growing up, I tried many different sports and clubs, but found a love of hockey in high school. I have continued to play hockey and have recently started to play soccer as well. Carolyn and I also enjoy skating with friends on the Hamilton outdoor rinks.

I have always been grateful for my close-knit family, as I was the oldest of all of my cousins and enjoyed spending time with them. My wonderful cousin was my Maid of Honour at our wedding and continues to be my best friend. Their extra support was also invaluable after my mother passed away. I hope that our child would be able to make the same strong bonds with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and family friends.

Our Home Sweet Home: Blessed

We bought our first home together and settled down in the small, quiet town of Waterdown, Ontario. We have lived here for more than two years and enjoy the peaceful, children-friendly cul-de-sac area where privacy and safety are key. We chose our home because it is a short drive to both of our places of work as well as only ten minutes away from Carolyn’s twin sister and brother-in-law who provide endless love and support.

Both of our families live less than one hour away, which is also very important to us since our motto is “the more the merrier”. We have plenty of space to entertain family and friends, especially for family barbecues in the summer. We are also close to several community centres and medical offices in Hamilton and Burlington.

We are very fortunate to be close to nature with a private fenced off ravine behind our house, space for a vegetable garden (Courtney’s hobby), walking/hiking trails, and a number of beautiful parks within walking distance. We often see many families walking to and from the surrounding elementary and high schools within a few minutes of our front door.

Our Interests, Traditions & Travel: Making Family Memories

We share a passion for the outdoors, including hiking in the summer, picking apples in the fall, and participating in community events, like outdoor yoga, soccer, and charity runs. We also enjoy kayaking, exploring and relaxing at Courtney’s family cottage a few hours north of home. These activities and places will be shared with our child to make special memories.

Although both of our families are Canadian, Courtney’s family still shares some of the traditions from their Polish and Scottish heritage, including Christmas dishes and celebratory cheers. Carolyn’s family practices some Irish and Scottish cultural mementos through family recipes. We both grew up with similar traditions of family dinners every night, movie nights, and large holiday dinners. Both of our families respect and encourage us to start our own traditions with our new family, including opening Santa’s stockings on Christmas Eve and baking heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day.

We have been blessed with wonderful opportunities to travel together and look forward to experiencing the world with our growing family, especially during Courtney’s school holidays for Christmas, March Break and Summer vacation. We love to travel to experience new cultures, including traditions, customs, food, music and art from Spain and Portugal to Chicago, Texas, Florida and New York City to the Bahamas. It would be great to provide our child with exciting experiences abroad as well as activities close to home, including community events in our beautiful small town.

The Next and Best Chapter: Love Lives Here

As you can see, we are excited for the next chapter of our story together with the addition of the most precious gift we could receive – a child to love and care for unconditionally.

Our passion for our loved ones, careers, hobbies, and traditions are the foundation for our family unit and will strengthen by opening our hearts and home to a new member through open adoption. Our families were blessed through adoption before and are grateful for the opportunity again. We look forward to learning about his/her culture, religion, interests, and dreams and developing those wonderful characteristics in the years to come and this includes connecting with his/her birth family as much as you are open to.

With grateful hearts,

Courtney & Carolyn