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we live in: Peterborough/GTA, Ontario
Our neighbourhood:
Other Children: No
Pets: 2 small adorable morkies

Nice to meet you! We are Trent & Tracy 

Hi there.  Our names are Trent and Tracy (our families call us T&T). Words can’t describe how excited we are to possibly be the parents of your little one. After a lot of hard work, we have been blessed with a wonderful life, and have wanted to become parents for as long as we have been together.

Our experiences with adoption include friends we are close to who have adopted children, as well as Tracy’s stepmom, who gave up her child for adoption when she was very young. We can imagine what a difficult decision you are facing in choosing the right people to raise your baby. Please know that we would be completely open about adoption from the start – we believe that the more people there are to love a child, the better. 

We have put together this profile to try to show you what kind of people we are and what kind of parents we would be, in the hope that our hearts will come through in our words. Writing about ourselves is tough: what do we say? Is there anything we’ve missed? We aren’t going to try to say the “right words” for everyone, but we hope our words show that we are right for you. 

Get to know us

About Trent (written by Tracy): I could write an entire book about Trent, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. Since we fell in love, I have always known what a great Dad Trent would make. He has the kind of patience and emotional intelligence that it takes to raise a strong but kind and loving person. The kind of child that would help another child in need on the playground instead of picking on them.  

Although Trent is so driven and is always improving himself through reading and learning, family is number one to him. He was raised with such great morals and work ethic and I already see him passing that on to our nieces and nephews, always encouraging them to be better people. I know this is hard to believe but I honestly can’t think of a time that Trent was in a bad mood. He’s smart, not just because he is great at math, but because he understands what makes people tick and what they need. He is my rock, and he makes me a better person through his example every day. What would I say to sum up Trent in one sentence? Huge heart! 

About Tracy (written by Trent): Hello, I would like to introduce you to my wonderful wife Tracy. Tracy is one of the kindest, most loving and most family-focused people I have ever met. We met later in life in our mid-thirties and from the day we first met we have been inseparable. She is my best friend, my soulmate, and when we have to spend one night apart it feels like weeks. 

Tracy comes from a large extended family that often has fun-filled family gatherings. When we first met she wondered how I would fit in, and I can say I truly love it. Since my family is on the other side of Canada (and is fun-filled as well) I fit right in and they adopted me like a son. Tracy is driven to accomplish whatever she wants to and does almost every single time!  My nieces and nephews can’t wait to see her every time we visit and if I can’t find her, she is usually laying with one of them and playing or reading. Her heart is one of the reasons that I fell in love with her. She always thinks about how the other person feels and wants to do everything to make them feel loved all the time. She makes me want to be a better person every day! If you choose us to be the parents of your child, she will be a someone that anyone would be proud to call daughter, sister, wife and mother.

Our life together

We are soulmates! Growing up in different provinces and then finding each other six years ago was destiny. We love to travel and experience life. Our two favourite places to visit were Paris and Rome. We have been fortunate to travel; however, our favourite thing to do is hang out at home and watch a movie with our pups or do something outside. Some of the things we love to do are cooking meals together, playing baseball, golfing, jet skiing, and playing ice hockey on the frozen lake. We are self-employed and are owners of our company, so we are blessed to have flexibility for what’s most important in life. We both have a natural curiosity about life and on long trips we usually are listening to an audiobook in the car. Our weekends are often spent visiting family and helping with renos or whatever they need help with, and of course playing lots of games like charades or cards. 

Sadie & Sophie

We have two Morkies (Maltese mixed with Yorkshire terrier) who are our first pets together. Trent has had many dogs in his life and he said these are the most gentle dogs with the most personality he has ever seen. My dental hygienist recommended this breed since they are so wonderful with babies and children. They are hypoallergic, which means they don’t cause allergic reactions and they also don’t shed, which is fantastic. 

Sadie is extremely smart, and absolutely adores my 13-year-old nephew Logan. She loves to cuddle with him! She also loves to play fetch and cuddle in with you while you take a nap. 

Sophie has so much personality and keeps us laughing all day with her spunk. Truly a pack animal, she just wants to be with us wherever we are in the house. Little girls seem to adore Sophie wherever we go; she seems to be the perfect pint-sized dog for kids and attracts cuddles wherever she goes. Fun fact: Trent loves to speak on Sophie’s behalf and imitates her voice for our nephews. It’s hilarious!

