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Years together: 6
we live in: Newmarket, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Hello, we are Tasie & George.  We feel honored to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and we thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.  It is with great emotions that we write this as we know the decisions you are facing are challenging and overwhelming.  We understand what it’s like to say goodbye as we have had the unfortunate experience of losing our daughter at birth.  Sadly, we are unable to have any further biological children of our own, which is what has led us through this journey of adoption.  We can truly appreciate the gift of life you would be giving us and would do everything in our power to honor that gift.  The good news is that you will continue to be a part of your child’s life, should that be something you are comfortable with.

Hopefully you’ll see something that connects you to our lives and shows you just how much love, security, support and joy we would provide for your child.  We will never take your selfless act for granted and we will always cherish the happiness that your child will bring into our lives.  Whatever you decide, may you find peace in making the right decision for you and your child.

Our life together

Our life is simple.  We truly appreciate the small things in life and we don’t ever take things for granted.  Our families are most important to us and we love spending time with them.  We enjoy travelling and experiencing different things but we also love to just chill at home.  Watching our favorite TV programs or movies while snuggled up on the couch, or reading helps us wind down at night.  On weekends, we love to spend quality time together by hopping in the car on a sunny day for a drive up north.  We enjoy the beautiful scenery and talk about whatever is on our minds.  We also love riding our bikes and taking long walks together.  We are so excited and looking forward to the day that we get to finally visit a playground, to do fun things together with your child as a family. 

Our Faith

We are Greek Orthodox Christian with a strong belief in God.  We try to live our lives to be good to others and always appreciate the things we have been blessed with.  Our hope is to raise your child with the same religious beliefs and traditions.  We would want for him or her to know God through their own eyes as we feel the best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even heard, yet must be felt with the heart.

As Parents

We were both very fortunate and blessed to have been raised in loving and stable homes.  Our parents made us feel loved, valued and respected.  They nurtured us, challenged us to grow, encouraged learning and education and taught us the importance of family values and morals.  Through their love and guidance, they allowed us to grow into the people we are today, and showed us what matters most in life.  We want to give these gifts to your child as well, and be there for him or her to help them grow, learn and experience all that life has to offer.  We also strongly feel the importance of being equally involved in raising a child and see the value in having a stay at home parent, especially during early childhood.  Being a stay at home parent means we are able to really focus on your baby’s emotional and physical milestones while providing a relaxed, nurturing environment.  Our plan is for Tasie to be home with your child for at least the first 5 years. 

We do not believe in physical or emotional punishment, however we do believe in disciplining with appropriate consequences.  We plan to parent your child using age appropriate discussion, providing clear expectations, re-direction, positive reinforcement, and withdrawal of privileges.  We feel that a child needs unconditional love, and will only respect you as much as you respect them. We want your child to be a strong and confident person who will not be afraid to pursue their dreams, regardless of what other people think.  We have no idea what your child’s future holds, but as parents we will be fully supportive of his or her choices and will help them to develop any interests he or she may have. 

Our Love Story

We have been together for 6 years now and were married in 2011.  We have had the same circle of friends since high school, but what’s ironic is that we never once crossed paths.  Our first encounter together was at our mutual friends wedding, where we were both a part of the bridal party.  About 2 years later, we ran into each other one evening, and the rest is history! 

Our first date was so natural and relaxed and our connection was instant.  We always have such a great time together.  We are truly best friends and are better people because of the influence we have on one another.  As a couple, our greatest strengths are in our open and honest communication.  We both believe this is a key component to having a successful relationship.  Our love, our families and our commitment to one another is what drives our marriage and helps us to never forget what is most important.  We have a very fun, loving and supportive marriage and are looking forward to experiencing the joys of life with your child. 

About George

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and graduated from York University with Honours in Kinesiology. Since graduating, I have worked in the health care field treating patients suffering from various injuries.  I manage a rehabilitation centre and I really enjoy helping our patients.   During my free time, I love to play and watch sports, read, travel and most importantly spend time with my wife and our families.   I also love the summer months as it allows me to barbeque, go fishing and garden.  As a child, I was raised by my loving parents who were immigrants to Canada.  We were always involved in sports, cultural groups and Sunday school.   Most of our weekends were spent either away at soccer tournaments or with family at a picnic or barbeque.   I have a younger sister and brother who both live close by and have younger children.  My wife and I love spending time with all our nephews and nieces. I can’t wait for one day to be given the opportunity to take your child to a family picnic or barbeque so he or she can play with all of his or her future cousins.  I look forward to taking him or her to the park, zoo and having them involved in sports and all kinds of activities.  I have always dreamed of having a son or daughter that I could devote all my love, time and energy towards.   

By Tasie

Where do I begin?  People ask me, “what made you fall in love with George?  How did you know he was the one?”  Well, besides those broad muscular shoulders and bald head of his!  But seriously, I never imagined that there could be someone so perfect for me.  George is the kindest, most loving and honest person I know.  His smile and laugh are infectious!  He’s patient and understanding and has a very special way with children…everyone adores him!  He’s such a funny and happy person and he always looks at life in a positive light, he is my inspiration.  George loves being active and he especially loves to travel, explore and experience new things.  He has this special ability of being able to keep a well balanced life and I love that the simplest of things make him so happy.  What made me truly fall in love with him are his morals, his faith, his love for his family and especially the respect and love he has for me and my family.  There are no words to describe how lucky and blessed I am for having him in my life. 

