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Phone: 416-819-0321
Years together: 25, (married for 11)
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: Diego (dog), Olympia (cat)

It’s so nice to meet you

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are Wendy and Stephen, a fun-loving and easy-going couple who are hoping so much to become parents through adoption. We are childhood sweethearts, having met at overnight camp when we were 11 years old, and we’ve been together ever since. We live with our sweet dog and cat in Toronto’s Riverdale where our house is full of love, laughter, and impromptu dance parties with our new record player.

We hope these pages will give you a sense of the warm, funny, and committed people we are and the type of loving parents we hope to be. We haven’t met you yet, but please know we think of you and what you are going through. We believe you can’t have too many people to love and to love your child-we would love to support you and welcome you into our family as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

This profile is just a snapshot, but please do not hesitate to reach out if there is more you’d like to learn about us. We’d love the opportunity to get to know you as well.

We can’t wait to love a child – to read stories, to explore the world, and to dance as we celebrate each day together.

Thank you for considering us as possible parents.

With love, Wendy and Stephen

A bit about us

We married on a beautiful fall day in 2005, but our story began much earlier than that. When we were just 11 years old, on the first day of summer camp, we smiled at each other across the sports field and soon after became “boyfriend, girlfriend.” And we’ve been together ever since. (Check out Wendy’s 80’s bangs from that summer in our photos!) From school plays to hockey games and from high-school proms to university graduations, we have been there to support each other through the joys and hardships of growing up. We have built a happy home together with our dog, Diego, and our cat, Olympia, and the four of us simply can’t wait to love a child with all our hearts.

So much of our relationship today is still rooted in what made us fall in love as children: the way we make each other laugh the hardest and always feel loved and supported.

Our struggle with infertility was hard, but we have never wavered in our desire to be parents. Our decision to pursue adoption came quickly and easily, and we have worked hard to educate ourselves on all of the different ways to ensure your child’s best interest always comes first. We have so much love to share and remain hopeful for the day we’ll be able to shower a child with love and affection together.

A few fun facts

Our first kiss… was on the steps of Wendy’s camp cabin (and was super awkward)

A favourite memory… is backpacking through Europe (even though we couldn’t find the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa!)

Our perfect Saturday morning… is walking the dog to a farmers market to buy some fruits, veggies, cheese, bread and some snacks, and then hiking through the woods for a picnic.

Our favourite holiday… was a week of horseback riding at a B.C. ranch with Wendy’s family.

Our honeymoon… was at Disneyland! Cheesy, we know, but we were both in grad school. At the end of that semester we went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks and explored amazing rainforests and beaches (and saw monkeys!).

A bit about Wendy, by Stephen

Wendy radiates warmth and kindness like no other. She is a special soul that draws others towards her because she makes them feel safe, comforted and important. Although we met when we were just 11 years old, I’m positive it was these qualities that first drew me to her. And I’ve held on tight for over 20 years.

She’s an incredible writer, an insatiable reader, and her taste in music is, well, let’s just move on. She cracks me up daily and never takes herself too seriously.

Wendy cares passionately about so many people in her life. Friends, family, and colleagues all have individual relationships with her, and she values the time spent with all. Her gentle heart is noticed not just by those closest to her, but also by those with whom she has only singular interactions. The cashier at a store, a student in the library, a passerby walking her dog – Wendy is regularly stopped and engaged by these people in personal and meaningful conversations. It is a sight to behold and I beam with pride every time it happens; they see what I see. Watching Wendy interact with her nieces, in particular, and getting to see this special relationship is pure joy. It’s a heart-warming reminder of how nurturing, guiding, and goofy she is – just some of her qualities that I know will make her a wonderful mother.

Wendy is keenly attuned to the world around her and her heart truly aches for the people and places that are less fortunate. After graduating Business school and then Law school, Wendy
worked in legal aid clinics and for one of Ontario’s courts. Soon after, she entered private practice and focused on championing human rights. This strength of character and conviction has allowed her to face adversity in her own life with a fervour and resiliency I truly admire.

Wendy’s true calling, however, is writing. She took a risk and followed her heart down this path, and she now enjoys a wonderful career writing for television, magazines and various websites. She works from home with a lot of flexibility – so thinking ahead a few years it is a wonderful set-up that would let her stay home with our child during their formative years.

Wendy is a true one-of-a-kind, in all the best ways. I hope, sincerely, you get the chance to meet her.

A bit about Stephen, by Wendy

I loved Stephen from the moment I saw him; he exuded a kindness and confidence so magnetic that I knew, at age 11, I wanted to be with him always.

Stephen has a heart of gold. He is a perfect blend of strength and gentleness, silliness and seriousness. He is also effortlessly cool – always knowing what awesome indie band I should be listening to. Stephen loves sports – playing baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter – and he has a passion for nature and the outdoors as well.

