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Phone: Vicki at The Adoption Centre of British Columbia: 250-763-8002; adoptioninfo@kcr.ca
we live in: Okanagan, British Columbia
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children: Daughter
Pets: Dog (Mickey)


I do not know how to start this letter! 

As you can probably guess, I have googled the heck out of “how to write an adoption profile letter”… I can only imagine the mountain of emotions you are trying to process as you make your decision. I want to send you a big hug.

Thank you so very much for considering us.

My name is Shauna, my husband’s name is John and we have a sunshiny and wonderful daughter.

We are feeling excited and nervous and hopeful right now! We value education, fitness, fun, loyalty, honesty, perseverance, family. We adore and have a huge amount of respect for our entire family. 

We want you to know that we will love your little one with our whole hearts and will do everything to make sure they feel safe, loved and at home with our family that will love them more and more every single day. 

Thank you again. Wishing you so much love. 

About John (by Shauna)

John is awesome. John is the person who taught me that it was possible to love what you do every day with passion and excitement. His confidence is unwavering, he is affectionate and loving and he is always ready to jump in with both feet. When I am having a hard day he says, “We are going to get through this together. I am not going anywhere.” John is home. 

About Shauna (by John)

Shauna makes me want to be a better person. I love her thoughtfulness, empathy for humanity, drive and tenacity. She is so organized and does such a great job of taking care of us. She has taught me to slow down and to take time to reflect. She is such a great human being and she is an incredible mom. We love her so much.

About Our Daughter

She is spunky and smart and impressively intuitive for someone so little. She is careful and independent and she never stops talking. She has a laugh that gets you in the gut and you can’t help but laugh with her. She makes us work to be better parents, partners, daughters and sons, business people and humans. She is a chipmunk crossed with a T-Rex crossed with a sprite. She is love and all things good. 

Our Story

Although we are both Canadian John and I met in Holland. We were both working there, John in the Hague and me in Amsterdam. By random coincidence our paths would cross.

It was a very Canadian introduction: It was Canada Day, we were surrounded by maple syrup and Mounties (I’m serious, there were Mounties standing there, they were lovely and suitably polite) and we were introduced by a mutual Canadian friend (who John had known since childhood). 

Europe is ideal because everything is so close together and flights are fantastically reasonable, so we were able to travel regularly and we loved it. The food, the wine, the galleries (okay, that’s me, John’s not so excited about the galleries!), getting lost with cobblestones underfoot… it was exactly what we both wanted to be doing.

Until it wasn’t.

Suddenly we knew it was time to move back home. I’m not even sure what the defining moment was, but we knew it was the right decision. 

In the swirl of research and cardboard boxes John proposed, standing in the rain in the afternoon. It was perfect. Perfectly us.

Plans began.


It was busy times back in Canada: John got set up with his practice, I started working for a tech company, we welcomed two dogs into our family (sadly, one has since passed)… and we got married! It was a whirlwind.

A few years later we had our daughter and it was wonderful. Our parents are the most supportive people ever and they help us heaps. 

We read every night before bed, play 1,001 different games (mostly made up ones), make up jokes and get out into the fresh air as much as possible. We hug a lot, our daughter makes up songs about everything and she is really careful with our dog, Mickey. She gets him to “sit” and “lay down” and “bang! bang!” (play dead). It’s hilarious and she finds it endlessly entertaining.

We are really grateful for everything we have. I mean, there is always room for improvement, and we want our family to grow… and if we won the lottery we certainly wouldn’t turn it down! But we love our family and friends, careers and our home… we are very fortunate. 


I value honesty, curiosity, empathy and kindness. I try not to take myself too seriously. I like Star Trek (only Next Generation!). I love animals and I think Thai food is the best. I love being a mom. A big focus for the last several years has been growing our family and while the waiting is hard, on the positive side, every day we have one more day of knowledge that this is what we want completely and utterly.

1) Once served coffee to Ellen DeGeneres in Toronto. She is a very sweet woman!

2) Volunteered with Amnesty International in the Netherlands.

3) Was a performer for a theme park in Japan.

4) Retired from dance to get into business and I am so happy I did! No regrets!

5) Can whistle really, really loudly.


I’d say I’m positive, energetic, loyal and hardworking. My family is really important to me, my immediate family as well as my extended family and my friends. My parents are incredible role models, I hope I can be half the parent they have been to me. 

1) Was in a David Copperfield magic trick in Las Vegas where he made 18 audience members disappear (I’ve been sworn to secrecy!)

2) Had a run in with a black bear on the Juan de Fuca trail (everyone was okay).

3) Coolest scuba diving experience: Was checked out by a giant sea turtle in Mexico. 

4) Kind of afraid of snakes… but I’m getting over it because my daughter thinks they are cool.

5) Favourite sport: Hockey (but I like pretty much every sport).

Our Home

We live in a wonderful community in the Okanagan that we love. We moved to this area specifically because it ticked heaps of boxes for us:

– safe

– family friendly

– excellent area for schools

– walking distance to the beach and parks

– close to soccer fields and hockey rinks and everything else kids like to do!

Our home is… home, including all the good, warm, silly, peaceful vibes you would hope to associate with that word!

It’s on a caul-de-sac, which I really like because I grew up on a caul-de-sac and it always felt safe and cozy. Our neighbours are friendly, helpful and kind. We have a fully fenced yard with grass and bushes and a covered deck. We have some roses and we’ve planted kale, carrots and tomatoes. Next up is strawberries. My parents live close by and they are master gardeners so they have lots of helpful tips. Plus we get to see them all the time, which is exactly why we moved to the Okanagan in the first place!

Our house was owned by a builder so when we purchased it it was in beautiful condition and we take pride in keeping a lovely home inside and out. 

Thank You

We hope this has given you a sense of what our family is like and that you feel like you have started to get to know us!

Thank you so much. We send you so much love.