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Phone: Phone or text (807) 708-3080
Years together: 16 and married for 13
we live in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: Our AMAZING 2 year old son Owen!
Pets: Marley, the most lovable Portuguese Water Dog


Wherever you are our love will find you; did either of us ever imagine we would meet? We believe wholeheartedly that life and love helps us all find the people who are meant to be in our lives. We feel lucky to have the honour and privilege of connecting with you. We’d be very grateful if you would consider us as adoptive parents to your child.

This must be one of the most difficult decisions you have and will ever have to make. It must feel overwhelming and sometimes scary. We respect the decision you are faced with and admire your courage and compassion. We promise that we will not only love and cherish your child, but also welcome you and your family into our lives for all the years ahead.

We have a beautiful, fun and amazing family that has come together through open adoption (which we will talk about more as you read on). With our hearts wide open, we are hopeful to expand our family yet again. We want you to know how amazing our lives are, and have been since we formed our family through adoption. In the midst of all the emotions and feelings something absolutely amazing happened; a connection like none of us ever thought possible occurred and brought families together as one. We hope to offer this to you as well. We can’t wait to welcome you and your child into our lives.  We can’t wait to welcome another child and watch your child experience a lifetime bond with us all. Owen, as a brother to your child will bring a joy that only a sibling can bring. We look forward to shuttling more kids to hockey practice, or whatever activity or adventure brings happiness to your child.

So, who are we?

Honestly we rock! Just kidding, but really we’re pretty cool! Married since 2003, we consider ourselves a very fun loving husband and wife team. We met at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a place we still call home. Stacy was studying nursing and Stephen was studying forestry—we have been together ever since!

We are best friends. We love, respect and cherish each other and believe this strength is what makes us great parents and ultimately wonderful friends with you and your family.

Stacy is currently a Stay At Home Mom. Before dedicating her life to being a Mom, Stacy was a Nurse Practitioner working in a Community Health Centre. She has been a nurse in a variety of areas including obstetrics, emergency and family practice. Stephen is a Managing Director for a Bioenergy company based out of Los Angeles, California. He often gets to travel within Northern Ontario and around the world.

Owen is our AMAZING two year old son who has the most loving heart. He is sweet, kind and loves to have fun. He is outgoing and loves to meet people; which certainly comes from having lots of family and friends in our lives. Often we will find him reading or singing to Marley or his dolls and stuffies. He loves other children, especially babies. Whenever we are in the company of family or friend’s baby, Owen will most definitely be close to the baby, sharing his toys with them or tickling their toes to try to get them to giggle.

We can’t forget to mention the other member of our family, Marley. Marley is our six-year-old Portuguese water dog who is named after the singer Bob Marley. Marley the dog, shares a birthday with the singer. 

Together, we enjoy life! Some of our interests include fitness, sports (Stacy is an avid hockey player) outdoor sports (hunting, fishing), cycling and travel. We love travelling all over! We even rode our bikes through Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

We have an amazing relationship with our extended family (which includes Owen’s birth family/biological family) and spend lots of time at our family camp near Thunder Bay. This is the place we all go to enjoy each other’s company, swim, sauna and relax! We can’t wait to have the chance to share these experiences with your child. We think your child will have a wonderful time experiencing life with us as their parents, guides, friends and mentors.

Want to learn more about us? Please read on.

Getting to know Stacy, by Stephen

I’m not sure where to start. Stacy is simply an amazing person.  Ya, I know “aren’t husbands supposed to say this?”  Yes, but I REALLY mean it.  Stacy truly cares so deeply for her family and friends—she would move mountains for the people she loves.   I have never met someone that, despite any challenge, can remain calm, cool, collected and together.  Stacy is my rock.

In our home, we’ve figured out that I may pick the direction and steer the ship, but Stacy is the only reason the ship gets out of the dock!  Stacy is the source of our family strength.  She keeps us grounded and is a fountain of never ending unconditional love for all those who need it.

Stacy is kind, fun, loving and very thoughtful.  She is the most wonderful Mom your child could ask for.  As hopeful parents to more than one child, I imagine some days are going to be tough.  With a partner like Stacy, who has medical training and an incredibly patient heart, I know we can handle anything.  I can guarantee that your child will have a Mom who loves them undeniably, protects them like no other, and provides for their every need. 

Wow, enough of the serious stuff already!  Stacy is super fun and is already dreaming about what activities your child might enjoy.  She loves to bake.  Nothing smells better than walking into the kitchen and smelling her famous (secret recipe) Smartie cookies!

Getting to know Stephen, by Stacy

Stephen is the sweetest, most loyal guy I have ever met. I knew when I met him I just had to marry him! I love how he makes people feel so comfortable. He is a great listener, always making people really feel “heard”. He is unbelievably compassionate and calm. He makes me laugh constantly. Stephen has this great way of making things fun and knows how to live in the moment. He doesn’t take things too seriously.

Stephen is extremely dedicated to family, our friends and me. He is a loyal friend, (some friends he met when he was 4 years old!), and would do anything to help those he loves. Steve is an AWESOME Dad, I have always loved Steve and I know I’ve heard people say the love their spouse more when they’ve become parents, so as cliché as it sounds, I do love him now, more than ever. He is so patient, gentle and loving with Owen. Steve gives the best hugs, strong and secure and lots of kisses. Steve is a very involved Dad, he plays constantly with Owen. Steve stands up for what is right, even when it’s a hard thing to do (which will be very handy if your kid needs their Dad to stick up for them against an unfair teacher or a bully). I know his strong morals are beneficial when teaching a little one the difference between right and wrong. Steve is such a proud Dad, to see his face light up when he talks about Owen is absolutely heartwarming; he’s going to be that Dad for your child too.

