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we live in: Peterborough, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Rural
Other Children: none
Pets: two dogs, Wrigley and Mackie


We’re Tony and Sherry.  Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little bit.  We are so grateful and humbled that you’ve included us as part of your journey, even if we never get the chance to meet. Having children and growing our family has been something we have always hoped for. 

This profile will show you just a snippet of us and our life together, and it will hopefully give you the opportunity to see the love your child would receive from us, our families and friends.

We want you to make the best decision you can make, and the right decision for you.  We’d be honoured if you wanted to ask us any questions to get to know us better, and we’d enjoy getting to know you, too!!


We met in our 30’s, which is a little later in life than most, but we feel that this has been a great thing for us.  By the time we met, we had a much better sense of who we were as individuals and what we wanted in life. We both have a love of Jeeps, and this is actually what brought us together!

Right from the beginning we were so comfortable with each other and fit so well together that we knew it was for real! Making our commitment to each other was an easy and joyful step.

We’ve been together since 2007, married in 2009 in Sherry’s childhood church and now live in a wonderful small town, in a warm and loving home with our two dogs – Wrigley and Mackie.  They are great dogs who are fun and energetic and are always up for a walk or a swim.


What can I say about Sherry?

Well, she’s my best friend and I’ve never met a person who has as much love to give as she does. The first thought on her mind is always the well being of others, including our two crazy dogs!

I am also continually amazed by how much time and energy she has to give to the people in her life – her family, her friends, her students and colleagues…and me. When I lost my mother in 2016 I knew that Sherry would be there for me; to listen to stories, laugh at the memories, a shoulder to cry on, or just a simple hug.

My favourite thing about her is her smile. It’s an amazing thing to see how she lights up a room just by her presence. Sherry makes everyone around her feel good about themselves and it shows. Her smile is especially bright around children. I guess it comes naturally to her when all that joy shines through.

I am so grateful for having met her. She makes me a better person everyday, and I look forward to everyday to come.


From the first time I met Tony, I knew he was a kind, funny and nice person.  He brought me a small (and funny) gift on our first date.  After dating for only a few weeks, I remember talking to one of my best friends and saying that he was ‘the one’. 

Tony is the best part of my day – when something happens, whether it’s good or bad, he is the one person I want to talk to.

Tony is a very thoughtful and loving person.  Just the other day he arrived home with a small bouquet of flowers.  When he gave them to me, I asked why I was getting this lovely gift and he said ‘just because’.  He is affectionate, thanking me with a kiss after we make dinner, hugs and kisses when we see each other at the end of our work days and even after we have a nice walk with the dogs or an afternoon of running errands.

One of the things that I value in people is respect.  Tony respects and supports what I do (my jobs and hobbies). A few years ago I took some classes to further my photography skills, and he didn’t bat an eye about ‘picking up the slack’ at home.

Tony is great with kids.  He loves to hold and cuddle them when they are babies, get on the floor and play with them when they are toddlers and is really looking forward to one day playing catch in the backyard with a son or daughter.

He is playful with our dogs and they absolutely love him.  If  I say “Where is Tony?” Or “Is Tony home?”, then the dogs go running around the house, tails wagging, looking for him.

I am thankful everyday that I met Tony and get to spend the rest of our days loving each other and growing our family.


I grew up with family all around me.  I have three siblings and over 30 cousins – all who lived within 10 minutes of our house.  I spent lots of time on my grandparents farm – feeding the cows, riding horses and helping with chores. 

I have been a high school teacher for 17 years and I absolutely love my job.  I have taught courses in different subject areas but I currently teach Music and Photography.  Seeing my students grow and change throughout their high school career is pretty awesome.  I like to be involved – I coach soccer, run some music ensembles and am the Staff Advisor for our Students’ Council.  This past year, as part of a school fundraiser for cancer research, I cut off 13 inches of hair (at a school assembly) and donated it.

My friends and family describe my personality as easy going, caring and loving.  My students say I am fun, fair and a good listener. I love to play and watch sports.  I still play hockey!!! Tony and I love to watch sports together – we even like to go see away games for teams like the Blue Jays and Leafs.

I love to get outside with Tony and our dogs.  We take nice walks – we have lots of trails and creeks so the dogs get to run off leash.  We also got some kayaks last summer and have really enjoyed seeing the different lakes and rivers in our area.


I’m a fairly cerebral and quiet guy who thinks a lot, but also a guy that enjoys having fun and has a sense of humour. I have Scottish and Portuguese heritage, and grew up with an older sister and a younger brother, which was great because that meant I had a little bit of every kind of sibling – an older sister to learn from, and a younger brother to play with and guide just as my sister did for me. I had a happy childhood and have many fond memories. My sister, brother and I are still close and our families get together as much as we can.

I love baseball and still play. I had the chance to play on the same team with my brother for a couple of years and looking back, I really appreciate that chance. I’ve even gotten Sherry to enjoy baseball too and we go to Blue Jays games at the dome and have gone on roads trips to places like Seattle, Cleveland and Boston to watch the Jays as well. Actually, both Sherry and I are big sports fans and root for the Jays, Raptors and Leafs. She’s my best friend and I am so grateful we can share this type of thing together. We’ve also recently taken up kayaking!

Tinkering with and fixing Jeeps is also a hobby of mine. I’ve had several Jeeps over the years. Getting out into the wilderness in a Jeep is a lot of fun!

I work at a recreation centre and organize the day-to-day operations at several facilities and work on short and medium-term projects. Being based out of a multi-use recreation centre means every day is different and it can be hectic with so many things going on! Managing staff and contractors, purchasing, scheduling around kids’ programs and seniors’ programs, swimming programs…. It never ends! I enjoy what I do and it keeps me on my toes. 


Our house is about a 5 minute drive from our town’s Elementary school where there is a wonderful playground, soccer fields, basketball courts and a baseball diamond. We also have a great public library. We live in the Kawartha Lakes area, surrounded by rivers, lakes, green space and farmland.  Our small town has a great community feel – we have a farmer’s market every Saturday in the summer, a wonderful family fair and lots of walking & hiking trails. 


Our story, like many, began with years of battling unexplained infertility.  It has been very difficult because we have always wanted to start a family and we have lots of love to share.

We have a desire to watch a child grow, learn and become their own person.  We hope to pass on and share knowledge, experience and traditions and to create new traditions with a family.

Both of our families have been very supportive and encouraging with our decision to adopt and they are excited for the possibilities that are in the future.


Our goal is to be open and honest through the whole process with you and your child. We are hopeful for the opportunity to develop a level of openness that we are all comfortable with and that is best for your child. Your wishes are important to us and we would respect and honour them.


– Be loving, Be fair, Be honest, Listen, Encourage, Be supportive, Be consistent, Have fun, Be reliable

– Encourage and nurture, but not pressure, participation in music, art, sports and to pursue their dreams whatever they may be.

– Introduce new adventures like travelling – family focussed vacations.

– Education – encourage and support learning knew things at all ages and into adulthood.

– Provide a stable and loving environment


We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read our story. Is there anything more you’d like to know about us?

We wish you and your child all the best.

Sherry & Tony