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Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to glimpse into our life, it means so much to us. We can’t imagine what you are going through and how difficult this decision must be for you to make. From our hearts, we want you to know how much we admire your strength and courage. We hope you find a loving family in us as you read through our profile and know how excited we are to share our lives, our home and our hearts with a child.

About Us

We were both raised in rural farming communities in Northern BC and both loved the area so we decided to live here after we got married 7 years ago in September. We met in high school and as we got to know each another, quickly became best friends. We have always felt like we are better together.

We’re both from big, loving families and some of our favourite times are joining or planning activities so that we can hang out with them. We’re an easygoing, active couple and enjoy basically doing anything outside. We like playing baseball with friends, going on quad rides, camping and having BBQs. Then, there are the winter months that we’ll try to go skiing, sliding or having people over for movie or game nights. And there is always food involved! We both like try new recipes or figure out how to copy what we’ve seen on the food network. We try and enjoy the small things in life so we love when people stop by for tea or want to go for a walk together. A big part of who we are and our day to day life revolves around family and friends so we have always dreamed of becoming parents. While we did struggle with infertility, we feel like it lead us to where we were always meant to be and that is to build our family through adoption. We have grown stronger and learned so much through this journey and feel so blessed for this opportunity in expanding our love, our family.

Our Home

We just moved onto our new property, so we like spending time working on our yard and working in the garden. We have a new home which we’d describe as open living room/kitchen concept and 3 bedrooms. Our yard is big and we can’t wait for our kids to come along so we can build a swing set, sandbox and we’ve always thought making a little ice-rink would be lots of fun. The both of us grew up on farms and we built a small barn, so we’re hoping to have a few animals one day. As of now we have an old horse named Bud, who’s great with kids( we don’t think he could run very far even if he wanted to!) and two cats, whose names change every time our nieces come over. We love our country lifestyle but we often drive to our nearby city where we have all the benefits of extended educational choices, recreation, entertainment and healthcare. We’re always up for eating out with friends, going to shows or going to any of our nieces and nephew’s hockey games or school functions. We’re fortunate to have a great community oriented school close to our home with a big playground and arena, which often brings everyone together for tournaments on the weekend. Our community is safe, family friendly and is steadily growing with young families. We feel very fortunate to raise our future family with this support group.

If you ask Roy, who is Tamara?

Tamara is my best friend. I think she is one of the most compassionate people I know and she loves to surround herself with family and friends. She’s positive, kind and always up for learning new things. She works as a part time Strong Start (preschool) teacher, which is perfect for her because she likes being creative and being with children. She’s got a lot of interests and comes up with great ideas, so we always have lots of fun. Some of the things she enjoys are swimming, redoing old furniture, reading, photography and she makes the best pastries! She has always felt that being a mom is her biggest dream and plans on being a stay at home mom once we have children. I think she will make a great mom because she is patient and thoughtful, valuing communication in every relationship.

If you ask Tamara, who is Roy?

Roy is the one who makes me smile the most. He’s an easygoing, hardworking person and always genuine in everything he does. He works on a week on, week off shift as an oilfield operator but even on his days on, he’s usually home by supper so he feels really fortunate to have such a great job. He’s always quick to offer anyone a helping hand and likes to connect with people by making them laugh. For fun Roy likes to play baseball, read, hangout at his family farm and hunt, which is often a group activity and lots of good times. I think he’ll make a great dad because he’s so unselfish with the people he loves, patient and always looks at life with a happy, realistic outlook. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to go through life with.

Love, Hopes and Dreams

It’s hard to keep this part of our profile to a paragraph because the relationships with the people in our lives are so important to us. We are so thankful to be able to say how close we are to our family, how great our friends are and how caring our community is. Going through life together with these people is a huge blessing. We have lots of memories growing up and continue to have, of going on vacations, hanging out at the barnyard, playing sports together and going to school with these circle of loved ones. We love celebrating holidays and birthdays together because there’s always lots of visiting, laughing and of course, food! Our families live nearby so our children would have lots of love surrounding them and people who will welcome them with open arms.

We were both raised in loving, supportive homes and want to one day pass on what our parent passed on to us: to love our children unconditionally, to support them in whatever and wherever life may lead them, to provide a stable, secure and happy environment, to teach and give them the tools to be the best that they can be and to be kind. Our faith as Christians will play a role in the values we want to share with our child, most importantly to love others.

We will share with your child their birth story and how much you loved them and wanted what was best for them. We’d love to hear your plans for the future and your wishes on openness. We hope you know how much you would mean to us and words can’t express how much we would cherish your precious gift to us. If you have any questions or wish to know more about us, please phone our adoption agency contact above. Their friendly team will be happy to help connect us. Wherever you go from here and the choice you make for your child, we wish you all the very best and hopefully one day we can meet.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Roy and Tamara