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Phone: 6472422147
we live in: Burlington, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: Golden Doodle - Oliver

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and consider us in your journey.

Todd and Marty est. 2009

Our Story

We will save the details for coffee, but meeting through mutual friends some 10 years ago, we were drawn to each other likely because of our similar values and upbringing, sense of humor, dedication to hard work, passion for the outdoors and exploring new places.

Together we have lived in 2 different cities, traveled with friends, adopted our pup Ollie, explored Canada from coast to coast, and tested our-selves (and our relationship) through multiple DIY projects.

Our Top 3 favorite things to do;

  1. Spending weekends with our friends and their kids; trips to festivals, community events, or just hanging out on the floor playing lego.
  2. Taking Ollie for a hike in the bush; exploring new trails and tiring him out while exploring nature off leash.
  3. Tackling some new project around the house; we always seem to have some little project on the go.   

Our personalities are very complimentary, Marty being the cool, calm, and collected one, whereas Todd being more the emotional, exited, risk taker, working together we always come out on top.

Our weekend evenings are usually spent with friends over good food, conversation and playing with their kids to give their parents a break. We’ll typically fit in a board game or two once the kids are in bed and if we make it past 11pm we consider it a good night! Days are for recharging, exploring and knocking a few tasks off the ever growing to do list. Taking the dog for a hike somewhere along the Bruce Trail/Niagara Escarpment, or a walk along the beachfront and chilling with a good movie or Netflix marathon.

Our Home

Our home is a testament to the strength of our relationship and demonstrates our commitment to hard work. 3 years ago, we found the worst house on the nicest street in the heart of downtown Burlington Ontario. Together we designed, planned and renovated a neglected old house into the home it has become today.

The neighborhood still has its original 1950’s vibe, covered by a canopy of mature trees with a good mix of original elderly residents and young families. We live walking distance to the heart of downtown, transit, Lake Ontario, parks, playgrounds and some great schools.


We both grew up actively engaged in our home town’s local church community, however neither of us are active participants in our local church at this time. Religion connected each of us with our communities growing up and we understand the importance the institution can have on your childhood. We’d work with you to understand your wishes pertaining to religion and involvement in the community.

Our Parenting Style

Over the last few years we have been fortunate to observe and learn from our close friends and relatives, on the kind of parents we aspire to be.

Our top 3

  1. Love and friendship; Teach the importance of strong relationships, meaningful friendships and respect for others
  2. Be There; no matter what, no matter when, we will love and support your child in whatever path they choose. Our desire is to be the kind of parents that are involved, whether it’s helping with homework, to coaching a sports teams or other extracurricular activities.
  3. Lifelong learning; for all of us. We believe in the importance of learning through experience and will do our best to provide every opportunity for your child to learn, experience, 

We can’t promise perfection but we’re hoping to be the type of parents who create a safe loving environment for learning. Learn by doing, through new experiences, meeting people, trying new things and going to new places. Learn by making mistakes. We’ll lead by example and provide the foundational structure to work within. We’ll be the teacher, the coach, and work hard to recognize when it’s best to just stand back and cheer from the sidelines.


Our approach towards openness is simple. We will work with you on a plan that works in the best interest of your child. 

About Todd

Growing up as a middle child to two parents who were happily married for over 30 years, I was lucky to have parents who always put their kids first, were involved in our lives, but always knew when to take a step back and let us figure things out for ourselves.

Looking back as an adult, we really didn’t have much growing up, but on reflection we never wanted for anything either. We always had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and were involved in whatever extracurricular activities sparked our interest. We were taught the importance of respect for elders, that hard words pay’s off, and the importance of giving back.

Fast forward a few years, Current day I work as a Program Manager in the airline industry and work from home. My career is at a point where I have good flexibility over my day to day. In my spare time I enjoy staying fit, swimming, biking, kayaking, (basically anything outdoors) as while, I am always tackling new projects around the house.

When asked how people would describe me;

  1. Loyal to a fault
  2. Kind hearted and caring
  3. Fun, and flexible

About Marty

The oldest of three, we grew up in a small (40 person) Northern Ontario town where my family owned and ran the local gas station and general store. My Dad was the Reeve of the Township, active participant in the Volunteer Fire Department/First Response Unit and the entire family was active in the local church. When my siblings and I were older my Mom went back to work as an Early Childhood Educator. My Dad has 9 siblings, my Mom has two. Family, community, entrepreneurship, hard work, giving back to the community and customer service were all cornerstones of my childhood and upbringing.

I’ve never been that interested in organized supports and instead focused my time on education and became actively involved in the school community’s (Students Council, Environmental Club, etc.). Being from a small Northern town, my time outside of school consisted of outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and fishing to name a few.

My upbringing and active involvement in community lead me to a degree in Business. I secured an internship in a High-Tech Company which taught me to work through ambiguity and be comfortable and adaptive to change. It was this experience and these lessons which have kept me in HR, today as the Director of HR Technology for a Global Company Headquartered in Canada.

I really enjoy the community we live in today. Being close to the water reminds me of home. When we find a spare moment, I like exploring the local community, checking out new shops, hiking through remote trails, taking my bike along the waterfront, kayaking, hosting friends and recharging through some yard work.

Thank you

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to consider us as a part of your lives.

-Todd, Marty and Ollie