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Phone: 613 863 3519
we live in: Kanata, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: one daughter- 4 years old
Pets: one cat


We are so thankful that you are taking the time to read our little family profile.  Making a plan for your child is such a selfless act of love and we admire you for your strength. We know that this decision is a very difficult one for you to make and we want to make this as easy as we can for you. We hope you find the family you are searching for 😊

It is important to us that your child knows how wonderful you are. If you wish for an open adoption, we welcome this idea with open arms.  We want to make a plan WITH you that works for YOU. 

About us

Mark and I met 9 years ago for a tea at Starbucks.  Every year we return to the same table to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. We have been married for 7 years and we have a 4-year-old daughter. Our core values are the same and we think that is important.  We love to be active, so our weekends are usually spent outdoors. We enjoy running together, skiing, walking to feed the birds, tobogganing, skating, going to the museum or a show at the theatre. 

Silly fact

We love to be silly! One of Grace’s favourite games consists of watching us sneak up on each other with a small amount of freezing cold water (small is subject to interpretation) and throw it on the person who just got out of the shower or is brushing their teeth. Grace also loves when we hide a random object (like a book or small toy) under someone’s blanket so when they go to bed they discover the object and we all have a good laugh.  Now it’s their turn to plan the next sneak attack!

Friends and family

We feel very lucky because our extended families both live so close to us.  We are often the hosts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners so that we can bring our families together to celebrate. Spending time as a family is the most important thing to us. We also have a great tribe of friends that are very important to us.  We are true to our family and friends, and we believe that relationships need fostering and hard work.

Mark in Shawna’s words

Mark is my best friend and I am so happy to be sharing my life with him.  He has been there for me in the good times and bad. I love that he is such a rock for me and my daughter. Mark is always keeping us laughing with his silly Dad jokes.  Grace is always saying “Daddy, you are sooo funny!”. He is very much a hands-on Daddy.  He gets right down on the ground and plays with Grace as soon as he gets home.  He builds forts with her, plays dolls and even lets her do make-overs.  He has been known to go out with sparkly red nails.  
Mark was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and he lived there until he was 5. His family moved to a small house outside of Ottawa. One of the things I love about him, is how close he is with his parents and sister.  He has a Master’s in Building Engineering, and he works in the field of energy efficiency. I am proud of what he does for a living, because he is doing his part to save the planet.  Mark is a bit shy when you first meet him, but then really opens up once he gets to know someone and is a very loyal friend.  Mark enjoys being active and he loves to plan adventures for our family.  

Shawna in Mark’s words

One of the reasons I fell in love with Shawna is because she is such a kind person who always puts others first.  She is very energetic and has such positive energy that she passes on to everyone she meets.  She has such a love for life and she has a contagious laugh!  She was born and raised in Ottawa and graduated from Ottawa U and Queens. Shawna really enjoys her job as a drama teacher at a high school. Most of her students are still in touch with her after graduation because of the amazing impact she had on their lives.  Shawna runs a children’s musical theatre camp for 2 weeks every summer. Shawna is very close to her parents and sister, who she speaks with daily and has their support whenever she needs it. Every Sunday we have dinner at her parents’ house, which usually involves Grace and her cousins playing and putting on shows, followed by a yummy dinner made by Poppa. She enjoys walks and yoga, scrapbooking and she recently started running and skiing with me.  Shawna is involved in the theatre community in Ottawa, and loves to act, sing and dance. She enjoys reading and has instilled this interest in our daughter.   Another thing I love about Shawna is what an amazing mother she is.  She considers being a mother the most important role in her life. She has a unique ability to connect with children and make them feel loved.

A little about Grace

Grace is a very happy, creative and outgoing, 4-year-old girl who loves to sing and laugh! She just started school and even though she was one of the youngest in her class she walked confidently into the class her first day – no tears at all.  She came home telling us stories about what she did at school and told us she had two new friends.  We have spoken to her teachers and they say she is a joy to be with and they have fallen in love with her already.  She is very caring and empathetic- she does not like to see her friends crying and will always offer them a hug or hold their hand. Grace is often hugging us both (and our cat Leo too), saying GROUP HUG! Grace loves to joke around, and she is constantly making us laugh. Grace is super excited at the possibility of a new brother or sister and says she will share all her toys……we will see- lol

Our home

Our home is on a quiet street with lovely neighbours right beside a beautiful forest.

We are directly across from Grace’s school, so we have the privilege of walking her to and from school each day.  We have made many friends on the street.  Most nights, when we are done dinner, Grace rushes outside with us and yells down the street to her friends that live a couple of houses down (three sisters).  They yell back, “Hi Gracie!” and they play outside with their bikes and scooters and bubbles and dolls while the parents also have a nice visit. 

We often play at the school park because it is so close, and we wanted Grace to get used to playing on it before she started school.  There is a big park, or as the kids call it, the HIPPO park (there is a big hippo that they play on).  It is a 5 min walk from us and we love going there.  We have met many families there that Grace looks forward to playing with.  We live by two great paths where we often take walks as a family, it is beautiful! You can feed the ducks, pet dogs, see some beavers swimming. When the sun starts to set, it is magical. 

We have a two-story open concept home.  The kitchen overlooks the living room, so we can be cooking and see Grace playing in her play kitchen or with her dolls.  Grace’s bedroom has two book shelves filled with an enormous number of books, a side table filled with books and well…let’s just say if you look under the bed you might find a few more books.  She loves jumping into bed after her bath and having reading time with Mommy and Daddy in bed.  We often hear “One more book, please?”

Our vacations

We love to travel and try to get away a couple of times a year.  Shawna’s parents live in Florida for the winter, so we often travel to see them with Shawna’s sister and her family. Grace loves to fly on the plane with her cousins! Mark’s family is from Italy, so we love to travel to visit family there.  We often take a ski trip to Vermont or Tremblant each year to enjoy our winter weather, skiing, skating, hiking. In the summer we go camping a lot with our family and sometimes we rent a cottage.  We love to swim and roast marshmallows and sing by the campfire. 

Our Promise to you

We promise you that we will love your son/daughter with all our hearts and we will make sure your child has the most wonderful life full of love, laughter and opportunity.  We will keep your child safe and supported always and forever.