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Dear Expectant parents,

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. Our names are Shannon & Darren. We cannot imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your child. We admire your courage and strength, and hope this letter and these photographs give an accurate image of who we are and the kind of parents we will be to your child.

Openness: Darren and I are open to an open adoption if this is something you would like.  We are happy to send you pictures. We are also open to periodic visits. If you want a closed adoption we are ok with that too.

 In our own words:

 We are a young and energetic couple looking to start our family and wanting to provide a loving home for a child. We are unable to have our own children.

We are an active couple who enjoy being outside. In the summer we are up at my parents boat, take the dog to the dog park and go for walks, in the winter we go to Buffalo and watch a few hockey games, go out to the movies. Darren would love if the child was into Hockey or another sport for that matter. Darren is the outgoing and spontaneous one while Shannon likes to plan. Darren is a social butterfly, he can take the dog for a walk around the block and it could take 2 hrs as he would stop and talk to all the neighbours.

We live in Jarvis in a new development. It’s a small little town with lots to do. Jarvis has a fair May, Port Dover has one Canada Day and Simcoe has a country Fair in Oct.

Shannon’s Parents are moving to Port Dover (Which is going to be 15 mins away From Jarvis) and Darren’s parents live with us. Shannon’s Parents own a Boat in Port Dover as well, which is where we will be spending most of our summers.

Shannon will have an opportunity to work from home once parental leave is up. She will have the support from Darren’s Mom And Dad and her Mom and Dad during the day and Darren will be home in the evenings.

Both Shannon’s mom’s sisters placed a child in CAS about 35 yrs ago. They have now both found the child in the last couple years. Both have said that Children’s Aid had helped them tremendously. They have shared their stories with us from the birth parents side, so we don’t feel so uncomfortable with some openness.