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we live in: , Ontario
Our neighbourhood: Suburban
Other Children:
Pets: Cat - Ziggy

We’re Sarah and Yohan!

We hope that this profile provides a glimpse of who we are, our love and respect for each other, the value we put on relationships with our families and friends, and the passion we have to become parents.

We want you to know how much respect and love we feel for you already. We know that you want what is best for your baby and we hope that you will find us to be all that you want for your child.

Our Story

We have been married for almost six years but have known each other for over 18. After we got married, we wanted to just enjoy the “honeymoon stage”. We wanted to go to out on dates, get used to living together as a new married couple, and develop new friendships.

After a year of marriage we decided it was time to expand our family. Along the way, life has thrown us plenty of curve balls – our struggle with infertility and miscarriages has tested and (by the grace of God) strengthened our marriage.

Through it all we have found that no matter the circumstances, we can have fun and find the humour in pretty much anything. Spending time together brings us so much happiness, and it is with great excitement that we look forward to the many memories that awaits us as we begin to be able to experience with a baby boy or girl.

What Yohan loves about Sarah

Sarah is my best friend, the most loving person and has a smile that lights up a room. She puts her heart into everything she does and is always willing to help others. She loves kids and they love her more. Watching their eyes light up when they see her and scream “Aunty Sarah” always makes me smile.

She is very active and enjoys working out multiple times a week. She is a Fitness Coordinator at a private school and loves working with and motivating her students. She always has my back and will never let anyone take advantage of me. I love the way she makes me laugh with her dancing, ridiculous jokes and the funny faces she makes.

What Sarah loves about Yohan

Yohan is my favourite person! Having someone support you through the good and bad is so important and no one on earth loves, supports (and cooks) for me the way he does.

Yohan has been cooking since he was a young kid in Jamaica and has parlayed that into a successful career as a professional chef and kitchen manager. He has an infectious smile and people really enjoy being around him because he’s so positive, engaging and funny.

Yohan has this amazing talent that once you meet him, you instantly feel comfortable. He is great with kids and our nieces and nephews just gravitate to him. I’m so excited to see him as a father – he’s going to be so ridiculously awesome!

Our Home

We bought our home five years ago and have enjoyed fixing and remodelling it. Our neighbourhood has tree lined streets and many parks, outdoor pools and amazing bike trails close by.

Our townhouse has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and is ready to welcome the pitter patter of little feet. Our house is designed with an open floor plan with plenty of room for toys, play and laughter.

The kitchen is truly the heart of our home where we love to entertain and host family gatherings. Everyone usually ends up wrapped around the kitchen counter grazing over food and snacks (that Yohan makes) when we get together with family and friends.


We adopted our kitten Ziggy last year and he brings so much energy and affection to our home. He is extremely playful and loves to be cuddled. He is great with kids as he is used to our nephews “gentle” pats and occasional pulling of his tail.

Sarah’s Family

My family is my heart; we’re always together or finding excuses to get together. As my mom’s favourite daughter (she only has one), we speak and/or text daily. I have one younger brother and we’re really close – because we’re only 15 months apart, we were raised more like twins. I see him, my sister-in-law as well as niece and nephew very often.

I have a large extended family that consists of six uncles, seven cousins and five nieces and nephews (my cousins and I were raised more like siblings and I count them as my best friends, so I claim their kids as mine). We all live within a 25 minute radius which means we can get together and visit each other regularly – especially every holiday.

A child who joins this family will have a huge support system of people who will love them without question!

Yohan’s Family

I grew up with my mom and three sisters (one older and two younger) but I also have three younger brothers on my dad’s side who live in Jamaica. My mom is a single mom and did everything for us. My older sister has two children and I’m super close with my niece and nephew.

Growing up with sisters made me become more responsible because I felt I had to be the man of the house. We had good and bad times but we always had fun and laughter was key. We are a close-knit family and talk everyday. We will always go above and beyond to help each other out.

My extended family is large and we get together every holiday especially Easter and Christmas. There is always way too much food, great music and the night usually ends with my grandma and uncle going back and forth telling hilarious stories.


We would absolutely love an open adoption and the ability to facilitate a relationship between you and your child over the years, but we are of course happy to accommodate any level of an open or closed adoption that you are most comfortable with.

Thank you

Our promise to you is that your child will be raised in a home full of love and laughter, given the freedom to become the person they choose to be, and will be surrounded with support from family and friends.