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Phone: 416-318-4906
Years together: 9
we live in: Toronto, Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Urban
Other Children: No
Pets: No

Thank you for taking the time to check out our profile. Trying to summarize who we are and show our personality through pictures and words has been for us a form of self-assessment that was full of challenges, modest & humble responses and second-guessing; however, the process also allowed us to relive and highlight our strengths, development, accomplishments, and an unwavering desire and commitment to not only each other, but also to the opportunities and possibilities that may lie ahead in the form of parenthood.

From early on in our relationship we knew that we both wanted to have a family. We got married, bought a home, and furthered our careers, but continued to run into obstacles creating a family. It was a long and emotional rollercoaster, but it has only strengthened us as a couple. Stronger than ever, we know we are meant to be parents.

We respect the difficult, selfless decisions you are making to give your child a wonderful life. We admire the strength this must take, and hope that our photographs and words provide enough of a picture of who we are and what your child’s life might be like with us. Today we are Sarah and Nigel, with the hopes of one day being called Mom and Dad.

On the homefront

We live in an affluent family-oriented area close to the beaches in Toronto’s East end. We live close enough to take advantage of a lot of the educational and cultural opportunities that Toronto has to offer: world class museums, universities, festivals, theatres, and sporting attractions. We are happy to have the ability to go see a Broadway threatre production one night, and then sit back in the bleachers at a baseball game the next night. It’s a city that offers the best of both worlds, as our area also has easy year-round access to nature and the outdoor activities we enjoy. There are parks,
playgrounds, a ravine, beaches, community centre, an arena, amazing bike trails, a pool and a number of different primary and secondary schooling options all within walking distance. We enjoy spending time in our quaint backyard with a little garden, small grassy area and deck that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Background to Sarah

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario. I had the benefit of growing up with two loving families. I travelled a lot as a child and look back on summer days boating with my dad and going to the cottage with my mom. Winter trips south were a regular part of growing up for me, which nurtured my love for travel and adventure!

Both my families were very supportive and encouraged my decision to travel and attend Teacher’s College in Australia. That decision eventually led me to a career in teaching, which started in London, England for 4 years. It was a great career opportunity and one that allowed me to travel to numerous places around the world. I now teach at a private school where I am active in all aspects of school life: teaching, volunteering, and coaching. I have enjoyed teaching at my school for ten years and have worked with lots of different special needs children throughout that time. I love being a teacher as it allows me to work with kids!

What Nigel loves about Sarah

In addition to being a wonderful wife, a dependable friend and a caring daughter, Sarah has the characteristics and ability to make a room of family and friends all individually feel like the most important person in the world…all at the same time. She has an out-going personality, loves to be around people, organize and plan. She is unquestionably one of the most dependable people I know and her love and loyalty to our friends is limitless. These traits are ones that I believe will make her an absolutely wonderful mother. She is a natural with children and shows great patience. It warms my heart to watch her jump at the opportunity to sooth a newborn, run laps around the yard chasing a toddler or sitting for hours playing with our friends’ kids.

I am grateful that Sarah decided to move to Toronto to accelerate her career as it allowed us to come together. Outside of her profession, she is actively running a jewelry business, staying active at the gym, running, biking and continually taking great pleasure in decorating and making our home a welcoming place for all who visit. I love that she also enjoys some downtime where we’re able to get cozy and read a book or watch our favourite shows together.

Background to Nigel

I grew up in Toronto and throughout my life my parents have instilled a consistent set of values and morals. Growing up, I was always active in sports and I have great memories of winters skiing in Collingwood, sailing Lake Ontario and travelling throughout the States.

I went to George Brown College, took some architecture courses and eventually received a business diploma. Professionally, I have taken the best of both of those worlds and currently I help run a successful Renovation business as a site supervisor.

What Sarah loves about Nigel

Nigel is an amazing husband and has been an unbelievable source of support and encouragement, since the day we met and especially throughout our rollercoaster ride to parenthood. He never stops surprising me and has the ability to do the small things in life that can light up my heart. I’m always blown away by his thoughtfulness and cute, caring gestures towards myself. He’s the kind of guy to buy flowers for no reason or leave me notes in random places just to brighten my day. He has a great sense of humour and is always trying to make me laugh.

Nigel has always had a love of music, travel and home design. He enjoys keeping active by rollerblading, biking and skiing. In his down time, Nigel is an avid reader and loves movies.

As fantastic as Nigel is as a husband, he is also a great friend and loving son. Our friends and family are always seeking his expertise and help on home renovation projects. Everyone who knows him would say that he is a true kid at heart. As a father, I can picture Nigel building a fort out of couch pillows, teaching a child how to throw a curve ball, or how to start a campfire or consistently answering the most pressing enquiry from a child, the infamous…why? Nigel will always have an answer and will make learning fun.

Family, Friends and Fun Times

We met in Toronto in 2006, dated for 3 years, got engaged, and tied the knot at a funky downtown venue in 2010. It’s a time in our lives that we look back upon fondly where all our favourite people in the world came together to celebrate.

We both love to travel and with our immediate and extended families spread throughout North America, we have had the chance to visit the beaches of Georgia, Florida, and Maryland; the ski hills of Collingwood; and the unique character of Cleveland. To this day, we still make these road trips, but after driving for 9 years to these locations, we want to be able to tilt our rear view mirror and see a little one sleeping in the back seat on the drive, or being able to play a game of ‘eye-spy’. We look forward to that moment when we are visiting our large extended family or any one of our outstanding friends.

Family and friends are very important parts of our lives and we have started a few traditions with them. For example, Christmas season begins when our friends and their kids fill our house for our annual potluck brunch.

In our world, someone doesn’t need to be related to us to be considered family. Our friends and family have been incredibly supportive with all of our decisions towards becoming parents. They have been and continue to be encouraging and we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives! Your child will always be surrounded by love, friendship and will look to those around him/her as family.

Fun Facts

  • We love going to concerts-especially outdoor events
  • Nigel gives the best hugs EVER
  • Always up for trying new restaurants on the weekend & enjoy a variety of ethnic foods.
  • We love road trips and will often wake up on a Sat and decide to drive someplace new
  • Sarah loves taking photographs
  • Nigel makes a play list for every road trip
  • We are fiercely competitive board game players
  • Thanksgiving is spent on a family farm

Views on Parenting

We share the same views on parenting. We want to raise a child in an environment full of love, support, positive energy, stability and fun. We believe that consistency in routines and expectations will help a child feel secure in our home. We hope to always set positive examples for open communication and good behaviour. We are both quite even-tempered and patient people. Your child will grow up knowing that we will always be proud of them no matter what direction they take. They will know that they will always be loved and that they can always count on our support. We strongly value education and plan on being actively involved in the learning process. In turn, we are looking forward to learning ourselves from your child. Being a parent allows you the opportunity to see life again through the fresh and innocent eyes of a child. They allow an adult to again see how wonderful the small things in life are: the excitement of running away from an ocean tide; the life of a tiny bug; or the appreciation for a giant puddle. Each experience is one that will be cherished and shared together.

Moving Forward

We believe that it is important for your child to keep a connection to his/her roots. It is our intention to be open and honest with your child from day one. Your child will always know his/her adoption story and we will never let them forget where they came from. We look forward to knowing more about you and are open to communicate through letters, emails, pictures, or visits if this interests you.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to learn more about us. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please feel free to connect with us.

Sarah and Nigel