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Phone: Sunrise Family Services Society Toll-Free: 1-888-984-2488
we live in: Langley, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: 2
Pets: Kitty

Hello! We are Jesse and Tessa. We are so looking forward to adding a sweet child to our family through adoption. We celebrated 7 years married this past year and have been a couple for 10 years. Jesse and I attended the same youth group over 15 years ago and he was good friends with my sister in high school, and our interest in each other began to grow when we reconnected at my sister’s wedding. We discovered we had the same love of music, sports and had the same sense of humour! We love laughing together and raising our family is our greatest joy. We are each other’s biggest supporter and closest friend.


We are a family of four with our two daughters by birth, Paige who is 5 and Lucy who is 2.5. We have both spent most of our lives in Greater Vancouver with our families and just love that we get to raise our family here where there is so much beautiful nature and great community. During the past few years we knew we wanted to continue growing our family through adoption. Our girls adore each other and will shower a new sibling with so much love. We have cousins, friends, and friends with children who have been adopted both locally and internationally, and we are thankful to have such a loving and supportive community to share with a child!

I (Tessa) am an elementary school teacher and I teach grade 2 part time at a lovely school in our neighborhood. When I work, Paige and Lucy get to days

with their Grandma, Grandpa and Nana. My favorite part about teaching is spending time with children and watching them grow, encouraging them to know how special they are and seeing their creativity thrive.

“Tessa is such a caring, loving and nurturing Mom. She is an amazing teacher and plays guitar for her students, and creates a joyful atmosphere that everyone loves to be around. She is an amazing listener.” -Jesse

Jesse is a cartoon animator and works at a studio in Vancouver. He loves to be creative at work and make children’s TV shows. Jesse loves to spend time with our daughters drawing, teaching them to play guitar and drums and playing with them outside. He is the most amazing Dad and the girls adore him!

“Jesse is steadfast and loyal, has a great sense of humor and is adored by all of his girls. His artistic talents include animating cartoons for a children’s TV studio, drawing and playing music in his free time. He is an encourager and loves us so well!” -Tessa

Jesse and I always want to put family first. We go on regular dates to have time together and keep our marriage strong, and we do one-on-one dates with each of our children so they get the quality time with us that they need. We believe it is so important that our children feel seen, heard and accepted for who they are!

Paige is our oldest daughter and is so kind and tenderhearted. She loves the outdoors, riding her bike and loves to color. She currently wants to grow up to be a horseback rider, a coffee shop owner, an artist and a paleontologist! She is very excited to start Kindergarten soon. Paige is so patient and maternal to Lucy and other little children she knows. It’s been so exciting for us to share in the excitement about adopting with Paige. She is the best big sister and can’t wait for another sibling!

Lucy is full of life, sweetness and energy. She keeps us laughing and loves all farm animals and little babies! She is so excited to start preschool this year.

Although she isn’t a big sister yet, we are so excited to see her in this role because we know she was made for it. Both Jesse and I are close with our siblings and we love seeing the sweet relationship between our girls grow. Our hope is that they remain lifelong friends!

Our Home

We own a home in a fantastic suburban community. We have a big yard space with a great playground and basketball/hockey court next door that our neighborhood kids all love! As a family we love spending time outdoors, at the beaches and exploring trails. We enjoy daily family walks, swimming, living room dance parties and jamming to music on piano, guitar and drums in our house! One of our favourite places is our family beach cabin in Washington, USA that we go to multiple times a year with our extended family. We have a wonderful group of family and friends with similar-aged children that our children are growing up with, which is so special and we are very thankful for. Our children’s grandparents, aunties and uncles all live within ten minutes away so we see them often!

We can’t imagine how big this decision is for you and want to support you in any way we can. You and your baby matter so much to us and we want to honor your wishes for openness. We have a very supportive family who will welcome a child with open arms and love unconditionally alongside us. We believe every child is a unique and beautiful gift and hope to nurture each of our children grow in a strong sense of how loved they are and have so much value and purpose. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our family!