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Phone: 604-220-1222
we live in: Chilliwack, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: None
Pets: Aspen - Black lab

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are John and Vicki! Thank you for taking time to read about us and get to know us. We pray that we will get to know you one day as well.

We want you to know how much respect and love we have for you already. We cannot imagine what a difficult decision this is for you. You are sacrificing for your child; you are a true hero. We pray for you and your baby on a daily basis, for your journey through this process. We know that you want the best for your baby, and we pray that you will find us to be that hope for your child.

We are so excited to expand our family and welcome a child into our home. Even in our dating days as we talked about our future together and dreams for a family, adoption was always what we wanted to pursue. We have close family members who are adopted and many friends who have adopted as well. Our child will have many people in their lives who can relate to their adoption story.

About Us

John and Vicki -Established 2016

We met in 2015 after finding each other on EHarmony! (posting this profile online has familiar feelings)  Our first date was at a local hot spot…mini golf! There was an immediate connection, the words “I love you” came quickly and easily. After sharing many adventures throughout that summer……running the ToughMudder, Hiking, and exploring cities…we were engaged in September 2015.  Family and friends knew instantly that we had found soulmates. We were married in February 2016. Although we have been married for a short time, we have been through many difficult life challenges of losing loved ones and caring for aging parents. Our love and marriage has grown stronger every day. We know that together and with our faith in God we can face anything and come out stronger because of it.

Who is John? – By Vicki

John is an amazing human. He is so full of love and energy. When John asks you how you are, he really means it. He doesn’t want the surface answer. He wants to celebrate with you, cry with you or walk along side when life’s worst challenges hit. He is an amazing friend. John does not walk up a mountain, he runs. He does everything with such passion and joy! He is the biggest cheerleader. I know our kids will be so proud when they come home with a drawing of a dog that looks like a blob, because their Dad will talk it up and be so amazed at their talent! John will be a hands on Dad. He loves to play floor hockey or video games with our nieces and nephews or reading books to the little ones. I know if we have a daughter I will one day come home to see him wearing a princess crown and drinking tea if that’s what our daughter wanted to him to do with her. He loves all sports whether it’s watching the pros or playing with a friend. John’s biggest dream is to be a dad. I cannot wait to see him sitting there with our child in his arms, that smile will be the biggest I have seen.

Who is Vicki – By John

Vicki is a fun loving and caring woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is an overcomer in many ways. Vicki’s is full of love, I have seen this in action as she will do anything for her family and friends. If someone is going through trials, she will be the first one to help out, and make the person feel loved and supported. Her faith and loyalty can never be questioned as a wife, best friend and a future mother. She has supported me through life’s trials and I am so thankful for how we have grown as a couple. Vicki’s interests include knitting/ crocheting, hiking, being outdoors, hanging out with family, dance. Her deepest desire is to be a mom. She has a giving, encouraging, helpful heart who will make the best mom to any child we are blessed to love.

Who is Aspen

Aspen is a pure bred black lab. We brought him home on March 9th! Upon writing this, he is just over 9 months old. He is an amazing dog! He loves sticks, balls, water and PEOPLE! He is so great with the little ones in our lives, a gentle giant around babies.

Adventures/ Enjoying Life

We are always up for an adventure and love to try new things! Random day trips, Why not! We will take our floaties just in case we find a nice lake to cool off in. Our typical weekends will involve a day hike, kayaking, or a hanging out with friends. During the week we love to go for a walk in the evening. We love to play games, some of our favorites are a good competitive game of Dutch Blitz (google it, it can be insane) or calmer games of phase 10 or Skip Bo. We love to have friends over for dinner and games nights or visiting and hanging out with family. We love planning and we love spontaneity. A side note….nerf gun fights are a staple in our house.

Our Home

We purchased our house in November 2016, we both fell in love with it instantly. We have three bedrooms upstairs with a great playroom beside the kitchen and a nice size living room. Downstairs we have a den that is currently Vicki’s craft room/ storage room. We rent out a one bedroom suite downstairs to our Children’s Pastor. We have a good size back yard. We have a great neighbourhood; kids are always playing street hockey or basketball. A half a block away is a beautiful trail along the river, playgrounds and hills for sliding in the winter.


Both of us have amazing long-time friends (30+ year friendships), who are considered family and will be aunties and uncles to our children. We are actively involved in our church, hosting a weekly bible study for young married couples in our home. We both serve during church services and our bible study group serves at a local shelter on a monthly basis. The amount of support and excitement that we have around us for our journey in growing our family is overwhelming. We have a number of friends who have adopted, it is exciting to know that our children will have cousins that share in their adoption story. We have many friends who have children with different levels of learning challenges or physical challenges who we know will be great resources to us in helping and encouraging our children through whatever life brings our way.

John’s Family

John is the youngest of three boys. His oldest brother, Rob, is a single dad with three kids (two boys and a girl), he lives about 10 minutes away from us. His middle brother, Tim, is married with four children (two boys, two girls) and lives about 20 minutes from our house. Johns Parents also live in Chilliwack. John’s parents are actively involved in each of their grandchildrens lives. We look forward to the day they pick up our kids for Dairy Queen or McDonald’s. John’s dad is now retired and his mom is still loving her job in a daycare, which she has done for as long as John can remember. John’s family was a typical house of boys, very competitive and playful. They were known to hit each other’s croquet balls all the way down the street just to win a game…..they may still do this!

Vicki’s Family

Vicki is the youngest of two girls. Her sister, Tammy, lives an hour away with her three kids (two boys and one girl). Vicki is very active in her nephews and nieces lives, having had many sleepover when they were young. Even though they are in their late teens now, they still love a good game of mini golf with their auntie. Her Dad lives close by and is active in our lives. Vicki’s mom sadly passed away 5 months after we were married, in 2016. She was an amazing woman, a second mom to many of her friends. Vicki’s family home was open to EVERYONE! They always had a cousin, friend or grandma living with them. We strive to have a home just like this as we grow our family.


We are excited to grow our family through adoption. We hope our child will have the opportunity to know you and where they came from. You are welcome in our family. With that being said we respect your wishes as to what level of openness you are comfortable with. We look forward to meeting you/ getting to know you and what makes you, YOU! You are welcome to ask any questions you wish and we look forward to discussing openness with you.