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Years together: 5
we live in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: our cat Catniss


It’s definitely a challenge trying to condense our past, present, and future dreams into two pages!  But we know it doesn’t compare to the emotion and energy it must be taking you to make such a big decision and we appreciate the time you’ve given us.  After you read our profile, we hope you will take away that we are a couple that loves each other very much, that we want to share that love with a child, and that we hope you’ll want to know more about us. 

About Us

Joe and Tim met the old fashion way (online dating) and have been together for five years. We both have post graduate degrees.  Joe works in the intelligence field (Bond, James Bond) and Tim is a neuropsychologist (not so Bond, but he likes it and is good at it).  Some of our favourite things to do after work and on weekends are camping around BC, having friends over for dinner (Tim loves to cook and Joe loves to host), and checking out movies, local shows, music, and cultural festivals.  We’re big into fitness and health, but also are not afraid of a good doughnut and other yummy local eateries.  Sometimes we like to just relax and snuggle up together at home with our very cuddly cat Catniss.  About once per year, we try to travel to a different corner of the world – last year we spent three weeks together in Europe and we recently went to Southeast Asia together.  We love doing these things together as a couple and we would love to do them even more as parents. 

About Tim by Joe

I am truly lucky to have Tim in my life. He is extremely supportive and there is no one I trust more to provide reliable, calm and understanding advice. He is hard working which is reflected in his devotion to his patients, family and our relationship. At the same time, he ensures that we have a healthy balance by having fun, laughing and enjoying the small things in life. Tim will be a great dad given he is intelligent, funny, and has a big heart. He shows his love for me and his family on a daily basis and I know this consistency will translate in his parenting. I am overjoyed that we are pursuing this other dimension of life together.

About Joe by Tim

Joe is the kindest and most genuine person I know. He has a great sense of humour and no one makes me laugh more.  He is wise beyond his years and taught me lots.  He comes from a large, generous, and loving family that has taken me in as one of their own.  He is the creative half of our dynamic duo and easily adapts when things don’t go exactly according to plan. I love him with all my heart and I know he will be a great dad because he is patient, loving, protective, and the best snuggler in the world.

Our Family

Tim was born and raised in the Boston area to a fairly small Irish-Italian family.  Joe is a Vancouver native but has a gigantic Filipino family (about 35 first cousins alone).  Although our backgrounds are quite different, we both come from loving, stable, and fun families – the same type of family we plan to have.  Joe’s immediate family and many of his relatives live within a 15 minute drive. We get together every few weeks for family dinners as well as some pretty frequent birthday parties and road trips around BC and elsewhere.  Tim’s family still lives in the Boston area, but we visit there at least twice per year.  One of our favourite annual traditions is a beach vacation near Cape Cod with Tim’s family and we look forward to building some amazing sand castles there with a child.  For sure, our families are big part of our life together and we love that they are so supportive of our adoption plans.  We know they will embrace our new addition with open hearts just as they have embraced us as a couple.

What lead us to adoption

If you’re wondering what lead us to adoption, we’ve actually been thinking about starting a family soon after we met.  We both love the idea of having a family and feel like we would be great parents, just like our own have been to us.  Now that we’re emotionally and financially stable as a couple, we’re ready to take the next step. We know it’s a big responsibility and that it will change our lives forever, but we’re both ready and excited to take it on. We can’t wait to bring up a child in this amazing world, teach and show them as much as we can, and provide them with a stable, safe, and loving home.

Why we like openness

We believe that openness is important in this process.  We want to make sure this child is raised with a connection to you in order to help them form a strong and healthy sense of who they are.  Some of the things we think about are play dates, texting photos, and updates on social media so that we stay connected.  Even though we have these wishes, we know that you might feel differently about openness. Ultimately, we would like to honour whatever feels right to you, at whatever time and point that might be.

Final Thoughts

We don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes right now, but we imagine that it can’t be easy.  We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about us here. Maybe someday we can meet and we can tell you more about ourselves and you can tell us about you. We know we can give a child so much love and an amazing life and we hope that you think so too! Thanks so much for considering us.


Tim and Joe