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Years together: 10
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children:
Pets: Oscar, Miniature Australian Shepherd

Hello. Our names are Staci and Hugh and we’d like to thank you for getting to know us a little bit through our profile. As you do, we hope that you get a sense for who we are, our life together and most importantly, the kind of life a child in our family would have.

Our Love

We met through a youth volunteer program – Staci the Project Leader, Hugh a volunteer. Hugh had just graduated high school and was eager to do good things in the world, Staci was discouraged by her post-graduate career and set out to find more meaningful work.    It was an unexpected, but somehow perfect match.

We’re both sociable introverts, meaning we love people and the joy they bring to our lives, but we also truly value quiet time to re-energize.  When Staci thinks of Hugh, the word that comes to mind is care.  He shows his love in acts of care, big and small, every single day and shares his appreciation for the world in the most wonderful ways.  Hugh admires Staci’s passion and strength.  He loves that she can be introspective and intense, or playful and kind of loud.  We talk through everything – our feelings, our experiences, our understanding of the world around us.  Ours is a true partnership, built on trust, appreciation, respect and love.

When we married in 2011, we wanted everything about our wedding to be reflective of who we are.  We rented a big, beautiful house overlooking a valley and spent a wonderful weekend there with our families and closest friends.  Our wedding rings, our most favourite things, are made of juniper heartwood from the same tree.

Our Work

Hugh is a Montessori teacher in a classroom for children ages 3 to 6.  He is a passionate educator and hopes to one day own his school.  Staci works mostly with not-for-profits and individuals on leadership development through her and her friend Kate’s company, The Leadership Well.  For a few hours every day she also runs the lunch program at the school where Hugh teaches.

Meaningful work has always been important to us.  We want our work to be fulfilling while at the same time doing something good for someone else.

Our Play

We’re really good at having fun together, but also know how to have a great time doing our own thing.  We love cozy time at home with our dog, Oscar, cooking, watching documentaries or basketball (Hugh’s a Raptors fan, Staci cheers for the Spurs) or playing board games.  We love a good road trip or a weekend in the woods.

Hugh is both athletic and a total nerd.  He’s played soccer most of his life and also loves strategic board games and keeping up on the latest scientific research.

Staci has close friends she shares good food and movies with regularly.  She’s been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling, mostly through volunteering, to places like Russia, New Zealand, Nepal and Tanzania.

Our Community

Friends and family are everything to us.  As much as we sometimes like to cocoon ourselves away for some alone time, our community gives our lives fullness and is the source of so much comfort and happiness.

Hugh’s parents still live in his childhood home just a short walk from our place and while Staci’s family still live in Northern Ontario where she grew up, there are lots of family visits.  We host 3 of our nephews for individual visits during the summer.  The oldest, a teenager now, has come every year since he was 8.

We both have friends who’ve been in our lives for over 10 years.  It’s been really cool to combine our social groups so that when we camp, have game nights or barbeques we gather all together.

Our Neighbourhood

We live in the Beaches area of Toronto where Hugh grew up.  He teaches at the same Montessori school he went to as a kid!  We walk to work, see people we know on the street every day and live within walking distance of everything we need and love to do.  It’s not a typical Torontonian experience, but it’s the local life we get to lead in our neighbourhood.  And, we’re still just a streetcar ride away from everything else the city has to offer.

Parenting Our Child

Childhood is about exploration and discovery. We want our child’s introduction to the world to be a joyful experience.  We want to share with them all the things that we find beautiful about life and we can’t wait to see the beauty of the world from their perspective too.

We recognize that our child will be their own person and will develop at times and in ways that are their own.  We intend to allow them the freedom to be who they are with our guidance and love.
We understand that parenting is about role modelling.  Our child’s relationship with us, and who we are in their eyes, will shape their attitudes and relationships throughout their life.

We believe our child’s foundational years deserve special care and time.  Staci has been shifting the focus of her work to include a lot of flexibility so that she can be at home with our child until the day they are old enough to go off to Montessori school with Hugh.

Ultimately, we believe that parenting is about love. Patience, forgiveness, understanding… these are all things that we intend to practice regularly, with our child, with each other and with ourselves.


We understand the value of an open adoption and look forward to collaborating on an openness plan that best meets everyone’s needs.