Stephen has a deep sense of integrity and is always so much himself: he is interesting and authentic and never pretends to be anything he’s not. Stephen completed his MBA and has since excelled in his career as a marketing consultant. He is a partner in a boutique branding agency that specializes in working with not-for-profits, colleges and universities, and other purpose driven organizations.

Stephen has a deep curiosity for the world around him and has an incredible sense of adventure. At nineteen he backpacked Europe and in his twenties he spent a summer working in London, England (thank goodness for email!). His ability to seek out new experiences speaks to his strong sense of self and his enduring charm.

It has been a privilege to watch Stephen grow up into the incredible man he has become and I love getting to catch glimpses of the amazing father I know he will be. I love watching him toss a baseball around or read a book with our many nieces and nephews who simply can’t get enough of their uncle Stephen (even with his “itchy beard!”). It is no surprise why: to know Stephen is to love him. You just won’t find someone with more authenticity, more loyalty, and just plain goodness.

Stephen is already a wonderful caregiver and a great source of stability and comfort to all who know him. He has been there for me through challenges big and small. He was there to hold me
through the pain of infertility and to build a world-class kitty scratch palace for our cat when I worried about her adjusting to our new home.

His intellect, compassion and sincerity inspire me every day to be a better person. He is a wonderful man and he will be an even better father.

Diego and Olympia

Diego, our cockapoo, is the world’s cutest pup. Gentle, sweet and curious, he loves splashing through spring puddles, swimming in summer lakes, and barrelling through autumn leaves and knee-high snow before curling up in front of the fire and trying to steal our marshmallows.

Our kitty, Olympia, is simply purrfect. She loves to cuddle up in our arms, under our chins, on our computers, or wherever we were planning to sit on the couch. We love animals dearly and hope to inspire this love in our child as well.

Our neighbourhood

We live in Toronto’s Riverdale – a lovely, family-friendly neighbourhood, full of snowmen in the winter, lemonade stands in the summer, and free little libraries all year round.

We have fantastic city services within walking distance – pools, skating rinks, reading and music programs, local libraries, diverse arts and culture – and we also enjoy some of the area’s best parks, which we explore often.

Our oldest friends (and their 2 little girls) live right across the street, which allows us to cook a turkey and carry it across the street every Christmas Eve. We can’t wait to bring a child of our own to join the party!

Our families

Family is incredibly important to both of us. Our parents are loving, incredible people who provide support and guidance, not to mention amazing food when we come to visit. They are doting and wonderful grandparents. Sadly, Wendy’s mother passed away shortly before our wedding but we honour her memory every day by living life to the fullest.

Wendy’s older brothers are identical twins and she looks up to them dearly. Both doctors, they have amazing families with whom we are exceptionally close. Stephen also has a wonderful relationship with his older brother and 2 older sisters. We are blessed with 11 nieces and nephews (ages 4-13), who we can’t get enough of. We love watching their school plays, dance recitals, and soccer games, and we try not to embarrass them with our excessive cheering!

Whether we’re celebrating Easter, volunteering to serve Christmas lunch (a 15-year tradition!), or simply goofing around, our families are a constant source of strength for us. They have been incredibly supportive of our desire to adopt and your child will be showered with love by a wonderful, warm and welcoming extended family. Our sweet nieces and nephews can’t wait to play with a new cousin.

Our adventures

We have enjoyed backpacking through Europe, hiking through Costa Rican rainforests, horseback riding in B.C., people watching in NYC, and wandering the beaches of Malibu. There is so much more of the world we would love to explore, and we can’t wait to bring a child along for our next adventure. Having both grown up going on yearly canoe trips we also look forward to spending summers in Ontario’s many beautiful parks.

We also love to explore our own city, spending weekends enjoying all of Toronto’s many different neighbourhoods, festivals, and other cultural events. We needn’t go far to enjoy fun gatherings: the coffee shop up the street sets up an outdoor movie projector so we can drink hot chocolate cuddled up in cabin chairs to watch a movie under the stars.

Views on parenting

Your child will be loved unconditionally – on the good days and the bad – and never question the support and safety that we will provide. We hope to foster their natural curiosity and provide for them the means to pursue their own interests, whatever those may be. We will help them understand the world around them and hope they discover an appreciation of different peoples and cultures, a respect for animals and the environment, and a genuine care for the well-being of others. We plan to expose them to the incredible diversity of opportunity and experiences this world has to offer, and then get out of their way. Let them explore and discover, fail and succeed, love and be loved.

And perhaps most importantly, we believe in having fun and celebrating. We are committed to making fun a big part of our lives. Successes will come in many different forms, and we believe in celebrating both the big things and the small.

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile. We hope it has given you a peek into the loving people we are and the devoted parents we hope to be. If there is anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like to learn more about, please do let us know.

We recognize what a difficult decision this must be – we would love to hold each other’s hands as we go through this together. However you decide to proceed, we wish you so much happiness and love.