Stephen is a hard worker and has been successful in his career. As a friend, husband, and father, Stephen has never let us down, no matter what. I feel so lucky to have him in my life and I feel so blessed to raise a family with him. If you’re looking for a strong, capable and caring father for your child, Stephen is that guy.

Owen, by Stacy & Steve

Owen is our AWESOME 2 year old little boy. He is sweet, kind, patient and has an incredibly loving heart. He has an infectious laugh and his smile lights up a room. He loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses. We know he can’t wait to share all of his love with your child. It’s pretty amazing that at his age he is already so compassionate. Owen is outgoing and loves to talk; we’re a really open hearted family so we talk a lot (especially Stacy) lol. Owen loves to sing and read and will bring his dolls and stuffies up onto his rocking chair so he can read and sing to them. His favourite songs right now are Rock a Bye Baby (which he calls Rock a Baby), Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star & Wheels on the Bus.. Owen also loves to play outside he is a typical boy drawn to things like bicycles basketballs and motors! He loves the sound of a motor starting up and will say “Vroom! Vroom!” He has even learned how to drive his small electric Quad inside the house! He will love singing to your child and teaching them all of the things only a brother can. He will be an AMAZING brother to your child.

We’ve talked to him about welcoming a new brother or sister into our family and we know he can’t wait to shower them with love, hugs, kisses and tickles. He will be the most loving and protective brother your child could ask for.

Open Adoption (Building Our Family)

Our family has come together through open adoption. We adopted Owen at birth. We were chosen by his First Parents (birth parents) to be his Mommy and Daddy before he was born. Owen’s First Mom, Katie, met with us before the birth, which was special for everyone involved. We were there for Owen’s birth and there are no words that can truly express how incredibly moving that day was for every single person involved. With every beat of our hearts, we are grateful that Owen’s First Parents have entrusted us to be his parents. Our relationship with Owen’s birth family is that like any other relationship in our lives, it is built on love, trust, respect, honesty, patience, commitment acceptance and compassion. If you can take a minute right now and try to imagine the most important relationships in your life, we imagine that you might come up with the same feelings. We are thrilled to welcome you, your child and your family into our big, blended family. We have so much love in our hearts and believe the more people in your family and life who love you, the better.

Funny facts about us

Stacy had an imaginary friend growing up who was a 6 foot monkey named Monk. One time, Stacy got upset with her Mom for accidentally running over Monk with a stroller. Of course this didn’t really happen, it was that active childhood imagination our parents always supported. 

Steve was once bluff-charged by a moose while he was working.  He didn’t get hurt, but man, he ran like the wind! 

Stacy’s family call her “Stay” which Steve says is a very appropriate name for such a strong woman.

Steve was once hit by lightning while he was fishing.  Again, he didn’t get hurt but the lightning actually hit the boat he was holding onto. 

Steve’s friends have nicknamed him “Beaver” because even as a little kid when he was doing anything it was with determination and drive.  Our friends’ children all call him “Uncle Beaver”.

We met at a party to a Bob Marley song “The Sun is Shining” remix, of course. 

Your sweet child’s life

We are committed to raising your child in our loving and stable home.  We will instill in your child the importance of family; biological and adoptive.  We’ll teach them to do their best and treat others with kindness and respect.  We will provide the structure and framework to raise a well-rounded adult you will be proud of.  Ultimately, we want to be the best role models for your child, knowing that children learn from what you do more than what you say.

We look forward to sharing all of the activities that we love with your little one, and also look forward to helping them find what their passions and talents are.  We think it’s amazing that Stacy is a stay home Mom for your child, and we truly want to enjoy every minute with your child.  As well, we know how special it is for a child to have a Mom who is always there for them every minute of the day!

We look forward to spending time at camp with your child, teaching them to ride a bike and learn how to skate.  We also can’t wait to teach them about the world through travel.

We believe that knowing your child will grow up in our family with dedicated parents and with Owen as their loving and protective brother will be amazing for all of you. Open adoption is how our family came together and we know it can be unique for other people to understand but at the end of the day we DO know how to make it work. We talk about adoption openly within our family; we also understand that because we adopted Owen that he will grow up knowing that his story is his to share if, when, how and to whom he wants to share it with. We have a really big blended family and they have been incredibly excited and supportive of our plan for adding to our family through adoption. They are willing to support and love your child as much as you do.  We have talked openly with our families about what welcoming you and your child might look like, ultimately based on what YOUR wishes are and respecting those wishes.  Our nieces and nephews have a good understanding of how our family has come together through adoption as well.  We have helped them to understand what adoption means and they know this is how we hope to welcome your little one into our family.  They are SO excited and are looking forward to welcoming a new cousin.

Our promise to you

We hope that we have shown you who we are and how our journey has brought us to you.  Most of all, we hope these words have expressed how much love we already have in our hearts for your child, you and your family.  Should we be blessed enough to be chosen by you, we promise that your child will know the unconditional love that you have for them and we know if you choose us, we will welcome you and your family into ours. We know open adoption can be viewed as an agreement of emails and photos, but we are able to offer more than that.  We want to have a relationship with you and support your relationship with your child.  We know how important it is for you to be a part of your child’s life and genuinely would like you and your family to be a part of our life as well.  As you can tell from our story, we have a very big blended family and we are welcome to having you in your child’s and our lives for all the years to come.  We know first-hand the joy and love that comes with having openness in our relationships which has only helped us grow as a family.

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We hope if you think we are the right fit for you and your child that you will want to meet and get to know us a little more.

With love in our hearts,

Stephen, Stacy & Owen