About Tasie

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and have lived in the York Region area pretty much all my life.  I am a Medical Skin Care Therapist and take great pleasure in helping others look and feel better about themselves.  I’m the youngest of 3 sisters and we really enjoyed our lives together as kids.  As adults, we continue to be very close and enjoy reminiscing of our great times growing up.  My life as a child was awesome.  Our home was always filled with laughter, music and lots of dancing!  And I must not forget to mention the constant smell of goodies baking in the background.  My mother was always in the kitchen cooking and baking for an army!  We were extremely fortunate to have two very loving parents who respected each other and had an exceptionally loving and committed relationship.  I have a large extended family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.  We spend lots of time together, especially over the holidays for Easter and Christmas.  As for being a mom, I can’t wait!!  I feel there are so many beautiful things in life to teach and share with a child and both my husband and I always dreamed of being able to do that.  We have so much love in our hearts to share and we cannot wait for the moment to welcome a child into our lives. 

By George

Tasie is such a special individual that I can’t even express in words how incredible she is.  She is a fun, loving, caring, courageous and generous person.  My wife always puts others before herself and treats everyone with respect.   What attracted me most about Tasie is how caring and friendly she is around people, especially children.  She has such a magical and special gift with kids.   All of our nieces and nephews are always talking about Tasie and how they can’t wait to see her again.  Another one of Tasie’s great gifts is that she is an unbelievable cook and baker.  This would explain why I have to exercise twice as long to keep off those extra calories!  Along with her exceptional cooking and baking skills, Tasie loves to laugh, dance and enjoy the outdoors.  I can’t wait to get home from work or for the weekends to come and spend time with her.  Whenever I am having a bad day or just having the “blahs”, she brings up my spirits.  She is so comforting to be around and I am so lucky to have her in my life. 

Our Family and Friends

Our families and friends are a huge part of our lives.  We enjoy spending time together and being there for one another and we especially love hosting large get togethers.  You’ll always find George in front of the barbeque and Tasie does what she does best…party planning and being the hostess!  Every summer we organize a cousin getaway, either camping or at a cottage.  We have so much fun together and it gives all the kids an opportunity to stay closely connected, just as we did growing up.  Your child will have a ton of cousins who are all eagerly awaiting to meet him or her.  We are very fortunate that our immediate family all live close by.  We love our nieces and nephews like our own and we have a special place in our hearts for each and every one of them.  They are all truly special individuals in their own little ways and have brought so much joy into our lives.  We have also had the great honour of becoming Godparents to 3 beautiful children.  This has been an enormous blessing to both of us. 

Our Home

Our home is located in a suburban area that is close to schools, parks and amenities.  It has 4 bedrooms and lots of space for children to play!  Our house sides onto a pond and backs onto a very small trailed forest.  In the winter months, the pond freezes over and you’ll find all the neighborhood kids out skating.  It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, with lots of growing families and we are very happy here.

The Future

If we are fortunate enough to be chosen as your child’s adoptive parents, we want you to know that your child will live in a home that is warm, happy and filled with love and encouragement.  We will raise your child as we were raised; in an environment based on faith and spirituality, love and laughter.  We will teach the value of education, friendships and family.  We will show your child how to appreciate, have compassion and be kind and gentle to others. We will love your child unconditionally and always be there to listen, support and cheer them on to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.  And most importantly, he or she will always know that your love is what brought them to us.

Our Adoption Views

We greatly admire your courage and strength in considering adoption as a way to provide the best possible future for your child.  We understand the importance of them knowing where they came from.  For that reason, we want to raise your child in an open, honest and trusting environment.  We are committed to communicating and maintaining contact at a level you are most comfortable with.    We are enthusiastic about participating in the type of adoption where we would develop a relationship with you through letters, pictures, emails and visits, if that is what you’d like.  We also will be very happy if you would choose a middle name for your child. 

We understand that throughout the different stages in your child’s life, they will have many questions about you.  We plan on telling your child about his or her adoption from an early age.  We’ve decided to first create an Adoption Story Book.  This story would include the details of their adoption such as information of their birth parents along with any pictures and letters you would like to share, and how we all came together as a family.  As they grow and begin to have a deeper understanding of adoption, we will then have them create their own Lifebook Journal which they can use as they wish.  We would always encourage you to share letters, cards, pictures, and any information about you that you are comfortable sharing, so that they are able to keep them in their Lifebook Journal.   

We would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you.  Should you ask us to parent your child, we would look forward to learning about the hopes you have and the type of relationship you would like to have with your child and with us. 

Thank you again for considering us.  We truly wish you all the best with your decisions.  May you find strength, courage, comfort and support in the days ahead. 


George & Tasie