The people we love

….by Tracy 

I’m the second oldest of four girls, and was born in Oshawa, Ontario. I grew up with my Mom and Dad dancing in the kitchen, so I have such great childhood memories. My three sisters are my best friends and we are all very close. My favourite thing is to spend time with family and especially have my nephews stay with us for the weekend so we can spoil them like aunts and uncles do, and also have some positive influence on their lives by introducing them to new experiences and activities. We live on the lake so our time with our nephews is typically spent on the water in the summer, or creating a scavenger hunt for them in the woods, or watching a movie, or playing games together. 

……by Trent

Trent grew up as a farm kid, and his family lives in Saskatchewan.  He has amazing parents who have supported him in every decision he has made in life and have loved him unconditionally. I totally feel like I am their daughter and love spending time with all of them. Trent’s grandparents had a big, positive impact in his life and he absolutely treasures his Grandma, who he credits for his smiling happy personality. She is literally always smiling! He says he was taught at a young age that the one thing you have control over every day is your attitude and whether you want to be in a good mood or a bad mood. He has always chosen to be happy. Thanks Grandma!   

A place we call home

Our home is a warm, inviting place where the outside world seems to fade away. We live outside the city just far enough away that the air is fresh, the lake is warm and there are always lots of forts to be built (according to our nieces and nephews).  We have a games room with a pool table and a shuffleboard, and a large kitchen to fit all of our family around the island. In the winter we have a wood-burning fireplace to cozy up to and watch a movie or play games. We’ve been learning how to wake surf and all the kids love to go tubing behind the boat or fish off the dock. There is a wonderful school 15 minutes away and a small-town feel, with the larger city just within reach.

What our friends and family say about us

It’s hard to write about yourself, so here is what some of our friends and family said about us as potential adoptive parents:

“I would want someone to know what an amazing and truly special couple Tracy and Trent are. They have so much love to give and you can see it in how they treat each other, their friends, their family, and their employees. They love spending time with their nieces and nephews. They would love any child unconditionally and wholeheartedly.  They would be able to provide a stable and loving support system for a child. They truly deserve to be parents, and a child that needs a family deserves to have them as parents.” – Michelle T

“Tracy and Trent will be the best parents I can imagine. I have known Tracy for over 12 years, and If you are considering picking parents, I can think of no better couple. Now, I know that is an easy thing to say, but they really are cool. The love that Tracy and Trent have for their families is so touching. There is nothing that they would not do for their loved ones – of anyone in this entire world, I know that I could call Tracy and she would be at my doorstep immediately. Tracy and Trent would do anything for their nieces and nephews, and they talk about them like they are their own. If any couple was born to be parents, it would be Tracy and Trent.” – Frances

“I have known Trent for many years professionally and have gotten to know Tracy in the last five years. I am proud to call them both my friends. Trent and Tracy are two of the most genuine, considerate, and caring people that I know. They are heart-centred people who strive to live their best life. When you spend time with them, there is always laughter. They have faced many challenges but have demonstrated great resilience, choosing optimism and gratitude instead of defeat! I have the utmost respect for them as people. They are solid in character and values and are just overall wholesome people.” – Michelle W

“Trent and Tracy are not only the most beautiful love story I’ve ever seen, but they are the most sincere, open and generous friends we have ever met. As parents, Herman and I see Trent and Tracy as the perfect combination of stable, caring and loving as well as wise enough to understand that parenting brings its own challenges which are far outweighed by the joys. We cannot imagine our lives without the positive influence of Trent & Tracy in it.” – Herman & Shannon

In conclusion

Although it’s hard for someone to get to know you on paper, hopefully you now have a better idea of the kind of people we are and what we hold true. What would we want to know if we were in your position? We would want to tell you that any child that comes into our lives would be unconditionally loved from the bottom of our hearts and receive our undivided attention. We have such a close, loving family and we believe in being the best version of yourself on a daily basis. We volunteer and donate, and we believe in teaching kids the value of helping others and to be grateful for the lives that they have.   A child would be raised to be the best person they can be with every opportunity to explore their talents and learn the type of person they are. They would know that their options are limitless!  

  -Trent & Tracy