Our Personal Profile Image
Tara Clark
Age 39 41
Education Bachelor Degree College Diploma
Profession Supervisor of Capital Projects National Business Development Manager
Religion Catholic Lutheran
Astrological Sign Leo Aquarius
Hobbies Reading, Running, Kickboxing, Travel Cycling, Softball, Reading, Travel
Our Favorites
Music A little bit of everything - Motown, Nineties R&B Alternative Rock
Singer A little bit of everything - Stevie Wonder, The National
Song Montel Jordan - This is how we do it Various
TV Show Stranger Things, Walking Dead, The Bachelor/Bachelorette (guilty pleasure) Arrested Development
Movie Various Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Actor/Actress Rachel McAdams Jason Bateman
Animal Love my sister's Golden Retriever and my brother's Chocolate Labrador Jason Bateman
Book Harry Potter series Various
Sport Various Baseball and hockey
Food Mexican, Thai, Sheppard's Pie Pizza
The child We'd like to adopt
Age Newborn – 0-6 months
Sex No preference
Ethnicity Caucasian
Special Needs Mildly correctable
Type of Adoption Open


We live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: No